We have new subpoenas out in the Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Not seen the actual paper but my source is serendiptiously well placed. It involves real estate transactions involving Team Heebe/River Birch and a major local media personality.  Due to the sensitive nature of the actual subpoena and the fact the info went to the grand jury this morning that is all I have to say about that for now.

I could be wrong but I think all hell is fixing to break loose with this federal corruption investigation involving Jefferson parish politicos.


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  1. This whole thing still smells- its been a year and the corruption continues. James Letten
    has been slow to say the least. We have Jefferson Parish Attorneys with ties to Federal Magistrates.

    We have Proteous finally gone – but left with all of the other Judges nominated by Breaux.
    Nobody has explained the Engelhardt’s hooker fiasco. We have Judge Sarah Vance’s husband collecting big time Dollars for Landrieu Family Campaigns and basically telling the Canons Judicial Ethics to stick it.

    Sarah Vance and R. Patrick Vance – simply bought and paid for an internship to Mary Landrieus office with laundered Attorney Dollars.

    And we have James Letten who basically sucked at the nipple of Jefferson Parish corruption before he became US Attorney.

    Inquiring minds want to know when all of this is going to end?

    1. Old salts in the investigative journalism field tell me they’ve seen federal investigations go on for 2 years, sometimes more. We’re at just over a year with the stuff in Jefferson Parish.

      They’ve had Sonja Spears dead to right for something like 6 months, Nagin and St Pierre for far longer.

      On those matter I don’t think they care what the unwashed masses think as so much rides on each case.


  2. I don’t disagree – on the Feds and time – however when actual Court houses and Judges are involved you have to question the Governments conduct.

    Any Plaintiff or Defendant is entitled to an honest Judiciary and when the Judiciary’s actions conduct and practice’s are in question it makes a big difference.

    Especially when you have Federal judges who have the power to imprison people.

  3. 5ThCirJK: The coincidence of this with the completion of the Glover case should not be missed. They have been tied up; now they’re free. And Bonano & Co. just go cut the whacked the very same day.

  4. Seems to me Connick and Co are working with the feds clearing out the ranks of suspects and trying to save their own arses. Young is just a Connick stooge so he isn’t even in the equation.

    Talking about corruption:

    Office of Disciplinary Counsel needs to stop chasing Plaintiffs Lawyers in Class Actions ( for both ‘excessive fees’ and ‘dragging litigation to increase their share of the pie’) and go after Porteous and all the deadhead lawyers who ‘confessed’ to messing with Porteous. Chopin is one…read the Congressional Record transcript for the rest.

    They all need to be disbarred. Plattsmeier only goes after Plaintiffs bar because he is owned by the big defense firms. He needs to look at Defense firms who are dragging out litigation to churn fees and he needs to compute THEIR hourly rates in the cases where he nails Plaintiffs bar for excessive contingency fees. Screw with contractual agreements between Plaintiffs and the evil plaintiffs bar but not with the contractual agreements between the defense bar and their clients? Brace yourself Plattsmeier: you could be looking at a Civil RICO lawsuit against you and your not-for-profit office. And then maybe a conspiracy to deny civil rights action?

    Hope the FBI and Magner have truly lightened their load and can concentrate on JP corruption. Oh what a lovely Christmas it could be. Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

    And do let’s remember as sop pointed out…it has only been about one year since the top blew off JP big time and the FBI started grabbing Administration computers and issuing subpoenas. And at that time the resources were not being sent to JP ( one FBI agent, maybe 2 US Attorneys and some FBI support staff ),; wasn’t until later that more FBI resources were allocated and then not until last few months that FBI raided River Birch.

    Sometimes convincing your bosses in DC that you need more help is not that easy. Especially considering that most media and politicians were insisting JP was squeeky clean and a model of good government. So when you are tossed into the belly of the beast and are just trying not to drown, the entire situation has to have seemed pretty daunting.

    And for a FBI agent out there alone, even a seasoned river guide can only take you so far. At some point you need reinforcements … 22 agents raiding River Birch is a good start but just a good start.

    Hope their white board map is REALLY REALLY big.

  5. What I want to read and hear is the indictments of Whitmer and Wilkinson, along with the conspiring JP Council Clowns (including Young) with the River Birch principals Heebe, the Wards (Jim and Butch) and their ‘minions’ (B.K.Sneed, Dutchie Connick, Michael Peytavin, et al) to establish an ILLEGAL LANDFILL MONOPOLY !

    What about subpoenas being issued concerning the land swap between Jefferson Parish and River Birch of that patch of land the Parish owned that bordered both the River Birch landfill and the JP landfill ? What did JP get in return ? Who are or were the Parish Officials that initiated this land swap ? WHY ?

    As most readers of Slabbed know I have written extensively about the myriad of sordid details as they relate to ‘River Bitch’. I am not surprised at how the web of it’s (River Birch) corruptive force continues to engulf others heretofore unsuspected of being connected to this criminal conspiracy.

    In the very near future I plan to guess-post the definitive factual overview of the underpinnings of what River Birch is really about.

  6. Whit my old friend: ” GUESS- post definitive factual overview”? Does that mean you are guessing at the definitive facts? Lay off the Rebel Yell ma fren…at least while penning your GUEST posts. ROFLMAO

  7. To UNSLABBED: Look, I want the lawyers who were obviously guilty of misconduct in their relations with “G.T. Ortous”, including Lightfoot, Gardner, Mole and Chopin, to “pay the price” for participating in corruption. After all, I was disbarred “for nothing” other than for alleging that a Federal Judge and his “cronie” lawyer friends were guilty of misconduct. I also, like the rest of the “intelligent” citizenry, want to see the corruption in Jefferson Parish prosecuted by “the Feds” to the fullest extent of the law. But I don’t want Charles Plattsmier or Michael Magner to have any part of it. These two individuals (among others) were complicit in my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, and are SCUM BAGS. They should be investigated, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for their crimes, including the “cover-up” that continues to this day concerning the events at Camp Amtrak on 9/20/05. Ashton O’Dwyer, but sign me: “The WHITE Henry Glover”, although I’m still alive (but barely).

  8. Unslabbed…you have dissected my double entendre…guess, guest…yes, it is the my QUEST to solve WHY River Birch IS WHAT IT IS ! For context I have appropriated from the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, these quotes which I find apropos:

    from the David Ferrie character:

    “Oh,man why don

  9. Ah am there Coasties. Sun sand and Vince Vance?!!! It don’t get no bettah than that. See you on the beach.

  10. Gate, if you head into Garrison/Stone territory that’s just code for kooksville to me.

    This is a real investigation with real facts and real criminals. Not Joe Pesci with red fuzz glued to his forehead playing some guy who thought he could cure cancer by executing rats in his apartment den.

  11. True Telemachus BUT FOR THE FACT that life is imitating art in Jefferson Parish in that the JP politicos are Joe Pesci stupid-crazy.
    I harken back to the day when the northeast ‘familia’ viewed the bozoMarcellos as too stupid to take seriously. Just send the dregs to Louisiana. Let them futz around down there where they cannot get into any trouble. UH OH. Remember Tommy ‘the con’ Porteous prosecuting Paz or Poz or whatever Marcello for ‘pandering’? Hilarious now no?
    Anyway, no one ever mistook any JP crooks for smart cons. And they don’t have to now.

    Kooks? Alternative opinions about conspiracies maybe. Faith in the utter desolate state of the State of Jefferson Parish. Hell hole central. So rail on GATE…I for one love all the alternate universes.

  12. Kooksville Teley ?…Really ?…you obviously mean Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, the kooky reality series and not the brilliant Oliver Stone movie JFK that I referenced.

    How about the kooky crap on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building the last 30 or so years…Joe Yenni, a high school coach becomes Parish President only to bring Coulon from the playground and Whitmer from grass cutting into the mix…Michael Yenni becomes the puppet of the Connicks while he’s looking around for some poon-thang…Broussard, a Parish President who cried like a baby on National Television talking about seceding from the United States because he made the kooky decision to send the pump operators to East Jesus…a guy with a kooky name like Deano Bonano being in charge of National Security for JP, now there’s someone who would command respect, right, not to memtion his brain is running on about two synapses…Chereen Gegenheimer, who was rarely seen at the Yenni Building working but was busting her butt for JP in the south of France along with her delusional husband, JP Clerk of Court…and of course Tom Wilkinson, the incompetent neanderthal appointed Parish Attorney who is kooky enough to believes that he deserved a $40,000 yearly raise while on the taxpayers’ dime, and multitasking on the side making $30,000 as a fee for arranging a cameo appearance for a lawyer friend to influence a judge with the intent to corrupt the outcome of the trial…And to think, I’ve just scratched the surface…

    Kooky Council Clown, Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts, who spends $190,000 of campaign funds in a non-election year, 2009, for a mardi gras float, a tractor to pull the float, an antique fire engine to put out the fire on the float, some $30,000 in sound equipment so his loyal minions can frolic while he throws out thousands of dollars of mardi gras beads and personal favors of a flying pig dressed in prison stripes, then finally buys a snow ball stand so he’ll have something to do after he gets out of jail…as to the other Council Clowns I’ll address at another time…

    And what about having the past DA Mamoulides and the present DA Connick, being the dons of this organized politico mafia refuse and/or fail to investigate or prosecute these very same people whose criminal, unethical and immoral conduct has caused unparalleled corruption without consequences…kooky scary I would say…

    A former Sheriff of Korean descent who was without a doubt kooky in believing he was a cowboy, visiting his best friend in jail almost daily and then have a bobble-head cowboy hat doll become a collector’s item…only to be succeeded by a man whose nickname is ‘Noodle’…kooky you say ?

    Finally that squirt pig Chehardy Jr. being ushered into office by his the forfeiture of his hog Daddy…what an act of total disgrace, stomping on the graves of all soldiers who have died in the name of a democratic republic while spitting in the faces of those presently serving our country to further instill the ideal of open and free elections…but no, not here in Jefferson Parish…you criticize them you lose your job…I guess I’m kooky to believe that free speech and freedom of association should be available to all citizens of Jefferson Parish and not just the elite political entitlement class who rule JP !

    Now we learn from newly released classified documents, that Clay Shaw was an operative for the CIA and perjured himself on the stand during his trial… all the time Shaw’s allies trying to portray Garrison as kooky for bring him to trial…that it is all together plausible and reasonable to believe that JFK was not assassinated by a lone kooky man named Oswald…

    So Teley you think using literary quotes to illustrate a point is kooky as it relates to the recent events and past history of Jefferson Parish which I know you are very knowledgeable of…THINK RIVER BIRCH OVER AGAIN…Jefferson Parish is KOOKSVILLE !

  13. To Bayou: I wish I had known you then. I look back on summers “on the Coast” (my GrandMother’s address was 815 South Beach Blvd.) as some of the “happiest” times of my life. I had a 16-foot “FeatherCraft” aluminum hull, on which the hull was painted white, with the interior and appurtenances being tourquise, grey and maroon, “the hull” being powered by an 18 horsepower Johnson outboard. We skiied, “surf-boarded” (aqua-planned), chased porpoises, fished and just ran around in that boat, which my Mother only sold in the last few years. Things became “more fun” when the beach was pumped in (I can’t recall which storm resulted in the beach); a storm had destroyed all of the piers, anyway. But our fum didn’t last long, because CAMILLE destroyed everything in 1969. I was in law school at the time, but very naive. In retrospect, knowing what I know now, I may have been able to help my Dad and Uncle negotiate with “the insurance company”, which RAPED them. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  14. The floundering is still good and the fishing spectacular of late. Half Moon Island is still there though a bit oily. I was young but remember Camille very well.

    I suspect I know several of your former classmates BayouD.

    Next time you’re in town drop me a line.


  15. To Bayou: Those Thompsons and Lymans were very nice boats, too nice for kids. But the aluminum hull “worked” and was as fast with an 18 on the back as a Thompson or a Lyman with a 35. The weight of the wooden boats and a 35 h.p. motor meant your pier had to have a hoist, or every time you launched, you had to drive to the launch spot with the boat, trailer, etc. And then someone to drive the car and trailer back to the house, while someone drove the boat to “the property”. But if you were fishing at Cocodrie, or going out to Point Chico, or in Breton Sound, then a Thompson or a Lyman was “IT”. AROD.

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