FBI fully reinstates Agent Hal Neilson

Patsy Brumfield reports the good news on NEMS360.com:

Hal Neilson, former resident agent for the FBI’s Oxford office, has been “fully reinstated,” his attorney says.

Neilson, 50, a 20-year-plus FBI employee, was acquitted Nov. 20 of two federal charges that he lied about his financial interests in the University Avenue building where he worked.

A few days later, prosecutors dismissed three other counts when the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict against him.

They said that they were doing so because they could no longer prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Neilson “picks up his badge and gun on Monday in Jackson,” his attorney, Christi R. McCoy, noted Tuesday.

So, will Neilson retire?

Neilson was indicted Jan. 13 and suspended from active duty with the FBI soon after, but he had been under a legal cloud for even longer because of a federal investigation about his business dealings.

Moments after all charges were gone against him, he indicated he was likely to retire around the end of the year.

Neilson also has a lawsuit pending against Tom Dawson of Oxford, a former assistant U.S. attorney, and Jackson blogger Alan Lange, whom Neilson claims libeled him in a book they co-wrote about the Scruggs judicial bribery scandal.

They declined to comment soon after it was filed in Lafayette County.

He’s also suing the book’s publisher, Pediment Publishing in Minnesota.

The lawsuit leaves room for others to be sued.

Neilson continues to insist that his legal problems came from a feud with then-U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee of Oxford, whom Neilson reported to the Department of Justice after 9/11 for alleged abuse of power with a regional investigation into scores of residents with Middle Eastern surnames.

Greenlee consistently declines to say anything publicly about the allegations.

If you’re not familiar with Neilson’s case, typing “Hal Neilson” in the SLABBED search box will produces results full of related information.

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  1. So good for him that despite a really overwhelming holiday, I had to clear my mind long enough to get the post up.

  2. Hey! I as much for the arrest and prosecution of “camel-shit-eating”, “sheep and goat-fucking”, “rag-head”, “koran-worshiping” terrorists as the next guy. But it certainly looks like the “Federal Bureau of Constipation” had this one “wrong” in a number of areas. I’m hoping that former Agent (or has he been reinstated, and “accepted”?) does a “camel-jockey” on the Federal Bureau of Constipation, and shoves it up their ass, and pulls it out sideways. Allahu Ackbar! Such a religion of peace. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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