It’s Official – Government files motion to dismiss case against FBI Agent Hal Neilson

A re-examination of the case in preparation for the re-trial of those remaining counts, including a consideration of the jury’s partial verdict and the testimony of certain individuals at trial which was inconsistent with statements previously provided during the investigation, has resulted in a finding by the United States that it now can not meet its burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt in the prosecution against the defendant on those remaining counts.

WHEREFORE pursuant to Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedureand with leave of Court, the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana hereby dismisses the Indictment against PHILIP HALBERT NEILSON.

A very Merry Christmas to Lady Justice and Hal Neilson.

NEMS360 reports a Merry Christmas for FBI Agent Hal Neilson – Government to drop remaining charges is reporting FBI agent Hal Neilson may indeed be a free man shortly

Just minutes ago, his attorney Ronald Michael of Booneville told the Daily Journal remaining charges against Neilson will be dropped in the next few minutes.

Neilson, 49, of Oxford was indicted Jan. 13 on five counts that he lied to federal investigators about his fiinancial interests in the FBI’s Oxford Office.

A federal jury in Aberdeen found him not guilty on two of those counts Nov. 20, but couldn’t reach a verdict on the other three. Sources said the jury’s vote to acquit was 10-2 on them, although that could not be confirmed.

Soon after the verdicts, Judge Sharion Aycock re-set a January trial date on the rest of the charges.

SLABBED will follow the breaking story.  Stay tuned.

BREAKING: Porteous the pig is impeached and convicted (Updated and corrected)

The vote is going on as we speak.  All articles approved.

Here is the breaking story from the Times Picayune.

Folks we are all fixing to find out if Chuck Plattsmier and his ODC are really limp wristed nutless wonders or if they are serious about the judicial and legal misconduct revealed in this case from sleazy operators like Dick Chopin, Don Gardner, Tom Wilkinson and Joseph Mole.

Stay tuned folks.


Speaking of Byron Lee and the lawsuit involving Maxima……

We were asked for Team Lee’s response to the insurer’s lawsuit against him which one lawyer read and termed “boilerplate denials”.  It almost was buried in my email inbox but alas here it is for those so interested.


And while Mr Young is busy preparing to release the evaluation of the River Birch contract……..

Slabbaleaks is preparing to release proof Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee has more than a passing interest in the financial success of the River Birch landfill.  I’ll add we’ve consistently been told several elected parish officials feed from the River Birch trough which would explain the Parish government’s fondness for the landfill, which was recently subjected to an old-fashioned FBI raid.  To further whet our readers appetites I’ll add the info I have on Lee is not “shit storm” I promised to roll out.  🙂

Meantime today our readers can watch John Young try to spin “the fix” via this story from the T-P’s Paul Rioux, whereby paying a dollar more per ton for trash disposal somehow results in savings, at least according to River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith, who must be subbing for the DA’s brother, Dutchie Connick in that role.  Smith and the River Birch people have evidently seen the report, despite the fact the Parish Attorney’s office initially said no to the T-P’s request for same citing pending litigation against Waste Management.

And the beat goes on…..