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The second installment of meet Councilman Capella takes us from October 2009 to mid November, 2009. This portion of the inbox had lots of duplicity, some of which we edited out.  At 1,147 pages it is quite an interesting read and includes some of the internals from Team West Jefferson Medical Center when it was revealed that Tim Coulon, along with Wally Pontiff and Tim Whitmer were eating from the Lagniappe trough at the hospital. Enjoy!



From: BBoudreaux [[email protected]]
Sent: 11/13/2009 11:04 AM
To: TCapella
REMINDER: I have a RUSH contract for you to sign.

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the river……

By the middle of December 2009, Anne Marie Vandenweghe, APA in charge of Public Records, and in performance of her duty, is now in possession of FOUR separate JP/River Birch contracts as a result of PRRs requested by WM, the New Orleans metro media, the FBI and the US Attorney; contracts that Wilkinson specifically pointed out, were his business, and his alone! Four contracts, all different dates: one blank, one signed only by Councilman Capella, one hand written by Wilkinson (?), and one signed by Jim (Albert) Ward. So I ask, what alleged contract is the Council and the Administration referring to when passing resolutions to have the “contract” reviewed?

‘Gate stole my thunder but I previously confirmed this allegation with Ms. Vandenweghe. Continue reading “Coincidence?”