The Times Picayune weighs in on the River Birch suit

When we began Slabbed I viewed myself as a fair to middlin’ stock market basher with some decent pumping skills.  Along those lines I was surprised when certain members of the media began calling me an investigative journalist, a title I accept reluctantly as I have no formal training in the field of journalism.  And what I didn’t know about the field was stunning and some of that ignorance shows on these pages. In reality the fact is I’m just the writer whose work is made possible by a community of bloggers and especially our researcher, whose presence on the team makes a difference in the quality and quantity of material I am able to present to our readers.

So while we are not formally organized at this point it does not change the fact there is some serious journalism on these pages.  Having our work ripped off was nothing new, but after my partner in blog Nowdy was ripped off ad nauseum on Judge Martin Feldman’s blatant conflict of interest on the drill moratorium case, I made my mind up I would henceforth be a bit more militant about demanding our work be properly attributed. I mean heck, if our blogging on Feldman was good enough to be used for research by every major network out of New York then I figured the least they could do was give proper credit for that work.

I say all this because while we like seeing our work “cross over” we just don’t get the warm fuzzies anymore unless it is attributed.  The pay for what we do here is nonexistent and in fact I figure Nowdy and I are out-of-pocket 5 figures easily for PACER since beginning Slabbed.  We’re just citizen bloggers trying to make a positive difference for this region.

So along those lines we were gratified to see Paul Rioux at the Times Picayune give us the Hat Tip in his report in today’s paper on the River Birch lawsuit.  The “blog” article is not yet online at NOLA but a reader sent me the “formal” link to today’s print story, where we learn the much talked about “audit” of the River Birch contract by the Parish has seemingly been delayed until next month among other things. For those interested in everything River Birch this article is a must read.


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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooowwwwweeeeeee No monkey business about the TP
    giving Slabbed the credit it deserves and has deserved for some time now. Such journalistic recognition is possibly the best news the rainforest has heard from the media recently. Its not a Peabody but its a start . River Birch, the Jeff Council and others now know they have to deal with an independent, no-spin local news source which is read by the TP, FBI and other investigative sources. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooowwwwwweeee

  2. Hey, if anyone wants a good exemplar as to what a news source like George is talking about can do – for a city, for a people, for ethics, for journalism – just take a look at what American Zombie did for revealing the inner workings of the City of New Orleans tech scandals. When Meffert, St. Pierre, and now Anthony Jones (and we know there are more coming…) look in the mirror and ask ‘how did they find out?’ they should probably put the mirror down and pick up a URL. The amazing thing about JP is how if you just shine a flashlight on any one of them just once, they up and resign and scurry away under some woodpile. It’s amazing watching this happen. Thanks to all at Slabbed for restoring some faith in some basic founding principles, truth, justice, well you know the rest….

    1. Anderson Cooper would have been well served to heed our reporting instead of helping promote crooked politicians and their Bermdoggle back during the oil spill.

      The Oil Spill Commission evidently agrees with us and the coastal science community that the berms were not only useless but that President Obama is a nutless wonder for letting crooked, self serving politicians like Billy Nungesser, Bobby Jindal and Chris Roberts push him around.

      The public was duped by the old let’s scapegoat the Army Corp of Engineers tactic. Its plays about as well as scapegoating Mexicans in much of the rest of the country in terms of being able to distract the public.

      “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is pure BS and I think bermdoggle well illustrates this.


  3. It is obvious this reporter gets it. Sites like slab HELP the average reporter. Not just in sourcing their stories—But in getting their own hard work put to ink. I hope the rank and file members of the media understand that when they work hard to get it right and get it deep management cannot ignore them anymore for non journalistic reason. If your about the art than slabbed is your friend. If management does they do they will end up slabbed—

    Just imagine if the men who planned this River Birch crime back in the day had a Slabbed to deal with. They might not have been able to pull it off. The only reason they thought they could get away with it was because they had a guaranteed cloak of secrecy. That guarantee has now been ripped from them, and I hope they are never able to operate in secret again.
    We are approaching a new era of transparency in government which will assure that those who run government will actually be accountable to those who pay for government. Imagine there is no corrupt government running Jefferson Parish. Imagine these clowns are locked up and replaced by people who respect the voters enough to be honest with them. You may say I

  4. Uptown: No offense but exactly HOW are we approaching a new era of transparency?

    You are truly a dreamer. John Young was on the Council and watched all the corruption swirling around him and did NOTHING. He is anointed Parish President and again he does NOTHING. If we are depending on Young et al to clean anything up we are not dreamers but rather delusional.

    And as for the men ( and women – Peggy Barton Deputy Parish Attorney was as close to Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson as anyone can be , including renting her home from him) who plotted and planned the River Birch caper being caught had a Slabbed existed: in order for a Slabbed to report there must be information available. Unfortunately for the masses almost everyone on the inside was on the inside with the bums…and not about to blow the whistle because they wanted to hang on to their jobs and pensions.

    Morals and honesty would have prevented the corruption. Exposing corruption is the next best thing and Slabbed has set the standard.

    But as for transparency and good government coming out of the existing Council and Administration: PLEASE do not hold your breath…

  5. I, like you Sop, am appreciative of Mr. Rioux’s ‘hat tip’ to slabbed wherevever that was noted. However I do not believe, as you and others who have commented under this posting, that Mr. Rioux offers any more to this story than he has in the recent past. The truth is, his coverage is apologetic. With the removal of Mr. Rainey’s vigilant quest from the ‘River Birch’ watch, Mr. Rioux has consistently restated the same misleading tripe that was originally formulated by Heebe/Ward, to be spun by Whitmer and Wilkinson, and bellowed by their puppet Broussard, now to be trumpeted by Young. Again and again, over and over, Mr. Rioux as a result of his failure to go beyond the River Birch storyline, continues, albeit unintentional, to bolster the criminal conspiracy entered into by the principals of River Birch (Heebe, Ward et al) and corrupt Jefferson Parish Officials, both elected and appointed, including Young while on the Council for 6 1/2 years, to facilite the awarding of an ILLEGAL LANDFILL MONOPOLY !

    Let’s critique his story one more time, again:

    !) The contract is not a $160 Million for 25 years. The real costs hovers around $360 to $480 MILLION DOLLARS depending upon the fluctuation of the CPI. Paying approximately three times more that the stated contract price is not a savings in anybody’s arithmetic !

    2) In fact the tipping fee under the alleged non-existant contract with River Birch is about $2 dollars more than that with WM. Where’s the savings in paying more ?

    3) There has never been documented financial actuarial assessments of any pie in the sky huckster savings Heebe/Ward, Whitmer, Wilkinson, Broussard and now Young have been alluding to all these years. Closing of the Parish’s landfill is the savings ?

    4) No one mentions that the proposed closure of the JP landfill for 25 years under the terms of River Birch’s alleged contract could cost JP over a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue a year concerning the contract with Cytec Industries for recovery of methane gas. How can you have savings resulting in another breach of contract, paying HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, if not in fact, MILLIONS of DOLLARS in legal fees and damages !

    5) I have not even bothered to guesstimate the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS that JP has spent on legal fees due to the collusion of certain corrupt JP Officials’ participation in this scheme, paying Wilkinson’s hand-picked ‘outside’ counsel to negotiate some non-existant contract. How about… God save us !

    6) And what about the MILLIONS of DOLLARS the taxpayers’ of JP will most likely have to pay in legal fees and damages for the ill-advised breach of Waste Management’s existing contract that then Parish Attorney, Wilkinson, told his Council Clown Cronies to get on board with, voting 7-0 of course ! That can’t be savings, right ?

    6) So now we save money paying consultants HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to evaluate a non-existing contract ? Really ?

    That commenters who have posted previously commending Connick’s punk, johnnie boy Young, for his hypocrisy is disturbing and evidence of their lack knowledge of the myriad of sordid facts underpinning this criminal conspiracy.

    Believe this, DA Connick will not let his brother Dutchie Connick, who received HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS as a lobbyist for River Birch, disappoint his clients Heebe and Ward. Young will do whatever lying, double speak, and Sgt. Schultz ‘I know nothing(s)’ you people want to hear to cover-up this corruptive force called River Birch while attempting to wash it clean.

    In my opinion, Mr.Rioux’s irrelevant PR recitations are just part of the River Birch GUMBO !

  6. SWL,

    Now I understand why you are a millionaire. Your choice in retaining the “Al Scramuzza” of the shyster shuckers, Pest Dummerhill, to represent your pals at River Bitch, was a stroke of pure genius. You will make another million dollar fortune selling tickets for people to see and hear Dummerhill try to convince a judge and jury and everyone else, that the smell from your clients, a smell as bad as the rotten seafood piled up in their landfill, couldn’t help but attract the noses of the FBI !

    The next step of course is to parley the court receipts money to produce a new TV Reality Show, “DOING TIME WITH MY CLIENTS” ! You’ll probably get an EMMY for both your creation and direction of this never ending series. All I ask is that you find a bit part for Wilkinson so he can earn some scratch for his use of the prison commissary. And who says I have a vendetta for that POS ?

    And just think SWL, this new venture could relieve you of gum shoeing around with Nuncio to collect the money from these scum bags you rent to.


      1. The River Birch study is quite the interesting read. I think I’ll whip out a post on Paul Rioux’s story later today folks.

        For the second day in a row no T-P reader comments allowed on the Jefferson Parish beat reporting. You get the feeling management at the T-P is like that little dutch boy, with a finger in the dike.

        Telemachus you stole my thunder. Now remember what Whitmergate wrote:

        By the middle of December 2009, Anne Marie Vandenweghe, APA in charge of Public Records, and in performance of her duty, is now in possession of FOUR separate JP/River Birch contracts as a result of PRRs requested by WM, the New Orleans metro media, the FBI and the US Attorney; contracts that Wilkinson specifically pointed out, were his business, and his alone! Four contracts, all different dates: one blank, one signed only by Councilman Capella, one hand written by Wilkinson (?), and one signed by Jim (Albert) Ward. So I ask, what alleged contract is the Council and the Administration referring to when passing resolutions to have the

  7. Do these private audit reports *ever* go against the client?

    Isn’t this like lawyers who bring in “experts” as though they were objective?

    Plaintiff’s “expert” looks at a contract and says “it’s perfect!”; defendant’s “expert” comes in next and says “it’s robbery!”

    Two “experts” looking at the exact same set of facts coming up with exactly opposite conclusions: this happens in every case everywhere since the dawn of history.

    Now, how could this possibly happen?

    “””””Council Chairman Tom Capella said he expects the council will approve the deal.

    “I haven’t heard of any pushback on this by council members,” he said. “I think we’re all pretty excited when we can save the taxpayers money.”

    Councilman Chris Roberts said he plans to vote for the contract.

    “Based on the projected savings, I think it’s kind of hard not to support this,” he said.

    River Birch would be paid a tipping fee of $21.50 per cubic yard for household garbage, Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson said.

    That’s nearly 5 percent more than the $20.50 tipping fee the parish currently pays Waste Management to run the parish dump.””””””

    — 06.24.09 TP

    But the current TP report has the tipping fee at $19.22/ton.

    How did that happen, exactly?

    Gee, St. John Parish changed their contract too in 2000…. at a cost of $31.82/ton, under a 20 year contract (sound familiar?):

    “”””On Tuesday, the Parish Council took the first step toward the new system, voting 7-2 to approve a disposal contract with River Birch Inc. The contract allows the parish to bring its garbage to the company’s landfill in Jefferson Parish for the next 20 years at an average price of ******** $31.82 per ton.

    It won’t be clear how the changes will affect the pocketbooks of the roughly 14,000 households in St. John until the parish secures a trash- collection contract. On the request of Councilman Dale Wolfe, the council postponed Tuesday’s vote on requesting new proposals for trash collection.

    Those who argued for separating the services say that locking in a long-term price for disposal will allow the parish to plan and control its costs. Other parishes, including St. Charles and Lafourche, have gone the same route in recent years.

    “The current contract allows for the tipping fee to be passed along to the customer” if it goes up, Councilman Duaine Duffy said. “This is going to allow future governments to budget their disposal costs for the next two decades.” “”””””””

    -09.14.00 TP

    And then Kenner changes theirs in 2008 – at $25.75/ton…. which later grows to $26.50/ton (with an appearance by Bob Ramelli):

    “””””The city is paying River Birch $25.75 per ton compared to the $26.46 tipping fee at the parish landfill, a savings of 71 cents per ton or 2.7 percent, said Duke McConnell, the city’s finance director.

    Noting that Kenner sends about 42,500 tons of trash to the landfill each year, McConnell said this translates to a projected savings of about $30,000 for the first year.

    The new landfill contract took effect just a few weeks after the city’s trash-collection contractor said he is losing money because of rising diesel fuel costs.

    Bob Ramelli, owner of Ramelli Waste, asked the City Council for a $22,000 monthly subsidy until July, when an annual Consumer Price Index increase in his $2.6 million contract is expected to offset the higher fuel costs.

    The council unanimously adopted a resolution asking city administrators to explore ways to meet the request.

    Mayor Ed Muniz said he is studying various options, including looking for money in other areas of the budget or raising garbage-collection fees.”””

    “”””Under the contract with River Birch , the city will pay $25.75 per ton through June 2009. The tipping fee will increase to $26.30 per ton from July 2009 through June 2010, and then to $26.50 per ton from July 2010 through June 2011.”””””

    — Some observations:

    – RB had already moved into two areas friendly to Aaron Broussard, St. John and Kenner.

    – In both places (StJ, Kenner) the tiping feels were way, way higher.

    – The tipping feels for JP were previously reported as being higher than what RB’s report is saying now.

    – The other contracts provided for allowing fees to be charged or increased to the public to compensate for the contracts. Is this in the JP/RB contract?

    – In Kenner at least the tipping fees escalated over time, is that true in the JP/RB contract?

    – Note also that the City of New Orleans also has a contract with RB, a little reported fact, underreported considering the fact there is a ***Sneed, Emily Sneed, serving as one of Mitch Landrieu’s vice-mayors. It would be interesting to know what they are paying. It also would not be surprising if RB had previously planned to get more of or all of NO’s business as part of a several-year master plan to capture a monopoly on the whole region’s market were it not for some of those meddling kids who have so surreptitiously brought their machinations to light, uncovering woodpiles with their flashlights and whatnot.

    Aside from the magically fluctuating tipping fee (gee, that shouldn’t fluctuate, right? Unless there was one contract for public viewing, and one for “internal purposes perhaps? Is RB working off a *different contract? Well, that could only happen if there was more than one contract…), here’s another way the numbers could be made to float:

    – “””””There are going to be significant long-term savings from closing the landfill, but it’s important to preserve it as an asset for future generations,” Council Chairman Tom Capella said. River Birch officials have estimated the parish landfill has $182 million worth of undeveloped space for future dumping.””” -06.25.09 RP

    – “”””””River Birch will be paid a tipping fee of $21.50 per cubic yard for household garbage from unincorporated areas of the parish and Jean Lafitte. That’s a dollar more than the parish currently pays Waste Management to operate the parish dump, but the parish’s overhead costs to maintain and continually expand the dump are more than enough to offset the difference, Wilkinson said.”””” – 06.25.09 TP

    – “””””The projected savings from the deal, which is under federal investigation, balloons to more than $200 million after factoring in the value of air space saved by closing the parish dump for 25 years, according to the study obtained Thursday by The Times-Picayune.””” – Today.

    – “”””””””With a 3 percent annual increase for inflation, the total operational savings over 25 years would be $59 million.

    The study acknowledges this is a high-end estimate based on overly optimistic estimates by the parish about how much of the garbage is woody waste, such as tree limbs, that are far less expensive to dispose of than household trash.

    More realistic estimates of the amount of woody waste would reduce the projected savings to as low as $42 million, the study said.

    In addition to the operational savings, the study concludes the parish would save $11.5 million on dump-expansion projects and $111 million worth of air space by closing the parish dump for 25 years, as required by the River Birch contract.

    The projected air-space savings is based on a $8 per-ton tipping fee the parish receives for taking garbage from other parishes. The study said the industry standard is closer to $10 per ton, which would raise the air-space savings to $138 million.

    The study said this brings the total savings to between $165 million and $208 million. That’s about nine times higher than the figures the Broussard administration touted while trying to sell the council and public on the deal.

    The study attributed most of the difference to the fact that the Broussard estimates didn’t factor in the air-space savings.”””””” – Today.

    This seems like a lot of piling on of “overhead”, opportunity cost, “air-space”, and “operational savings” with overlapping definitions and a wide variety of estimates (not only from estimate to estimae, but 9 times than even Aaron Broussard? Come on that guy never met a budget “tweak” he did not like unless he couldn’t even think of a remote reason it would be believable, if he didn’t buy into that one it must be really bad). The accounting backup behind a lot of this is probably super-suspect.

  8. “Uptown: No offense but exactly HOW are we approaching a new era of transparency?”

    Kicking and screaming is how we aer approaching a new era of transparency.

    But I was wondering where a corporation files their domicile address with the sec. of state—does that have any impact on the FBI search?

    PS—The lawsuit concerning the FBI raid mentions 6 corporate entities being housed on the third floor of 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., GRETNA, LA 70056 It might not matter but there are a lot more than 6 companies operating out of that address. Also the secretary of states office has this information—

    RIVER BIRCH CONSERVATION, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company GRETNA Active

    Charter Number: 36164033 K
    Registration Date: 4/17/2006
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056

    Mailing Address
    P. O. BOX 697
    HARVEY, LA 70069-0697


    FAIR DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Business Corporation TERRYTOWN Active

    Charter Number: 31121570 D
    Registration Date: 9/2/1975
    Domicile Address
    TERRYTOWN, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P.O. BOX 697
    HARVEY, LA 70059-0697


    Charter Number: 34390525 D
    Registration Date: 9/26/1991
    Domicile Address
    TERRYTOWN, LA 70056


    WARD LUMBER, INC. Business Corporation TERRYTOWN Active

    Business: WARD LUMBER, INC.
    Charter Number: 34323575 D
    Registration Date: 2/6/1989
    Domicile Address
    TERRYTOWN, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P. O. BOX 697
    HARVEY, LA 70059


    Charter Number: 34153354 J
    Registration Date: 8/29/1984
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P. O. BOX 1938
    GRETNA, LA 70054

    PETER J. BUTLER, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company GRETNA Active

    Business: PETER J. BUTLER, L.L.C.
    Charter Number: 36091258 K
    Registration Date: 1/10/2006
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056


    Charter Number: 34155904 J
    Registration Date: 10/1/1984
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P.O. BOX 1938
    GRETNA, LA 70054
    Status: Active
    Registered: 10/1/1984
    Last Report Filed: 9/14/2010
    Type: Partnership

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: General Partner
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056

    Officer: PETER J. BUTLER
    Title: Limited Partner
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056



    Charter Number: 33222260 D
    Registration Date: 11/10/1980
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P. O. BOX 697
    HARVEY, LA 70059

    There are others. But I was wondering where a corporation files their domicile address with the sec. of state—does that have any impact on the FBI search? God knows how many seperate corporate identities use that same address. I just listed a sample few.



    Charter Number: 33222260 D
    Registration Date: 11/10/1980
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    C/O ******ADREA D. HEEBE
    P. O. BOX 697
    HARVEY, LA 70059″””””””

    HOLD ON ONE SECOND – Adrea Heebe??? THAT’S TOM CAPELLA’S ASSISTANT! Take a look at his emails. She’s handling and forwarding the Parish business to him, is she not? She’s a parish employee and a Heebe employee?

    Really, what the hell?

    This is like Hinyub being the registered agent for Lagniappe, no?

    And Bougeois being a trash lobbysit?

    And etc.?

    Maybe someone needs to start piercing the corporate-viz-Parish veil here!!!!!!!

  10. After Telemachus’s unveiling that Adrea Heebe is the apparent registered agent of service for Heebe and Heebe Law Firm and that same Adrea Heebe might be the Adrea Heebe that is an assistant to Councilman- at- Large Thomas Capella, there maybe some ‘ Heebejeebies’ going on the Parish after such a disclosure. Little wonder Tom is a pro- RB landfill guy.

    Then there is Rob Hinyub, assistant to Council woman Lee-Sheng, who was the registered agent for Lagniappe Insurance which insured many things and employees in Heebejeebieland. Little wonder that Lee-Sheng is a pro-RB gal.

    Gotta wonder how many other parish employees has or had ties to the Council, Administration or actually work in parish departments that also is or was on the payroll in Heebejeebieland.

    I’d start by looking at all employees in the Department of Environmental Affairs which includes the sub-departments of Garbage and Trash Collection, Landfill and especially at the Trash Drop-Off Sites. If you are charging $$$$ by the ton of garbage the parish employees monitoring the weighing of the loaded garbage trucks could help landfill owners’ bottomline by making simple errors in the weights of the trash dumped.

    Finally, one of the grand jury questions to Heebe whomever post raid should be to list the names and addresses of all your employees in the entire Heebejeebieland Empire and of those listed indicate those which had or have any employment connections, wives and relatives inclusive, to parish government.

  11. CCC, I’ve consistently heard several elected officals have ownership interest in the landfill in one way shape or fashion. What these emails reveal is entirely consistent with the latest allegations levied by Team Waste Management about Parish employees double dealing. Remember, the assumption is the runner with the $5K for the info we are publishing is assumed to be Waste Management.

    While I’m at it I’ll reveal the number of indictments stands at over 60 per the rumor mill. Once everything is out my mind is open to the possibility such number is to low in terms of clearing out the rats.

    The double dealing is both brazen and spectacular in scope no?


  12. CCC, you may want to edit to the…” HeebeSneedies”…just a suggestion that seems apropos considering the circumastances…

  13. After your search you will find everyone involved has illegal conflicts or they would be shown the door. You can’t have someone working in the mix who doesn’t face their own dirt being exposed if the game is uncovered. Everyone gets to eat the Ward/Heebe/Butler crumbs from the table but that is just to get them dirty. You need a way to make sure their offenses do not expire via status of limitations so they have to get regular dirt on them. Old dirt may not stick. Job security for the players but it comes with a horrible retirement plan.

  14. GOLDEN ESTATES, LLC Limited Liability Company GRETNA Active

    Charter Number: 34550827 K
    Registration Date: 2/6/1997
    Domicile Address
    GRETNA, LA 70056
    Mailing Address
    P.O. BOX 1938
    GRETNA, LA 70054
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 2/6/1997
    Last Report Filed: 2/1/2010
    Type: Limited Liability Company

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: ADREA D. HEEBE
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056
    Appointment Date: 2/6/1997

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: Member
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056

    Title: Member
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056

  15. Of course many of the entities have long passed away so you get a lot of static when researching this stuff like this one which is no longer in operation—

    HEPPLEWHITE HOMES, INC. Business Corporation GRETNA Inactive

    Charter Number: 31116700 D
    Registration Date: 8/18/1975
    Domicile Address
    701 MADISON ST., P.O. BOX 408
    GRETNA, LA 70053
    Mailing Address
    701 MADISON ST., P.O. BOX 408
    GRETNA, LA 70053
    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Action by Secretary of State
    File Date: 8/18/1975
    Last Report Filed: 7/31/1986
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: HEEBE & HEEBE (PLC)
    Address 1: 701 MADISON ST.
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70053
    Appointment Date: 6/23/1986

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: President
    Address 1: 701 MADISON ST.
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70053

    Title: Secretary/Treasurer
    Address 1: 701 MADISON ST.
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70053

  16. It does seem doubtfull this Andrea Heebe would have the time to work anywhere else. She seems to have her plate full already—

    HEEBE, ADREA D. Agent of

  17. Rob Hinyub , Sneed’s Assistant who was held over by Lee-Sheng, was an Assistant Parish Attorney under Tom Wilkinson and worked in Wilkinson’s private law office ( or rented space which always lent itself to speculation, as with Peggy Barton renting her house from her boss Wilkinson, that their raises were tied to the amount of rent they kicked back, er paid, to Wilkinson but anyway) and when the Grand Jury subpoenas came in and the FBI began grabbing hard drives at the Council offices he ran to Louis Gruntz crying that he had private law clients’ work on his and did not want anyone to get hold of it. Gruntz said to have met with him behind closed doors and those two supplied Hinyub’s return to the feds. Hinyub admitted his house insurance was with Whitmer’s Laignnaipe company. Again lending credence to rumors that salaries were tied directly to kickbacks.
    Odd how that is the whole reason such double dealing is prohibited.

  18. Maybe more than moi have been waiting for th “M” name to appear and here it is.
    Not incriminating in and of itself but certainly does provide a connection to the continuum.

    Researching the names connected to Ms. Deanne are interesting. Anyone know who she is in relation to Uncle Carlos?

    “Once they owned the government, now they are the government.”

  19. I have never read such vitriolic comments, half-truths, innuendos, and downright lies in such a short amount of, as Sop81_1 call it, journalism in all my life. While certainly Broussard and others deserve what’s coming their way, not everyone in business is a cheat, liar, thief. Most people who perform an honest days work don’t have time justifying their pitiful existence by spending all day attempting to bring someone else down and they understand this. No matter what evidence from whatever body investigating any wrongdoings, you will still continue the bashing. And my feeling on Paul Rioux and Richard Rainey? They are both competing for a single opening with the National Enquirer.

    1. Hi Mr Disgusted. Can you be specific about what part of this post or comments constitute “half-truths, innuendos, and downright lies”. We endeavor to get thinigs right here at Slabbed and if there is a problem that way in the post or comments we appreciate the feedback. You can reach me here should you prefer to communicate via email.

      I will say this, I have previously criticized Paul Rioux’s reporting but think I was mostly mistaken in those past criticisms given everything we know today. If the guys at Team T-P are catching it from both sides I take that as a sign they must be doing a decent job though reasonable people could disagree there.

      Welcome to Slabbed.


  20. Now sop81_1 when you start getting refereed to as a source by the NOLA you get all of the
    supporters and beneficiaries of the pig trough knowing your name.

    Heebe and friends are hoping that they are not having their last New Orleans Christmas outside of the walls of some Federal prison.

    Remember – the Corruption in this town is inbred from decades of lining their own pockets.

    When Leander Perez is what you strive to emulate – the Internet and newspapers is your mortal enemy. Imagine how the uptown and Jefferson Elite party circuit is going this year.

    “Sorry Buffy and Mitzi” we are not having the annual train ride bash on the Public belt car- the dam taxpayers got our boy fired and John Houghtaling went and got himself arrested and Aaron and Company had to resign so Christmas really sucks this year without the Party Circuit.

  21. You got that right 5th.

    I think part of what makes us so powerful is that we really do want to hear from the other side, whether we are blogging about insurance or the latest criminal case de jour.

    I’ve not given up on hearing from Mr Disgusted but I’m not holding my breath either.


  22. All, I feel an apology is necessary. I posted with haste, from memory and without checking (again) – the name on Capella’s emails is Adrienne Heaton, not Adrea Heebe.

    I am really sorry about that, jumped the gun.

    However surely Ms. Heaton must be related to Henry Heaton or Alex Heaton (RIP)? The Heatons are part of the west bank krewe, though their influence runs in both parishes…

    As in:

    “””From: AHeaton [[email protected]]
    Sent: 11/24/2009 3:16 PM
    To: TCapella
    Subject: Letter
    Page 1 of 1
    I have a letter here from Councilman Roberts Sonny wanted me to let you know in case you needed him
    to bring to you

  23. Unslabbed

    It seems to me from the wealth of print that the K Broussard mail fraud and P. Barton compliance is pure and simple a crime punishable under state law. So where is the DA or AG? Let the Feds. Have the rest! The AG just prosecuted a state court judge for $6,000.00 misappropriation. We have many more thousands here but nothing!

  24. Sop81_1 your endeavors to “get things right” on this pitiful forum is analogous to Ray Nagin looking after the best interest of New Orleans. If you want to do some fruitful research look further into the real inner workings of your pal Ms. “Principled” Vandenweghe. You don’t have to cross many neurological synapses to find them if you are really looking for the truth. I doubt you will look too hard but I may even throw you a bone or two to get you started.

  25. This “pitiful forum” is being read by people in some very high places. Some of them enjoy it, but some of them are just plain scared. Disgusted seems like one who reads slabbed obsessively. He/she makes oblique references and critiques, but does not give the specifics when asked for them. Watcha got Disgusting?

  26. Dear Disgusted,

    I’m disgusted at having to be disgusted with you Disgusted ! Everytime you reappear with a different name, I read only your peverted attempt at character assassination, namely the person of AMV, as though that is going to change the facts as it concerns the corrupt conduct of your friends, and quite possibly yourself.

    ‘Kill the messenger’ is your message; and the double entendre in your name exposes you, yet again, for the fool you are. It’s not the first time.

    As I’ve asked before, and will ask again, as has Sock, Unslabbed and others here: give us facts that specifically refute the allegations set out in AMV’s Whistleblower claim; the collateral findings of the Legislative Auditor that support those allegations; and the action by the FBI to raid the River Birch offices that also buttresses her early warning that something was not right.

    This reads like your tripping out on the only two synapses you possess that could possibly get crossed. And instead of wasting your bones throwing them at Sop, I have a better idea: shove them up your ass in hopes that they may be regurgitated by you, as this might help jump start the brain enema you seem to desperately need !

    What is well know on this blog… is that I have the UTMOST DISGUST for anyone who attacks legitimate whistlstleblowers …

    Vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup,


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