I hurt myself today to see if I still feel….

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

Hon. Jim Letten
United States Attorney, Eastern District of Louisiana
500 Poydras Street, Room B-210
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Dear Jim:

My client, A. J. Ward, Jr., asked that I apprise you of an incident which occurred Thursday morning, December 18, 2008, involving Derrick Shepherd.

At approximately 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning, Mr. Ward was attempting to back his car out of his driveway onto the street but could not do so because his driveway was blocked by a parked automobile. Mr. Ward left his car to try to determine why the car was blocking his driveway and recognized Derrick Shepherd, who was standing alongside the parked vehicle. Mr. Shepherd said that he wanted to speak to Mr. Ward.

Mr. Ward then spoke to Mr. Shepherd in his back yard at which time Mr. Shepherd stated that he was contacting his “friends” to help him out and asked if Mr. Ward could give him a job.

Mr. Ward. then asked Mr. Shepherd when he was to report to prison. Mr. Shepherd stated that he was to report to prison on January 17,2009 to serve a one (1) year sentence. Mr. Ward then stated that he was in no position to give him a job.

Mr. Shepherd then indicated that he was desperately in need of help from his “friends” and asked Mr. Ward to give him money. Mr. Ward then stated that he would no longer speak with Mr. Shepherd and that the conversation was over. Mr. Ward then entered his car and attempted to leave his home, but was still blocked from doing so by Mr. Shepherd’s parked automobile.

After Mr. Ward told Mr. Shepherd to move his car, Mr. Shepherd did so. However, before leaving Mr. Shepherd asked if he could contact Mr. Ward in the future; Mr. Ward side-stepped an answer and abruptly left in his car.

Mr. Ward is not a “friend” of Mr. Shepherd. At most, he was an acquaintance of Mr. Shepherd in his capacity as a Louisiana State Senator. Mr. Ward is 81-years of age and was rather shaken up by the above incident. While he was in no way threatened, I thought this incident should be brought to the attention of your office.

I attempted to contact Mike Magner yesterday afternoon but was informed that he is on an assignment out of the New Orleans’ office for one year. I also attempted to contact Sal Perricone yesterday afternoon and left a message on his voice mail.

With kindest regards

Yours truly,


Crumple crumple crumple. In the trash with you son.

BUT FATHER HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..


16 thoughts on “I hurt myself today to see if I still feel….”

  1. Of course it was reported because they thought Shepard was wired, or at least that Jim Ward was being watched by the feds.
    Baby Butler probably spoke with Lettenemgo and was told to write the letter to cover both their butts.
    Shepard just ‘shows up’ at Jim Ward’s HOUSE?! Nothing more than an acquaintance?! And proceeds to ask for a job and/or money?!
    Yeah right. I am going to go to an acquaintance, call him a friend and ask for a job and/or money, GOT A BIG PICTURE OF THAT?!
    And as for being 81…they put Edwin Edwards away not much younger than that…and Abraham had Issac at 100+…nail the old bastard: he had a good run now the bill has come due.

  2. PS: Shadowlake Managment ( a/k/a all things Wards and Heebes) had insurance with Lagniappe according to records released to media during Council investigation into disgraced former Jefferson Parish CAA Tim Whitmer’s double,no triple, no quadruple, oh I give up, multiple dealing. This while Whitmer and disgraced former JP Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson were ‘assessing and assisting’ River Birch and/or Hwy 90 LLC and/or whoever, in rigging ( allegedly LOL) the woody waste/debris/trash/garbage dump contracts in Jefferson Parish.
    My what a tangled web we weave when first we endeavor to deceive. Hard to keep all those threads straight over the years of corruption. Starting to unravel? One can only hope.

  3. 4/8/10 TP:

    “””””””Through their testimony, Floyd argued that Bolar alone could not grant zoning changes and variances to constituents, contradicting claims that Bolar stalled projects until he got cash campaign contributions. However, when questioned by prosecutors who seek to show Bolar had wide sway over his constituents’ projects, the city officials acknowledged the council’s practice to defer to the wishes of councilman in whose district the zoning and other issues reside.

    “It’s an unwritten rule in council politics,” said Cox, a Gretna councilman since 1987.

    The jury also heard detailed testimony from Gretna’s former building official, David Michael Metcalf, who said he inspected the construction of a home on Romain Street owned by Trinise Forges. Forges and her cousin, contractor Willie Harris, testified Tuesday Bolar extorted $2,500 in exchange for a variance on the project, and became the job’s consultant for $12,500 but did no work. Forges and Harris claim that Bolar held up construction until he got the cash.

    Metcalf testified he found problems with the construction and stopped it until the deficiency was corrected, but he knew nothing about the alleged extortion. Metcalf also contradicted Harris’ testimony that Bolar stopped construction.

    Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Thomas “Butch” Ward , who was a witness for prosecutors Tuesday, was recalled Wednesday as a defense witness to “clarify” his previous testimony, Floyd said. But just as Ward began his testimony, the attorneys huddled privately with Africk at the bench. Africk then released Ward , saying his testimony from Tuesday was sufficient.

    “I drove all the way from Gulfport,” Ward barked while walking out of the courtroom. Africk apologized.

    Ward ‘s testimony Tuesday concerned Bolar’s allegedly trying to twice sell a property in Gretna that he sold to Ward a year before. Ward said Bolar notified him a church wanted to purchase the parcel, and that he heard no more about it until his real estate attorney called him with news that Bolar had entered into a purchase agreement with the church. At that point, Ward said he agreed to let Bolar handle the sale. But Ward said he was unaware Bolar entered into another purchase agreement weeks later with a Gretna couple.””””””””

    So that’s how it works, and that explains all the 7-0 votes. Just ‘do it.’

    And who was the real estate attorney there? Gottalove how the TP just excludes names.

  4. This letter makes a lot more sense now [at least to me] with the reports about Shepherd’s involvement.

  5. Bayou, not sure what money went where or how.

    But we now know Shepherd was part of the public campaigning.

    Maybe Mouton was a flow-through or part-time bagman.

    From Butler’s letter, “Mr. Ward then spoke to Mr. Shepherd in his back yard at which time Mr. Shepherd stated that he was contacting his

  6. One other name that back’s Telemachus artful comment about Derrick Shepard: Jonathan Bolar.

    The commonality is Team Ward, specifically Bolar’s political “father” Butch Ward.

    No doubt in my mind both guys felt that as long as they had the blessing from the Team Ward they could do pretty much anything they wanted. Bolar, was particularily thuggish in the way he betrayed the public trust.


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