We have a winner: An avatar pic for our own Curious George

We were eating at Rickey’s and I was struck by some inspiration in the form of wall art. Luckily Mrs Sop was packing her blackberry.

For those that have never been, Rickey’s in Bay St Louis has some of Mississippi’s best dining and I’ve eaten at most of the good restaurants from Jackson south. So the story goes, Rickey’s momma was italian and he learned his craft at Paul Prudhomme’s side. It shows in every dish.


5th Circuit plays Grinch to $21M Levee Board settlement UPATED

“It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags” – and, thus far, all that can be found is this brief mention in the Sun Herald.

A federal appeals court has rejected a $21 million settlement of Hurricane Katrina damage claims that some plaintiffs had complained was unfair.

U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr. in New Orleans approved last year’s settlement of class-action lawsuits against three Louisiana levee boards and their insurer.

But a three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the settlement isn’t fair because its proponents failed to show plaintiffs would benefit.

The Times Picayune, on the other hand,  is running $2.9 billion plan restores MR-GO’s environmental damage.  A coincidence, maybe?

The Army Corps of Engineers has unveiled a sweeping $2.9 billion plan to restore the environmental damage caused by the construction and operation of the now-closed Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, which includes a new freshwater diversion near Violet; restoration of cypress swamp in wetlands adjacent to the Lower 9th Ward, Algiers and Chalmette; protection of shorelines along the eastern New Orleans land bridge; and restoration or nourishment of wetlands along Lake Borgne.

Ashton, is that you I hear saying, “I told you so!”?

UPDATE:  As of mid-morning (naturally, after I checked), the  TP is running Appeals court rejects $21 million Hurricane Katrina settlement

Joseph Bruno, one of the lawyers who helped broker the settlement, expressed confidence that the deal can be reworked to satisfy the 5th Circuit’s objections.

“We are absolutely going back to the drawing board,” he said. “The only alternative is to give the money back to the insurance company and let them keep it. What’s the benefit of that?”

It’s official: Bobby Jindal is a flaming idiot. What does that say about the Republicans that blindly followed his bermdoggle?

Bobby "Bermdoggle" Jindal

When you look at the sorry state of the economy over 2 years after it imploded due to Wall Street greed caused in part by the Government abdicating any role in the oversight over complex financial instruments, you really scratch your head when you hear Republican idealogues talk about jump starting the economy by repealing the recently passed financial re-regulation law. It also illustrates what Slabbed author Russell means when he says Republicans are dangerous because their economic theory has become a religion.

Along those lines we have the oil spill and Bobby Jindal’s Bermdoggle, enabled in part by spectacularly bad reporting by media outlets such as CNN and their boy Anderson Cooper, who gave a bunch of self serving crooks and idiots an open mike to push the Bermdoggle, which we have officially found out were worthless. (Here is a bonus link to page one of today’s Sun Herald.)

Jindal was one of the GOP point men on the spill, one of many such elected leaders that used the spill as an opportunity to further their own personal ambitions (See also Boss Hogg and Phil “Lawnmower fumes” Bryant).  Jindal provided leadership alright, Continue reading “It’s official: Bobby Jindal is a flaming idiot. What does that say about the Republicans that blindly followed his bermdoggle?”