We have new subpoenas out in the Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Not seen the actual paper but my source is serendiptiously well placed. It involves real estate transactions involving Team Heebe/River Birch and a major local media personality.  Due to the sensitive nature of the actual subpoena and the fact the info went to the grand jury this morning that is all I have to say about that for now.

I could be wrong but I think all hell is fixing to break loose with this federal corruption investigation involving Jefferson parish politicos.


Johnny Young took an axe……..

And gave Bobby Bourgeois fourty whacks.
When he saw what he had done he gave Deano Bonano fourty-one.

Keith Gee also has left the employment of the Parish of Jefferson. Hat tip: You guys know who you are.  😉

I’m rolling out the long talked about post on Byron Lee later this afternoon, specifically examining his connections to Debris Management LLC and an area businessman who is purportedly an in-law to Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson. I think this may be salient to the lawsuit involving Waste Management and the Parish.

Additionally we are at T-1 for the world debut of Slabb-a-leaks which I’m hoping will rock the local media scene.


The Glover Verdict: Victim’s family reacts to verdict plus media coverage

WWL-TV was kind enough to put the interview held with Henry Glover’s aunt on their website so it is there we begin.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.979763&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Also I gotta give props to the NOLA area TV media for running their newscasts late (7:30 last night in the case of WWL) covering the verdicts. Continue reading “The Glover Verdict: Victim’s family reacts to verdict plus media coverage”