4 thoughts on “Its a Tuesday Musical repeat: Dedicated to Jonathan Turley and Judge G Thomas pOrteous.”

  1. Speaking of crazy… If this article is true than Julian Assange’s life at risk.

    Assange’s accuser Anna Ardin a ‘Cuban CIA collaborator’
    .by Tim Anderson on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 8:24pm.Cuban news agencies Granma and Prensa Latina says that Julian Assange’s ‘rape’ accuser, Anna Ardin, is a Cuban CIA collaborator who has been working with Miami-based, US Government paid agencies. They say Ardin is linked to the anti-Cuban terrorist Carlos Aberto Montaner.

    After leaving Cuba, Ardin worked with web sites financed by USAID and controlled by the CIA. One of these sites was ‘Miscel

  2. Her thesis is on Cuba—This young lady seems to have a nack for “independant” research in Latin America doing work which would interest our CIA greatly…

    Anna Ardin 2007
    Uppsala University
    Department of Government
    [email protected]
    Title: The Cuban multi-party system. Is the

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