7 thoughts on “Slabbed issues an AMBER ALERT for Buddy Caldwell of Baton Rouge”

  1. “””””Steve Theriot, former state legislative auditor and interim Jefferson Parish president, has been hired by state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell at $275 an hour to help parishes, cities and the state recover maximum revenue from the Deepwater Horizion oil spill.

    Theriot said Friday he has a contract with Caldwell’s office for one year that provides payments not to exceed $100,000

    He said his daughter, Wanda, a tax attorney and accountant, is also part of the group and is covered by the same contract. She will be paid $250 an hour.”””””””””

    “”””””””The contract comes at a time when money is growing tighter in state government, some state workers have been laid off and politicians are questioning the awarding of outside consultant contracts.

    Theriot said he was hired because of his background as an accountant and his experience living through the oil spill as Jefferson Parish’s interim president from January to October.””””””””


    Wow, this is really sickening thinking about what has been done to our universities and colleges under Gov. Jindal’s cavity search of a budget this year.

    The real joke about this is this coiffured IdIot TheRiot did NOTHING during the oil spill. What I recall is his showing up in a full suit on a skiff in the dead of summer to get his picture taken with the president AND THAT’S IT. Any time there was something to be said on the oil spill it came from Chris Roberts, who wasn’t even Council Chairman. And he brought his daughter, Wanda (a whale called Wanda?) along for the ride too.

    “”””Docket No. 10-141 – Consideration of a request for an advisory opinion as to the propriety of the employer of Wanda Theriot, the daughter of Jefferson Parish Interim President, Steve Theriot, providing underwriting services to Jefferson Parish.””””


    Married to Henry Langhetee, an partner of Heitmeier’s optometry practice and physician at the scandal plagued West Jeff Commmunity Health Center (that link now gone, oddly enough…), now at Rivertown, her husband is also partner in the Theriot’s consulting company… How soon before we have to see the spectacle of WandaRiot or Langhetee (or both) running for office?

  2. The slow swimming species Caldwellia buddynetworkiae is shy and avoids congregating in turbulent waters or with the more aggressive bottom feeders. They are originally farmed raised in governmental hatcheries and when released into public streams can grow to huge sizes. While they never swim in groups they can occasionally be found to swim with, exchange fins and engage in symbiotic relationships with one or two Riotorius familiae. The Riotorius usually attach to the underside of the Caldwellia and get a free ride in search of prey. Both species have a reputation of frequently migrating in symbiotic union back to the hatchery areas to fed off hand cast, fishy smelling pellets. They are peculiar in that they will always surface on full moon nights when cans of coins are shaken directing over the water’s surface.

  3. I don’t know where this Post, or the Post about the “undoing” of the corrupt and fraudulent levee board settlement, and the Comments, may be going. I don’t know AG “Buddy” Caldwell. However, from what I’m seeing and hearing, there’s not a “whits” worth of difference between him an Foti, who I KNOW to have been a CRIMINAL. I recall an article shortly after Caldwell’s swearing-in, when naive people like me really believed he was going to change things. The article referenced some “shady” deals between Foti and the Plaintiffs’ Bar and contained a quote from Caldwell, “And it doesn’t take a catahoula cur to see where they’re going.” Well, it now looks like Caldwell is riding that “catahoula cur” all the way to the bank, just like all of the political opportunists before him. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  4. I remember Walton and Johnson taking Foti to task for leaving the scene of a drinking and driving accident by referring to him as Charles Foti The Criminal Sheriff.

    That and “Ms Dubison we are going to have to num that area….” “Num,num num,Num”

  5. I am here on the South Coast, as Whitmergate, Pelican, Malthilde, Placide and the rest of their family prefer to call this freezing my fucking ass off in a big old big house with no heating on the water beach crap, as he tells me that Louisiana has an Attorney FUCKING General ! Since when ? I know we’ve been drinking a lot of Rebel Yell to keep warm the last few days, but this is the first time in hell I’ve been made aware of such an office, and that this new phantom is named Buddy Caldwell and is from somewhere in north jesus Hicksville, Louisiana. What the hell, I know a Buddy Caldwell who sells pizzas in Alabama, fishes for sea bass on the Coosa River, has a bank in the Caribbean, a condo in the Quarter and hangs out at Florabama to throw mullet. Could this be him ? What the hell Sop ? A fucking Amber Alert for someone nobody knows exists, at least in Louisiana ! Or for that matter what office he exists for. Now you found him at that wannabe Gauthier fucking asshole’s place, trying out for some movie that BP is going to co-produce with Chereen and Jon. Probably will be in French to guarantee everyone has no idea what the fuck was going on in this massive corruption scam. To bad Jerry Lewis couldn’t play the part of Steve Theriot, or John Young for that matter.

    I really mean this, this HELLHOLE OF Hellholes, Jefferson Parish, is deep. Very, very, very fucking deep !

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