And while Mr Young is busy preparing to release the evaluation of the River Birch contract……..

Slabbaleaks is preparing to release proof Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee has more than a passing interest in the financial success of the River Birch landfill.  I’ll add we’ve consistently been told several elected parish officials feed from the River Birch trough which would explain the Parish government’s fondness for the landfill, which was recently subjected to an old-fashioned FBI raid.  To further whet our readers appetites I’ll add the info I have on Lee is not “shit storm” I promised to roll out:-)

Meantime today our readers can watch John Young try to spin “the fix” via this story from the T-P’s Paul Rioux, whereby paying a dollar more per ton for trash disposal somehow results in savings, at least according to River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith, who must be subbing for the DA’s brother, Dutchie Connick in that role.  Smith and the River Birch people have evidently seen the report, despite the fact the Parish Attorney’s office initially said no to the T-P’s request for same citing pending litigation against Waste Management.

And the beat goes on…..


8 thoughts on “And while Mr Young is busy preparing to release the evaluation of the River Birch contract……..”

  1. Wow, that they would be allowed to see and review a draft report before it is released just further contributes to the public perception that there was collusion here!!!! This is shameful, but comes as no surprise.

  2. Postlewaite and Netterville does tons of litigation work for insurance companies, so they know how to slant reports over there. Could it be that Mr. Young already knows the results of the “audit” will be innocuous? Nothing to see here, please move on.

  3. Nolakat:

    That’s really weird, I posted my comment before I read yours. Obviously, we were thinking the same thing.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooowwwwwweeee Very strange banana peelings here. The President overriding the parish attorneys.If thePresident continues to feel he’s not getting sound legal advice for the best deal for taxpayers why doesn’t he get some new ones who don’t have a pro- River Birch agenda? New parish attorneys with a heart for the best taxpayer deal? Hmmmmmm…….. How about that for Christmas Santa? OOOOOOOOOOoooooowwwwwwwwwweeee

  5. Nolakat – That’s the real story here, isn’t it?

    That RB has seen the report and has been advised of its findings? Perhaps it has even seen drafts? How else would Smith know?

  6. Good stuff:

    “”””””Jefferson Parish could be saving several hundred thousand dollars a month under the River Birch contract,” company spokesman Glenn Smith said. “We understand the parish study’s preliminary findings confirm these savings. Smith said River Birch officials learned of the preliminary findings by talking to people “in and around parish government.” “”””

    Er, who?

    Barton? Gruntz? Congemi? Cappella? Roberts? Lee?

    Who else?

    Did they collaborate? Help JP prepare responses to questions raised by the auditors?

    Here’s something: if you set the rules and assumptions just right you can get an auditor to poop out the results just the way you want.

    JP & RB are co-defendants, and people still in JP government & RB are witnesses and co-targets and co-conspirators…. so they say their “audit” has absolved them?


    This is what counts: “””No one has been indicted as a result of the yearlong investigation, which included a Sept. 23 raid by federal agents at River Birch’s headquarters in unincorporated Gretna.”””

    So guys whatever your little reports says for public consumption, window dressing and deniability, fine. Here’s betting your emails say something different.

  7. More:

    “”””Waste Management denied overbilling the parish and contends the River Birch contract could cost the parish $1.5 million more per year because the tipping fees are about $5 higher per ton. *****Parish officials have previously said this ignores the savings in overhead costs by closing the parish dump.******

    Council members have resisted calls from some residents to scrap the River Birch contract, saying they have a fiduciary responsibility to analyze the potential savings. The consultant’s report is expected in about a month.

    Meanwhile, attorneys for Waste Management and the parish have been ordered to meet Feb. 22 for a settlement conference.

    The two sides are required to exchange settlement terms two days before the conference. They also must include any evidence they plan to use at trial, which would presumably require Waste Management to flesh out its allegations of secret deals.”

    First of all this is reminiscent of the Meffert/St. Pierre lawsuit. This just feel like a matter of time, well until around February anyway. Can’t blame the feds for waiting to see what comes of that. They did in Orleans and it was worth it.


    So we are looking at 300,000 tons per year at an additional $5/ton?

    “””The Parish Council unanimously approved the $6.4 million-a-year River Birch contract in June 2009 based largely on the Broussard administration’s estimates that the parish would save about $20 million by closing down the parish dump for 25 years. River Birch officials have pegged the savings at $60 million.”””

    RB originally estimated a saving of $200,000 per month. And that’s WITH the extra $125,000 per month in tonnage fees? So that means that the Parish dump costs $325,000 per month, or $3.9 million per year, TO OPERATE?

    Really? the dump costs $4 mill per year to operate? Can anyone even remotely estimate or even guesstimate if that is accurate?

    Is my math right here?


    RB now estimates “several hundred thousand dollars a month” in savings.

    The above report, from 10/5/10, said JP & RB in June of 2009 were estimating $200,000 per month in savings. This sounds awfully conveniently close.

    But…… IF the lawsuit is about $3 million in overcharging, and for fines (“Seeking to end the contract early, the parish filed a lawsuit alleging Waste Management overbilled the parish by $3 million. The suit, which has been transferred from state court in Gretna to federal court in New Orleans, also seeks to collect $80 million in fines from Waste Management for failing to pick up trash for six weeks during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in 2005.”) resulting in failure to perform duties (hello, WM, calling Aaron Broussard for depositions now…) what the hell difference does it make if the RB contract would allegedly result in savings ANYWAY? It’s irrelevant for the purposes of why they broke the contract.

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