Our spies are everywhere….

Even at Manresa.  We have a very busy news week coming folks. Stay tuned as always.

Now I’d like to offer this prayer for Tom Wilkinson:

O Divine Prisoner of the sanctuary, Who for love of us and for our salvation not only enclosed Yourself within the narrow confines of human nature and then hid Yourself under the veils of the Sacramental Species, but also continually live in the tabernacle! Hear our prayer which rises to You from within these walls and which longs to express to You our affection, our sorrow, and the great need we have of You in our tribulations – above all, in the loss of freedom which so distresses us.

For some of us, there is probably a voice in the depths of conscience which says we are not guilty; that only a tragic judicial error has led us to this prison. In this case, we will draw comfort from remembering that You, the most August of all victims, were also condemned despite Your innocence.

Or perhaps, instead, we must lower our eyes to conceal our blush of shame, and beat our breast. But, even so, we also have the remedy of throwing ourselves into Your arms, certain that You understand all errors, forgive all sins, and generously restore Your grace to him who turns to You in repentance.

And finally, there are those among us who have succumbed to sin so often through the course of our earthly lives that even the best among men mistrust us, and we ourselves hardly know how to set out on the new road of regeneration. But despite all this, in the most hidden corner of our soul a voice of trust and comfort whispers Your words, promising us the help of Your light and Your grace if we want to return to what is good.

May we, 0 Lord, never forget that the day of trial is an opportune time for purifying the spirit, practicing the highest virtues, and acquiring the greatest merits. Let not our afflicted hearts be affected by that disgust which dries up everything, or by that distrust which leaves no room for brotherly sentiments and which prepared the road for bad counsel. May we always remember that, in depriving us of the freedom of our bodies, no one has been able to deprive us of freedom of the soul, which during the long hours of our solitude can rise to You to know You better and love You more each day.

Grant, 0 Divine Savior, help and resignation to the dear ones who mourn our absence. Grant peace and quiet to this world which has rejected us but which we love and to which we promise our co-operation as good citizens for the future.

Grant that our sorrows may be a salutary example to many souls and that they may thus be protected against the dangers of following our path. But above all, grant us the grace of believing firmly in You, of filially hoping in You, and of loving You: Who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, live and reign forever and ever.


4 thoughts on “Our spies are everywhere….”

  1. The ideal of Manresa has been defiled by the likes of the Connicks, Wilkinsons and Broussards, and the rest of their ilk. It is one of the reasons I no longer attend retreats there. This political entitlement class coughing up monies for the Jesuits with their hypocritical appearances in hopes that such a nominal insincere projection will absolve them of the wrongs they have perpetrated upon any individual and/or the taxpaying citizens of Jefferson Parish as a whole as a result of their corrupt immoral, unethical and illegal behavior is delusional schizophrenia at the very least.

    Not long ago, in fact at the Jefferson Parish Leadership Prayer Breakfast, I was greeted by Aaron Broussard’s profuse witnessing of Jesus Christ. In turn, I whispered in his ear, “…Aaron talking about Christ is not the same as walking with Christ, and might I remind you, Jesus Christ didn’t have a lawyer. Redemption is earned by public confession and in begging forgiveness, which I, as a brother in Christ, am suggesting you do no matter what the consequences….” Well apparently that went upon deaf Jesuit ears.

    But then again, Manresa may now be the ‘cover’ setting for these followers of the anti-christ…whoever said Jesuits were Christians, other than they themselves !

    Wilkinson…prayer…Hmmmmmmmmm…Sop you’re a much bigger Christian than I am…Amen.

    Vous suffoquez, mon P

  2. Don’t know if I would indict Jesuits in toto. I have received a great deal of benefit from my Jesuit education and trips to Manresa. Just saying……

  3. As I recall the Jesuits were known as ‘The Pope’s Assassins’ back in the day. Not condemning all in toto but just saying, such an august beginning can only promote a certain je ne sais quoi attitude.
    Perhaps I am mistaken?

  4. “Well apparently that went upon deaf Jesuit ears.”

    Yaknow, I won’t get into the Jesuit thing, their record stands on their own (good and bad).

    But you can be sure of one thing: Broussard is not the product of a Jesuit education and nothing he has ever said has fallen upon Jesuit ears.

    I don’t think even his dissembling has ever fallen into any realm near worthy of the categorization of jesuitical parsing, Val Bracy can attest to that.

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