In this episode of Magnum JD its star versus star: Stephen Baldwin sues Kevin Costner over the BP cream pie

With a tip of the hat to a reader, the unfolding spectacle of Stephen Baldwin suing Kevin Costner is enough to get me online from the salt mine long enough to repeat something I sometimes see on the finance boards which also is a prediction of sorts:

That ain’t doughnut glaze on Costner’s (or Magnum’s) chin.

We were Porteous impeachment central; the place were Faux News and CBS news New York fed on information alike.  At 409 news stories on this topic and counting something tells me we’ll be the place where Bull Durham, Magnum JD and the rest of the stars congregate as this litigation unfolds.

Indeed my good man!


ps: That oil water separator of Costner’s did not work since BP was allowed to sink the oil via use of dispersants.

Sop, sometimes working for you really sucks……

I do love owning a small business.  This year, if it were up to me, Christmas would be cancelled (or at least scaled back significantly). As to the person who said these words yesterday, they know they can say this to me without fear of reprisal, which means that most of the time working for me rocks, except for those times that it really sucks.

In other news TV meteorologist Nash Roberts passed away earlier this week. This is no revelation down here except for those that have been hiding under rocks as Nash was even honored with an impromptu half hour special which recounted his life on WWL TV. I feel safe in saying no other weather guy in this land approaches Nash’s level of local fame, which extends to the point of adulation but no other area of the country is as vulnerable to the impacts of hurricanes than New Orleans.

The big news yesterday was Gulfport based Hancock Bank buying out NOLA based Whitney. As with any wedding there is lots of fluffy, happy PR and the like but make no mistake that Hancock would not be doing this deal unless it were a steal.  Whitney, plagued by the lax lending standards which became the pre financial crash norm was a TARP recipient (along with Jackson based Trustmark). OTOH Hancock never left its roots as a conservative asset based lender and has emerged from the 2008 financial crash as strong as ever. The new bank will have branches stretching from Tampa Florida to Houston Texas as Hancock’s long time strategy of growing the I-10 corridor continues to pay off big. Hancock is now the nation’s 32 largest bank. Continue reading “Sop, sometimes working for you really sucks……”