I am a man who likes to kill multiple birds with one stone so after Slabbed’s researcher and I left Muni court last month we headed over to Lafayette Square to see what was shaking on skid row. As per usual we were not disappointed as we immediately saw the Wino.

“Hey kid, my lady friend wants to have a few words with you.” said the Wino.  “I think you’ll like her.” She looked like she hadn’t eaten in days so we went to a local restaurant  known for having good turtle soup. Her name was Betty.

“No offense bubba but your work on Byron Lee bites.” she began.  “You always talk about following the money but I’ve been waiting for you to do that for months with Byron Lee.”  I protested that my work load was amazingly heavy but to no avail as she was having none of it.

“Lee is part of a crime family son, one that is pretty easy to find.” Knowing time was scarce that evening she handed me a dossier on Lee. “Don’t fuck it up!”, she exclaimed, ” I traded a case of mad dog for this.” With that she disappeared into the chilly evening. Continue reading “It”

Saturday Music: Dedicated to Byron Lee, the River Birch Landfill and The West Jefferson Medical Center

Folks blogging since yesterday morning has been an extraordinary experience and I don’t say that lightly considering our history here.  I had a post ready to roll out on Byron Lee but was not completely satisfied with it so I did one last google search that hit paydirt.  While I rework the post to include the new information let’s set some mood music courtesy of Sock and the Slabbed Nation.

[dailymotion id=x7rm55]