Byron Lee is still up to his old con profit tricks: A congressman elect Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update.

Folks never mind that Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee has already been caught with his hand in the taxpayer cookie jar as he steered funds from the River Birch landfill settlement to his conprofits where the money was dutifully were looted out as he wants to do it again in an act that defines the term brazen. This is from the Citizens for Good Government email blast:

Item No. 104: We strongly oppose this resolution by Councilman Byron Lee to distribute funds from the Riverbirch Landfill settlement to a nonprofit outside the Waggaman neighborhoods directly impacted by the dump. This resolution states:

Resolution – authorizing the execution of a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Third District Community Association to provide $38,550.00 to the association from the Riverbirch Landfill settlement payment . (Mr. Lee)

The money from the Riverbirch Landfill settlement was intended to benefit the citizens of Waggaman. Citizens or Good Government is outraged that Councilman Lee has again proposed providing funds from the Riverbirch settlement to a nonprofit of his choice, rather than for projects in Waggaman.

Isn’t it revealing given the ongoing federal investigation into the River Birch Landfill and Lee that he is still essentially a one trick pony with his charity looting scam. Even more revealing is that the betting money says the other Parish Council members will continue to support Lee’s criminal activity with a nod and a wink before they turn their heads pretending not to see the illegal activity.

We have more coming on Lee folks.


One thought on “Byron Lee is still up to his old con profit tricks: A congressman elect Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update.”

  1. That takes the word “brazen” to a new level. Why doesn’t he just pull his pants down and shout out across the river: “Hey, Jim. Whatcha going to do now? I got an idea, how bout you come kiss my big fat ass. I dare you.” Uh, Mr. Letten, do you have your head so far up your ass or are you just overwhelmed. I may have to go with the former, since you have decided to appeal the dismissal of the O’Dwyer dismissal. Focus, Jim!

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