“Lawn Mower Fumes” Phil Bryant on the coast to announce for Gov.

Phil "Lawn Mower Fumes" Bryant

He’s done absolutely nothing for the coastal insurance crisis in Mississippi as Lite Gov, professing faith in a mythical free market that does not exist.

He denied the impacts of the oil spill on the coast to the bitter end while looking for every opportunity to genuflect before whatever BP exec happened to be around last summer.

Now he’s back on the coast folks, a career politician announcing that he’s running for Governor.

In other news coast businessman Dave Dennis announced on his Facebook page he’ll be qualifying today for the Gov race too. What an interesting contrast the primary race will offer having a man who created jobs with a solid track record in the business community in Dennis against a career politician in Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant.


2 thoughts on ““Lawn Mower Fumes” Phil Bryant on the coast to announce for Gov.”

    1. Nope. No bubba style populism so far. Phil reminds me of a snake oil salesman. A career in politics in Jackson (mostly as a GOB) does that I guess.


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