I would submit the east coast sports media has an unhealthy man crush on NFC East teams.

With the Saints-Falcon Monday night game in the record books fitting nicely with last year’s Monday night viewing record coupled with the Eagles crushing loss to the lowly Vikings makes me ask that the guys on ESPN please shut up about NFC East teams for once. (Pat Yasinskas and his excellent NFC South blog excepted.) I think most everyone with half a football brain has figured out by now that real football in the NFC is played here down south.

I had to get that off my chest.


A Perky Dump: Let’s review

The staff over at The Jefferson Report have compiled a nice synopsis of the River Birch saga where they copiously link us among other media sources and add some intrigue via some commonalities between Team River Birch and the John Young campaign. Jeremy Alford follows that up with a report on the taxpayer-funded perks accorded former Parish Prezs Tim Coulon and Aaron Broussard which should wear well with time given the long rumored public corruption indictments of both men.  IMHO we should be setting the alarms for news each Thursday beginning on 1/6 though a plea deal could be announced any day.

FBI fully reinstates Agent Hal Neilson

Patsy Brumfield reports the good news on NEMS360.com:

Hal Neilson, former resident agent for the FBI’s Oxford office, has been “fully reinstated,” his attorney says.

Neilson, 50, a 20-year-plus FBI employee, was acquitted Nov. 20 of two federal charges that he lied about his financial interests in the University Avenue building where he worked.

A few days later, prosecutors dismissed three other counts when the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict against him.

They said that they were doing so because they could no longer prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Neilson “picks up his badge and gun on Monday in Jackson,” his attorney, Christi R. McCoy, noted Tuesday.

So, will Neilson retire?

Neilson was indicted Jan. 13 and suspended from active duty with the FBI soon after, but he had been under a legal cloud for even longer because of a federal investigation about his business dealings.

Moments after all charges were gone against him, he indicated he was likely to retire around the end of the year.

Neilson also has a lawsuit pending against Tom Dawson of Oxford, a former assistant U.S. attorney, and Jackson blogger Alan Lange, whom Neilson claims libeled him in a book they co-wrote about the Scruggs judicial bribery scandal. Continue reading “FBI fully reinstates Agent Hal Neilson”