We have a winner: An avatar pic for our own Curious George

We were eating at Rickey’s and I was struck by some inspiration in the form of wall art. Luckily Mrs Sop was packing her blackberry.

For those that have never been, Rickey’s in Bay St Louis has some of Mississippi’s best dining and I’ve eaten at most of the good restaurants from Jackson south. So the story goes, Rickey’s momma was italian and he learned his craft at Paul Prudhomme’s side. It shows in every dish.


4 thoughts on “We have a winner: An avatar pic for our own Curious George”

  1. Well, since we’re talking about dining out..and not intending for Nowdy to think I’ve forgotten about having her people get with my people to arrange having lunch on the South Coast…would you believe:

    I see Aaron not once but twice on Tuesday…first at breakfast, he hugs me and tells me about Christ…which I remind him, yet again, that Christ did not have a lawyer…and then later pray tell, having lunch with his old pal Nick Baroni…all I can imagine is that Nick is giving Aaron some head’s up about how to deal with things in Federal Prison.

    Then yesterday, Pelican and Maltilde demand that we go to The River House in Old Kenner to have “the best fried chicken ever fried” for lunch. And low and behold, Bill Hubbard, of the “cash for the Camry for the cunt fame”, is seated in the table next to US, of all people…and to think that I am but a few feet from the man whose cooperation with the Government spawned my moniker, Whitmergate. Needless to say, we have some good pics and great gossip to reveal.

    Nowdy, just for your amusement, you may want to have your people rearrange lunch down here…who knows who will pop up.

    PS: Knowing the monkey man personally…I agree with you Sop…this is THE avator for him.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooowwweeeeee Yep, that could be me in the French Quarter up high above Bourbon celebrating the Saints’ Super Bowl championship. Sop, it was quite a chore trying to get up those greased poles. I eventually went up a balcony vine to retrieve Parrot who had flown up to check out the hooters up close and refused to fly back down. I guess that’s what is responsible for my bulging eyes. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooowwweeee

  3. Having been privy to a preview of the pictures I am wondering who the other man is at Hubbard’s table … any idea Whit?
    And if , as you told me, Hubbard was talking REALLY loud and making notes in a black book they were passing back and forth between each other: were they trying to mislead the govt ears listening on Hubbard’s wire?
    Maybe the feds need to put ‘eyes’ on Hubbard when they send him in to tape a co=conspirator.
    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story Whit.

  4. One of the most disturbing parts of the conversation I happened to have overheard was Hubbard giving political advice to the gentleman he was having lunch with. More particularly, his opinion on how to run a campaign to be elected to public office. I can only pray that this man doesn’t take his advice or encouragement to do so. Hubbard certainly has a right to free speech, however it seems somewhat criminal that he would do so considering the underlying circumstances.

    Unslabbed, there is more, and I will share those tidbits later.

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