Slabbed’s greatest hits of 2010….

Here is the list of our top 10 posts in terms of page views for 2010:

  1. Katrina’s “who dat Judge Martin Feldman” now dabbling in oil!
  2. “Who Dat” Judge Martin Feldman – the 5th Circuit’s Opinion in Versai v Clarendon
  3. Jefferson Parish Corruption the way Daddy still does it. Dumpster dived Jimmy Lawson and the ‘Heebe’-Jeebies. A look back at Steimle & Associates v Camp Dresser McKee.
  4. Not what you see but what you don’t…the post-Katrina coast (2008) Continue reading “Slabbed’s greatest hits of 2010….”

That damn Diamondhead Incorporation will be the death of me…..

Those that oppose incorporation have a good legal team but those guys have a problem as Dwayne Bremer at the PPP reports:

Dickinson ordered that Kulick and his co-council, David McCarthy (sic), Chuck McRae, Oliver Diaz Jr., and Will Bardwell each file a memorandum setting forth all the facts and circumstances surrounding the lost court file.

One thing for certain folks, Tort Reform hasn’t hurt business for the skilled trial lawyers listed above. Justice Dickinson is a shoe shine boy for big business and he has quite the history on the court, including when he re-wrote hundreds of years of case law to invalidate a jury verdict in a wrongful death case that originally went against his big business friends.  I’m frankly surprised the can’t shoot straight gang at the MSSC came close to getting it right in Corban.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


How about some hometown news: Team Insurance wins one it should have

I’m going do to something strange for Slabbed and link the hometown bi weekly paper, the Seacoast Echo, which the locals here affectionately know as the Poo-Poo Periodical.  While you can’t trust their reporting on the City of Waveland as it is hidden agenda driven IMHO you can trust the reporting from Circuit Court in Bay St Louis where Judge Roger Clark quickly dispatched what appears to be a borderline frivolous lawsuit against local insurance agent David Treutel. Former Sun Herald reporter JR Welsh has the skinny for the PPP:

The lawsuit was originally filed in Chancery Court in December 2005, and was later moved to Circuit Court. Trial began Tuesday and concluded late Thursday morning when Judge Roger Clark issued a directed verdict in favor of Treutel.

A jury of five men and seven women was impaneled, but jurors didn’t spend much time in the courtroom listening to testimony from Jolynne Trapani and Treutel. Jurors were sent to the jury room for much of the trial, while attorneys made motions and argued points of law and insurance. Continue reading “How about some hometown news: Team Insurance wins one it should have”