Someone want to let us in on the chain?

This post has experienced a spike in site traffic lately and if I had to guess the link is being emailed around based on the referral source.  It involves Chris Roberts, Gretna Police Chief Lawson and 2 of his boys including Robert’s staffer Brett Lawson and their connections to Adams and Reese lobbyst Chris Coulon, son of soon to be indicted former Parish President Tim Coulon and DA Conncik’s brother Dutchie Connick and his connection to Kass Brothers Construction and Kass’ connections to the River Birch landfill, whose offices were recently raided by the FBI.  Whew that was a mouthful.


4 thoughts on “Someone want to let us in on the chain?”

  1. Sop, someone sent a message via blog email simply saying that Lawson’s son died Monday – no details.

  2. I can find nothing on the internet about Arthur Lawson’s son’s deat.
    I did find this :

    There’s a new publication for West Bank readers who tire of “negative” news

  3. OH…
    Now I remember picking up one of these publications recently…
    Waiting on my friend in a Doctor’s office in Marrero (The situation was either read or watch The Price is Right! ugh…)
    It is a glorification of the JP IDIOTS in office…I called it The Who’s Who of Who Cares…….

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