Slabb-a-leaks proudly presents: My baby sent me a letter. (Alternative title: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don’t need a stinkin’ PRR)

I’ve had about 10 different inspirations for rolling out this series, each pretty good but today I favor simplicity. The long and short of it is last fall I was the recipient of a data dump that comprised certain material that went to the federal grand jury late last year.  So the story goes, which will be told in detail in subsequent posts, this material went to the federal grand jury, 4 different NOLA area media outlets plus one individual that had the $5K it took to pay for the PRR, which I estimate numbers close to 200,000 pages. I’m not sure whose copy ended up on my doorstep but there is no denying the treasure trove of info contained therein.

With the emails of Tom Capella, we find a Parish councilman that was in reality a council part timer; one who used the Parish’s email servers to conduct his private law practice in the process compromising attorney client privilege.  Capella has an in with the LSED and Convention Center folks and the taxpayers pay his freight along with CDC Clerk Dale Atkins, who evidently was too engrossed with doing Larry Roedel’s bidding to make sure the conveyance data was properly backed up.

Here at Slabbed we’re fully prepared to do battle if need be to exercise our first amendment rights with respect to the Parish Council’s emails. That said we will not be publishing anything that we feel will interfere with the ongoing grand jury investigation.

First installment: Tom Capella October 2009 partial. 924 pages of spam, public notices, email blasts from Bayou Buzz plus some good stuff.


8 thoughts on “Slabb-a-leaks proudly presents: My baby sent me a letter. (Alternative title: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don’t need a stinkin’ PRR)”

  1. Well tan my hide.
    There is transparency in Jefferson Parish albeit courtesy of Mississippi folk.
    Capella’s emails? Is this the stuff the Council ordered AMV ( at Deputy Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz’s prompting) to release to the media the Monday after the first Friday Grand Jury return?
    If memory serves there would not have been ANY time to review or redact that stuff. So how could they let that happen?
    AAAGH. Looks like that decision to rely on Gruntz’s advice bit them on the ass. AGAiN.

  2. The complete, accurate quote from “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” is: “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.” Kind of like Federal “law enforcement”, or local “law enforcement”, or “stinking” law enforcement ANYWHERE. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  3. WTF ! Slabb-a-leaks ? Hell, does this mean I have to tell everybody that Tommy “the ignit shit” Capella is Sissy “mini-me” Roberts’ punk ? Releasing this crap is going to stir up things in this HELLHOLE of all Hellholes called Jefferson Parish and I’m bearly holdin’ on as it is.

    Hey Sop, when in the hell are ya gonna let us read leaks about Connick’s punk, ‘johnnie boy’ Young. I’m hoping there’s some good stuff about his good stuff, the Julie Unangst that I remember. Man, that’s when I’ll be sitting on the toilet reading.

    Until then, remember to pay your tax bill Noodle Normand just mailed ya on behalf of Chehogy because these corrupt MFs need a raise after the first of the year to pay for their Chritmas gifts and trips.

    Jefferson Parish, what a fucking hellhole !

  4. Having read the Capella emails, I am completely amazed at the fucking hypocrisy of the council members in standing silently by while AMV was raked over the coals for supposedly “blogging” or “writing English papers” on company time. At the exact same moment, Capella was conducting legal business for the Stadium District through his private law firm, Roedel Parsons, on the Parish’s computers and email accounts.

    Not only is the attorney-client privilege abrogated by the disclosure of emails via the Parish server (you fucking dumbass), but now, the question arises of billing LSED for legal billings at the same time you were apparently getting a check from the Parish – double dipping and fraudulent billing, it sounds like to me.

    Letten and Plattsmier, where are you?

  5. Excuse me Sop but am I understanding this information correctly…that Tom Capella and Dale Atkins, both elected officials, are lawyer-lobbyist whoring out for the Roedel, Parsons ‘Law’ Firm by hitting on other Public entities for business…a little quid pro quo I would guess…

    I’m sure everything these greedy bastards are doing is kosher under Jindal’s ethics reforms…yea…right…Jingle, Jangle, Jindal…you can hear that money as he walks to and from the plane, as he leaves only to return Louisiana on a daily basis … what a total motor-mouthed ass…I’m embarrassed to have him as Governor of Louisiana, I truly am.

    Look around people… this is the cesspoolof corruption !

  6. OOOOOOOOOOooooooooowwwweeeeeeeeeee Jindal a motor mouth? Come on, he’s a jet turbined mouthed person suffering from OCD. During the BP spill I thought he sustained a stroke when he kept repeating himself. Can you imagine being the wife or child of such a rapid, repeating mouth. He needs to be on medication for his OCD oratory tirades. OOOOOOOOooooooooooowwwwweeeeeeeee

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