Lipstick on a pig: The Porteous impeachment back in the news.

Folks we have arrived at the end game with soon to be impeached (and convicted) Judge G. Thomas pOrteous. Bruce Alpert has a report for the Times Picayune on this matter and the always self promoting lawyer Jonathan Turley tries to slather some last minute lipstick on the hog that is Porteous. All that said I’m partial to our coverage here on Slabbed which is chock full of insider insight and other details you just didn’t find elsewhere in the media.

Last time this heated up we had every major network pay us a visit, no doubt hot in pursuit of those hard to find details so y’all be sweet now.


2 thoughts on “Lipstick on a pig: The Porteous impeachment back in the news.”

  1. Chris Cox has been falsely characterized as not having any ties to jefferson parish yet he got appointed to be the law clerk for Porteous. Someone must have connected the dots for such an appointment as those spots don’t go to the best and brightest. Maybe one of the media reporters will go some balls and ask Porteous.

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