Catching up with some housekeeping: I finally added to the blogroll….

I added 5 new links to our blogroll for the consideration of our readers:

The Hayride:  A GOP blog run by the former editor of Purple and Gold magazine Scott McKay, who I remember from sportstalk on WWL radio from back in the day.

The Jefferson Report: Baton Rouge businessman Lane Grigsby digs deep in his own pockets to fund several public interest websites including TJR, which is devoted to reporting on the double dealing in Jefferson Parish.

The NOLA Defender: What can I say folks except, they liked our coverage of the ongoing exploits Magnum JD.  😉

Pistolette: Andrea is a rising star in the NOLA area blogosphere and a damn good blogger. Her post on the HBO series Treme was refreshing and real, which is no doubt why it was so well received.

Former Slabbed author Bellesouth has hung her own shingle as she hits the warpath shining the spotlight on certain hidden agenda blogging that resulted from the Scruggs scandal.


I am on assignment and (completely hooked up with the day job).  I hope to roll out some new material over the weekend. As always we thank you for your support.