Johnny Young took an axe……..

And gave Bobby Bourgeois fourty whacks.
When he saw what he had done he gave Deano Bonano fourty-one.

Keith Gee also has left the employment of the Parish of Jefferson. Hat tip: You guys know who you are.  😉

I’m rolling out the long talked about post on Byron Lee later this afternoon, specifically examining his connections to Debris Management LLC and an area businessman who is purportedly an in-law to Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson. I think this may be salient to the lawsuit involving Waste Management and the Parish.

Additionally we are at T-1 for the world debut of Slabb-a-leaks which I’m hoping will rock the local media scene.


10 thoughts on “Johnny Young took an axe……..”

  1. Dear Mr. Bonano it took a little while for someone with balls to compile all the illegal, mafia type crap you were doing in the Parish and though its such a terrible time to find a job I’m sure you will hook on with some of your cronies somewhere and keep doing what you do best.

    John Young you keep wheeling your axe and your legend may supersede the mighty Paul Bunyon.

    And Mr. Theriot this is what you should have done months ago you audit-less, ball-less piece of crap.

  2. And then there were three … hee hee hee. You know who YOU are and here we come to git you.
    Oh and anyone else who messed with responses to Public Records…your turn is coming.

    Brooke Bourgeois is Bobby Bourgeois’ daughter…who is her daddy getting her that $10,000 raise? And transfer away from Public Records and the law department to the Animal Shelter?

    And Loren Marino, former Animal Shelter Director gets Daddy Bourgeois’ job as CAA? On the westbank? And this is NOT a purge of all things eastbank?

    You can take the Connicks off the westbank but you cannot take the westbank out of the Connicks.

    Old Metairie folks: Y’all following your neighbors Newell and Paul et al messing with your side of the river? They live on the east bank, send their kids to east bank schools but give all the government gravy to west bank cronies.

    Guess they want to create a Red Light District in Gretna and contain all the crime on that side of the river ( moving it out of Fat City so ya’ll can shop safely) …like Harry Lee did when he put all the ‘massage parlors’ in Fat City…anyone else remember the Happy Endings Oriental shops dotting the Fat City landscape?

    Old N’awlins tradition giving the pimps and whores their own space so the decent folk didn’t have to see their daddies going to visit their Creole families and mistresses.

    Rumor has it Bunche Village was the place in the late Michael Yenni’s administration, aided and abetted by the Connick boys as his good friends…thus accounting for Susan Yenni’s distaste for all things Connick. Rumor also has it the late Michael Yenni’s creole girlfriend still lives in the house bought for her by friends of Mike and drives the car bought by those same ‘friends’. Ask around the Village…they all remember the big black chauffeur-driven car driving through at odd hours.

    And ask the Connick boys about the girls down in the islands on the beach. Rumor has it that was a favorite ‘thing’ for them when they went down there on vacation with their families.

    Stories of certain Connicks’ sex-addiction abound. Leaving them wide open to blackmail. No surprise. Heebe and Baby Butler have their own demons when it comes to the females in their lives.

    And what royal ‘WE’ was John Young referring to when he told several folks this past week that, and I quote ” We are supporting Patrick Connick for my former At Large A seat”?

    Connick as DA
    Connick as AT Large Council member
    Connick and Connick handling all things legal for Jefferson Parish

    Connicks Connicks Connicks everywhere.

    What does this portend for Chrissy Roberts? School Stupidentendent? Assessor instead of Capella? Registrar of Voters? Clerk of Court? But of course: Inspector General. How silly of me.

  3. Dear DA Connick’s punked out whore ‘johnnie boy’ Young,

    I am certain that many reformed minded people will applaud you for your recent smoke and mirror routines, however you and I know the real deal. Paulie is having you purge Broussard allies, particularly those who are EastBankers. Well… OK… they deserve their fate no matter what side of the River they are from, and particularly Deano BONANO. But what I want to know is: WTF is PEGGY BARTON still doing in the Parish Attorney’s Office ?

    Barton, along with her previous corrupt reprobate boss Tom WILKINSON and co-conspirator Deano BONANO, have been implicated in various schemes of payroll fraud as layed out in AMV’s WhistleBlower Claim and further substantiated by the La. Legislative Auditor; and now the non-elector Asst PA scandal. Is the fact that she is a Coulon-Wilkinson kneebending surrogate from the WestBank any reason to continue to cover up for her ? Is she being retained to allow her “to do her time” as all retirement junkies hope for ? And why would that be ?


  4. Whitmergate

    Agree, Agree, Agree. This Barton shit confuses me. I have heard Connick has an eye for the ladies, no problem here as it is his life’s choice. Could this be a pillow talk thing. Sort of job security for some? It worked for the former Div. K gal for some time I am told.

    One call that’s all, Connick to Young and the deal is done. Young needs to distance himself from Connick and clear the deck in the parish attorney’s office.

    Young let the best reform assistant parish attorney slip away (AMV).

    Connick needs to get off his ass and start a payroll fraud investigation that occurred during the Broussard, Whitmer and Wilkerson administration when he was DA. FAMILY and FRIENDS of each of these vermin. AMV exposed many but got the boot for speaking out. You see if you shut your mouth all is well, speak your mind and you get the boot.

    Prescription, the cure all may be the program. Who knows in this world of “guality of lifr” bull shit slant in JP?

  5. IMHO things are heating up re Jefferson Parish politics and corruption.
    Too many inquiries and sudden appearances from media-types who had all but disappeared.
    More heads rolling and switches pulled.
    And Magner not available for ‘press conference’ after Glover trial? Out on ‘personal family business’ ? While the jury is out deliberating? WTF, obviously no Personal Political Aspirations for Magner.
    Strange business that.

  6. I’m still trying to figure out why the biggest Waste Haulers in the Country have all left the New Orleans Metro Area.

    And how did Sidney Torres get all of his permits and contracts with absolutely no experience in the garbage business?

  7. Gee he already has another job !!! Keith Gee was let loose by Young three weeks before he would become vested in the public employee retirement system requiring seven Years minimum; and right before the holidays too.

    Not to worry, Keith Gee was appointed as assistant to Sonny Burmaster, Chief Assistant to the JP Council. Gee this position didn’t exist or was ever budgeted for until the Council found the need to appropriate one more retiremnet junkie to put on our back. Same thing happened with Digeralamo just two weeks ago.

    Young “fires” them, the Council hires them…a political merry-go-round charade. This way Young can bring in “his” Connick people, and the Council can create new positions for those they all want to take care of.

    What a fucking disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My cousain deBrief tells me that this Waste Management/River Birch JP garbage (pun intended) has become a topic of converstion of the DC “K” Street ‘let’s do lunch crowd’…well isnt’ that SPECIAL!

    Pelican also tells me that he was called by one of our mutual acquaintances, and was told to pass on, that DON Connickliore is not happy with my comments on Slabbed…well isn’t that SPECIAL, too !

    And as I should have expected, deBrief, and I might add reluctantly and after having a few glasses of Rebel Yell, tells me that PLATZMIER is still in the Senate Chambers, even though Porteous has been impeached, with HIS HEAD UP HIS ASS wondering about what he he is supposed to do about:


    Isn’t it SPECIAL that I would have the opportunity to convey my holiday greetings to all of the above: Vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup !

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