It’s Official – Government files motion to dismiss case against FBI Agent Hal Neilson

A re-examination of the case in preparation for the re-trial of those remaining counts, including a consideration of the jury’s partial verdict and the testimony of certain individuals at trial which was inconsistent with statements previously provided during the investigation, has resulted in a finding by the United States that it now can not meet its burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt in the prosecution against the defendant on those remaining counts.

WHEREFORE pursuant to Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedureand with leave of Court, the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana hereby dismisses the Indictment against PHILIP HALBERT NEILSON.

A very Merry Christmas to Lady Justice and Hal Neilson.

7 thoughts on “It’s Official – Government files motion to dismiss case against FBI Agent Hal Neilson”

  1. As FBI. agents they look away from the abuse dealt to the public by corrupted officials, but let a little shit get on their fingers and it’s an act for emotional distress. WUSSIES.

  2. In fairness to Neilsen Robert, the reason he claims to be crossways with Dawson is that he reported Dawson mis-using grand jury subpoena powers to DoJ DC.

    There was also a claim made by Team Dawson that Neilsen was stonewalling the beef plant case. I now wonder about the veracity of that statement in light of what we know now.

    Discovery in this case could get very interesting in that a book which did a hatchet job on the litigation down here is front and center. Patsy Brumfield called the book like she saw it 12 months ago, which certainly earned her the ire of Lange, who has repeatedly run her reporting down over this past year on his website as part of some monolithic liberal media conspiracy certain GOPers like to whip out to deflect attention from the subject matter at hand.

    From my standpoint the USA v Scruggs prosecution was an end game of sorts to a modern day blood feud that has literally boiled for years. Scruggs and his family were taken out but there are also survivors like Mike Moore and Jim Hood.

    To the extent this bunch have no problems eating their own young it was bound to happen that someone like Hal Neilsen would end up in crosshairs. From the looks of it they fucked with the wrong marine.

    While it is true that the FBI sometimes covers for folks they should be reporting to DC, in this case I think we can sit back, pop some popcorn and (to use a Mardi Gras term) watch The Tableau unfold with a clear conscience.

    I have a feeling my partner in blog Nowdy will have something to add in a post later on. I give her full credit for recognizing the true complexity of what was happening in USA v Scruggs real time to the point where I changed several of my opinions on that saga. This case involving Neilsen in many ways is another chapter in that same saga.


  3. Sop, that was more than fair to Neilson – and to me (Thanks).

    You’re absolutely correct is saying Neilson’s case is “another chapter” in the Scruggs saga. I think of him at the “missing link” – meaning that with him out of the picture, it was possible to link anything to Scruggs”.

    True enough, it appears, “they f’d with the wrong marine” – Simper fi!

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