Lipstick on a pig: Wrong in the 60s, wrong again…..

Sid Salter a Republican sycophant? Having seen Boss Hogg and his kin folk in action after Katrina. I’d posit that Salter’s attempt to revise Mississippi’s sad civil right’s history is the least of Boss Hogg’s worries as he floats the presidential trial balloon.

Nowdy I hate to say this as I have many friends up your way but damn sometimes I wonder about the collective intelligence level in the Mississippi’s captial city, especially when the legislature is in session.  Maybe ol’ Sid should extract his head from Haley’s hiney and he would see things a bit more clearly.

And to think folks, ol’ Sid is the best the Ledger has to offer its readers. A far better analysis of Haley’s attempt to pass off 1960ish Yazoo City shit for shinola can be found here, here and here.


One thought on “Lipstick on a pig: Wrong in the 60s, wrong again…..”

  1. The Delta establishment had no use for the Klan because their greatest fear was that their field hands and sharecroppers and laborers would keep getting on the train to Chicago. It had nothing to do with racial tolerance and everything to do with the Delta economy. They needed to keep blacks in their place without lynchings or other actions that could cause a mass exodus. Rising Tide has a whole section about the Percys keeping the Klan out of Greenville for that reason. They opposed Delta State in Greenville because they were afraid of how middle class whites would change the race dynamic. Yazoo City was not enlightened in the 60s and 70s and I doubt it is enlightened now.

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