Oh hell yeah!!! Wikileaks founder says a major banking scandal is next.

In an exclusive interview, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Forbes that his whistleblower site will release tens of thousands of documents from a major U.S. financial firm in early 2011. Assange said the documents could “take down a bank or two.”

Didn’t I read someplace that the Republicans have repealing the recently passed financial re-regulation legislation as a priority for next year? ‘Tis a silly world when economic theory becomes a religion eh folks….

Also Dr William Black at the U of Missou, well-known and liked here in the Slabbed Nation opines that the Treasury Secretary, along with the Chairman of the Fed are crooked sacks of shit.  I tend to agree.  (H/T Mr CLS)


One thought on “Oh hell yeah!!! Wikileaks founder says a major banking scandal is next.”

  1. critical issue is the illegitimate bank sector profits paid out as bonuses and recycled to politicians through campaign contributions…..everyone gets a taste…taxpayers are the ultimate BAGHOLDERS

    actually treasury bondholders are the ultimate bagholders because taxpayers will revolt and default on sovereign debt because the shell game called BAILOUTS is illegitimate (and unwinding the losses is like unwind Madoff ponzi scheme)

    Ireland is a great example because the bailout is 50% of their GDP….which is a ridiculously large burden to suddenly appear on the national balance sheet.

    Bernanke is still bailing out the banks….quantitative easing is another phase of the plan…entire AIG, FNM and FRE balance sheet losses are part of the bailout….

    Moreover, the accounting which says that banks returned the Bank bailout money is also ridiculous….FED has provided numerous “free lunches” for the banks…injection of a trillion in reserves at 0%…easy money…for how many years…toxic asset facility….”too big to fail” is actually “too connected not to profit”….

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