Slabb-a-leaks: How about a Chris Roberts Sampler. From Nunny to Anne Marie Vandenweghe.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts

This post is dedicated to the Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government.  Dealing with Chris Roberts certainly stinks but the JP Cleanup Krewe is on the job.

Did Anne Marie Vandenweghe say she wanted her emails a while back? Well Slabb-a-leaks has some.

In this sneak peek of Chris Robert’s inbox we have 3 pages of emails and 37 pages of attachments.

Stay tuned for Capella Part 3. Enjoy.


“Big Bang” – look who’s on NOLA’s “social scene”

Some people can be so hard to find after making a ” little bang” over lunch at Galatoire’s – and so easy to find when they make a “big bang” on the “social scene” (h/t observant reader).  By the way the blond with the fetching smile is Cheryl Mintz and hubby Brett Bauman (with no gun in sight) on her right.

DANIEL ERATH / THE TIMES-PICAYUNE SPCA Howling Success. Ellen Kempner, Eric Paulsen, Cheryl Mintz and Brett Bauman. Saturday November 6, 2010

Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Where were they and where are they now?

From the “Where were they and what were they doing?” file, James Gill chipped in last week on Jon and Chereen Gegenheimer’s world travels where he distilled the issues nicely and as only Sir James can.

From the “Where are they now?” files Jeremy Alford over at the Jefferson Report updates Steve Theriot’s travails as he and his daughter Wanda attempt to hop back on the taxpayer teat over at AG Buddy Caldwell’s office for a cool $275 an hour, which happens to be exactly $100 more per hour than Tom Capella and Dale Atkins bill the LSED. Jeremy makes a point regarding Theriot that bears repeating here:

Conspiracy theorists and astute political observers alike have wondered whether state work was Theriot’s original aim in his so-called retirement years. If so, that would make his stint as interim parish president a detour of sorts.

For now we’ll put a circle on the fact that TheRiot, a career politician and his political hack daughter Wanda are trying to hop on the oil spill trough Continue reading “Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Where were they and where are they now?”

Gee folks, anyone have any idea where Fox 8 got the River Birch lawsuit from?

Citizen bloggers are doing their work and yet not even a passing hat tip from Team Benson at Fox 8. Bad form guys, very bad form.

We don’t rip off material without attribution here at Slabbed so here is the link to Holden’s report, which doesn’t have anything new beyond what was written here days ago.