It’s official: Bobby Jindal is a flaming idiot. What does that say about the Republicans that blindly followed his bermdoggle?

Bobby "Bermdoggle" Jindal

When you look at the sorry state of the economy over 2 years after it imploded due to Wall Street greed caused in part by the Government abdicating any role in the oversight over complex financial instruments, you really scratch your head when you hear Republican idealogues talk about jump starting the economy by repealing the recently passed financial re-regulation law. It also illustrates what Slabbed author Russell means when he says Republicans are dangerous because their economic theory has become a religion.

Along those lines we have the oil spill and Bobby Jindal’s Bermdoggle, enabled in part by spectacularly bad reporting by media outlets such as CNN and their boy Anderson Cooper, who gave a bunch of self serving crooks and idiots an open mike to push the Bermdoggle, which we have officially found out were worthless. (Here is a bonus link to page one of today’s Sun Herald.)

Jindal was one of the GOP point men on the spill, one of many such elected leaders that used the spill as an opportunity to further their own personal ambitions (See also Boss Hogg and Phil “Lawnmower fumes” Bryant).  Jindal provided leadership alright, of the type that had Captain Herbert Sobel relieved of command of  easy company. To all but the most partisan of fools it was clear following this band of idiots was akin to being a lemming marching toward the cliff. I’m sad to say even Senator Wicker, an otherwise bright and personable guy was sucked in briefly. And while the politicians were flocking to the coast for the next photo op Slabbed headed to the mountains to get straight answers.

I write this not as an I told you so, but rather in hopes that the next time a corrupt, dumb ass whore mongering politician like Billy Nungesser tries to act like a coastal scientist, the people in this area (and perhaps journalists that should know better) will have the sense to see through it.

Its looking more and more like Louisiana is stuck with Jindy.  Such is not a good thing in and of itself but it beats the hell out of the alternative. For now the next step should involve adding up the environmental damage caused by the Bermdoggle. I bet it will amount to far more than the $200MM Jindal steered to his buddies in the dredging industry for berm construction.

Oh yeah Bobby, Nunny, on behalf of the coastal science community which you and your cronies never missed a chance to run down this past summer: FYYFA.

For some reason I’m pretty sure we’ve not heard the last of this topic.


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  1. Now be nice – how could Nungesser and Jindahl get their hands in the pot from BP. If you really want to know more look at Jindahls Family and follow the payments made to design and build them, for Nungesser look no farther than boat Docks controlled by Certain Sheriffs and their family.

    Of Course if you look to close you might find some people related to Jame Letten profiting from all of this and we all know that Letten never investigates anything where his and his wifes family are involved.

  2. Speaking about family I would bet that Jindal is related by DNA threads to Alfred E. Newmann of Mad Magazine fame. There facial features are almost identical. The only differences are after sunning on ‘his berms’ Bobby does not get the freckles Alfred did , he just gets more tanned. Alfred always said “What me worry?” while Bobby says “worry alot” and says too much too fast about it.

  3. Don’t forget that the devastation to the oyster beds was due to Jindal’s brilliant idea to allow fresh water into the marshes in another ill-fated attempt to stop the on-coming oil. Maybe he should have performed an exorcism on the spilled oil?!?

  4. In a very general sense the history of our country is about using government largess to open up the countryside to speculation: and then telling the government to get lost once the profits are there to be taken.

    This is not exactly what Adam Smith had in mind when he wrote about open market: but never mind.

    However, we no longer have an endless expanse of land in which we can move into, and the world has not needed a post WW2 rebuilding recently, so the powers-that-be find themselves fighting directly with the middle class over the spoils.

    The last time we came to this place we had trust-busters, foreign colonial wars of expansion, and some pretty radical folks started to show up. It was a pretty contentious time period, and we tend to ignore a lot of the details.

  5. If the berms were built contrary to law and science, the justice department should bring civil and criminal charges against the responsible parties, just as they have done against BP.

    Why can’t people see through the bullshit of this spineless, nutless, professional funder raiser?

  6. You stuff money in people pockets and things happen. Nothing new here.


    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    November 1, 2001

    President Bush to Nominate Three Individuals to Serve in His Administration

    President George W. Bush today announced his intention to nominate three individuals to serve in his administration…


    So that is how much it cost to be a federal prosecutor?

    Read more:

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