A Perky Dump: Let’s review

The staff over at The Jefferson Report have compiled a nice synopsis of the River Birch saga where they copiously link us among other media sources and add some intrigue via some commonalities between Team River Birch and the John Young campaign. Jeremy Alford follows that up with a report on the taxpayer-funded perks accorded former Parish Prezs Tim Coulon and Aaron Broussard which should wear well with time given the long rumored public corruption indictments of both men.  IMHO we should be setting the alarms for news each Thursday beginning on 1/6 though a plea deal could be announced any day.

9 thoughts on “A Perky Dump: Let’s review”

  1. And sad as it is to say so, don’t forget the “connection” between ALL of the Eastern District Judges, including particularly Berrigan, and Senior-Retired-But Still Wielding Influence Federal Judge Fred Heebe, who just happens to be the Father of the “Fred Heebe”, who is currently married to Jennifer Sneed, and who is currently living in the “Monroe Mansion” at St. Charles and Arabella, downtown, lake side. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Those guys at the Jefferson Report are champs. Fayard, Magnum, and the Heebe-Sneedies for starters; there sure to seem to be folks of high moral character infesting those stately mansions on The Avenue.

  3. And for what it’s worth, in the 35 years or so that I had cases in Judge Heebe’s Court, pre-KATRINA, he was always “a straight arrow”, unlike some of the “crooked as snakes” individuals who pollute the Eastern District Bench today. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. I have a question: Why was Fred Heebe, Jr. allegedly adopted by Jim Ward if is paternal namesake Fred Heebe, Sr. is still alive ?

  5. Bayou – Interesting scientific thesis. However, nothing to worry about cause in 25 years the River Birch Dump will be filled with someone’s trash. The No.1 industrial Chinese will be blowing toxic smoke and their additional 400 million Co2 polluting cars will have caused the Arctic and Antarctica land and sea ice sheets to melt and water will be lapping the Westbank’s 500 year levee. In simple environmental terms, the Westbank will be the Wetbank. Therefore, the anal-expulsive ( i.e psychoanalytic theory of how certain personality traits such as conceit, ambition, suspicion originating in infantile pleasure in excreting feces) political powers will be replaced with the real pre-historic sharks. The new Huey P. Long bridge will an expedient route to a sportsman’s paradise fishing grounds and the barnacle eating species ( black drum, redfish and sheepshead) will be caught directly from around the concrete pilings supporting its downramps. Now don’t start putting out the For Sale signs just yet cause no one will be calling for a while until the Obamanation is out the door.

  6. The Feds have a secret surprise guilty plea coming down–remember how Oliver Thomas shocked people wait til you see who is cooperating with the Feds and will plead guilty in the next 8 months.

  7. June 1 Mouton plea deal details to be stated in Judge Feldman’s court. ONCE Mouton connects Fred Heebe to guilty plea with corroborating evidence to Fred Heebe’s criminal acts then Aaron Broussard will plea and connect Fred Heebe to keep Fred Heebe as the main target.

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