Ethics and morality? Shakespeare knew not of sociopathy: A quick Slabbed update.

My desktop is cluttered with links and that does not count the ones I present today for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.  If the spirit moves me I’ll try to string some of the saved links together around the Saints game today and put a couple of posts in the can for next week.

We must begin here in Mississippi where the judges are not mere pigs at the trough a la Judge pOrteous but instead are completely drunk with power.  Oxford lawyer Tom Freeland has been telling the story of Judge Tommy Talmadge Littlejohnson and his asinine behavior jailing a lawyer for contempt because he wouldn’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Those wanting additional background can read Patsy Brumfield’s original story on the topic here.

Speaking of north Mississippi, escapee Jarvis DeBerry chips in with today’s column on the latest NOPD guilty plea in the Danziger Bridge shootings.  Unfortunately for Shakespeare the term sociopath did not exist in his days but I think it is the word Jarvis is looking for.  I’ll add this is a subject we’ve been interested in since we first identified similar personality traits in some of the insurance folks we’ve run across since beginning Slabbed.

We’ve spoken a lot about legal ethics and ethicists here on Slabbed through time.  Loyola law professor Dane Ciolino, for example, is a favorite of the Slabbed Nation and we’ll be circling back to Dane but first we have James Gill and his calling out of Grey Sexton, head guy at the Louisiana Ethics Commission as an ethically challenged piece of shit. Make it a twofer Sir James as Sexton joins the ethically challenged piece of crap in charge of ethics over here in Mississippi.

I briefly mentioned the Clerk of the NOLA CDC, Dale Atkins and her little data loss disaster a week or so ago.  I knew then from personal experience there had a be a great story behind the story and man o man is there! I say that for 2 reasons, the first one being ol’ Dale went on Fox 8 Friday night pointing fingers for the problems in her office at CDC, where she works part-time when she is not working for Roedel Parsons.  Folks, when the finger-pointing starts you know all the nasty little details of the type of gross incompetence it takes to grind real estate transactions to a halt in Louisiana’s largest city for 2 months are fixing to surface.  The second reason is that another blog in NOLA will be doing a great expose’ on Dale and her little data disaster and I got an executive summary so there must be lots of chatter.  We’ll be taking the wing man position here at Slabbed in support of the story’s rollout. Dale you’ve been a very bad girl!

Saving the best for last I have Paul Purpura at the Times Picayune, who snagged an interview with Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer and his world travels on the taxpayer dime which includes quotes from Slabbed favorite Dane Ciolino. Besides being an ethicist Dane gets credit for bridge building too as he is the reason I originally chatted with Paul back on Mardi Gras day of this year.  He does a bang up job covering the 24th Judicial District courts for the T-P so I guess it come as no surprise that his chat with Jon has rang up over 200 reader comments and counting. Let’s hear what Dane has to say about Jon but first we must give a bit of background:

He traveled with his wife, Cherreen Gegenheimer, while she was an administrative assistant to former Parish President Aaron Broussard, to the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2008 and 2009. The parish approved the three-week-long trips to market Jefferson at trade shows that run concurrent to the festival, far removed from the glamour of the red carpet, she said. He said he also accompanied her twice to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, and twice to Santa Monica, Calif.

Gegenheimer said he spent about $3,900 in clerk of court funds on the six film trips with his wife over the past three years. He spent another $9,500 on six trips to Seattle, Virginia and Washington, D.C, since Katrina, seeking economic development opportunities, he said. His travels to Washington were done in connection with the “legislative fly-in” to meet with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he said.

Chereen has since been terminated from parish employment due to her political toxicity but Jon remains defiant.  Jon is also an idiot for keeping this story in the public eye but he didn’t ask me for advice before defending what is indefensible with the public. In fact it gets worse because this whole Hollywood east thing with the greater NOLA area is nothing but a big waste of taxpayer money, which is often the case when taxpayer funds are used to support what should be private enterprise. This is a subject that is screaming for one of our famous “tie a few things together” posts.

Meantime we have Jon and his entitlement mentality on display and this is what Dane Ciolino had to say on the matter:

Gegenheimer points to a 2008 state attorney general’s opinion issued to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, which wanted to give a portion of its tax revenue to the parish’s nonprofit economic development corporation. The aim, according to the opinion, was to reduce crime through development that would grow the tax base and thereby increase the sheriff’s revenue. The state’s attorney said the transfer of money was acceptable as long as a three-prong test was met.

Gegenheimer has not sought an opinion on his spending, although he said he believes his spending passes the test described in the Ascension opinion. He said his office’s accountant and lawyer both believe the opinion covers his spending.

Dane Ciolino, a law professor specializing in legal ethics at Loyola University, disagreed. “The argument that the attorney general has authorized this conduct borders on the absurd,” Ciolino said.

What I was curious about but have not seen addressed is the traffic accident Jon and Chereen had while touring France, which I confirmed did happen. I think that accident will illustrate that Jon and Chereen were working hard at recreating in other parts of France besides the Rivera.

DA Connick remains in hiding despite this blatant misuse of taxpayer funds by Clerk of Court Gegenheimer.


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  1. Repeating one of my comments on the Gegenheimers remind me of some of the lyrics in Jimmy Buffett’s song “Overkill”

    Out in Hollywood the paper money rolls
    They feed their egos instead of their souls
    A million here, a million there
    A mindless corporate dance
    Gettin’ paid for fuckin’ off in the south of France

    They don’t do the shows
    But they act like the stars
    They fly around in G-4’s and suck on big cigars
    It ain’t about the talent
    It ain’t about the skill
    It’s all about the silly stupid horseshit deal!

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooowwwwweeeeeeeee Traffic accident? Ticketes? Involving another vehicle ? Repair damages/ bill? With personal injury?’. I’m curious, if the Gegenheimer’s were on official Jefferson Parish business and Jefferson Parish paid for car rental could the Parish be liable for repair damages and/or any personal injury? Sounds like a mystery case for Inpector General Clousteau, Morise Barte’ and the M & M Sistas’. OOOOOOOOOOooooowwwwwweeeeeeeee

  3. Porteoue up date:

    Motions to the Senate in the moening Oral argument to the full Senate in the afternoon.

  4. Just picked this off of re Paul Rioux’s T-P a John Young PR piece parroting the ‘GretnaMentality’ status quo BS concerning River Birch:

    Yet another apologist article by Rioux restating the same misleading tripe that was originally formulated by Whitmer and Wilkinson, and repeated by their puppet Broussard to further the criminal conspiracy entered into by the principals of River Birch ( Heebe, Ward et al ) and the Jefferson Parish Council, which included Young for 6 1/2 years, to award an ILLEGAL LANDFILL MONOPOLY. The real costs hovers around $360 to $480 MILLION DOLLARS depending upon the fluctuation of the CPI; there has never been documented financial actuarial assessments of any pie in the sky huckster savings Whitmer, Wilkinson, Broussard and now Young have been alluding to all these years; and no one mentions that the proposed closure of the JP landfill for 25 years under the terms of River Birch’s alleged contract has cost JP over a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue a year concerning the previously anticipated contract with Cytec Industries for recovery of methane gas. I have not even bothered to guesstimate the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS that JP has spent on legal fees due to the collusion of certain corrupt JP Officials’ participation in this scheme; and the MILLIONS of DOLLARS the taxpayers’ of JP will most likely have to pay in legal fees and damages for the ill-advised breach of Waste Management’s existing contract that then Parish Attorney, Wilkinson, told his Council Clown Cronies to get on board with, voting 7-0 of course ! That commenters who have posted previously commending Connick’s punk, johnnie boy Young, for his hypocrisy is disturbing and evidence of their lack knowledge of the myriad of sordid facts underpinning this criminal conspiracy. Believe this, DA Connick will not let his brother Dutchie Connick, who received HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS as a lobbyist for River Birch, disappoint his clients Heebe and Ward. Young will do whatever lying, double speak, and Sgt. Schultz ‘I know nothing(s)’ you people want to hear to cover-up this corruptive force called River Birch while attempting to wash it clean.

  5. Not sure whether it matters, but Judge Littlejohn’s first name is Talmadge, not Tommy.

    I’ve never met another Talmadge, and Tommy seems a perfectly normal name to me, so perhaps it’s an understandable mistake.

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