May I have your attention for an important annoucement

Back in August 2009 we put together what we termed a legal confab involving policyholder lawyers litigating wind-water cases where lawyers from Mississippi and Louisiana compared notes to the benefit of their policyholder clients. I think those that attended now understand the presentation they saw forms the basis of Ex Rel Denenea v Allstate and as an added bonus we listened to the sultry voice of State Farm call center adjuster Lorrie Beno as she spilled her guts to a PI. For our part our work on the Slabberator and Nowdy’s excellent work on breaking down claims adjusting software was our earn in.

We limited the audience to plaintiff’s lawyers, selected members of the media and a representative from Congressman Gene Taylor’s office.  As legal strategy was discussed we didn’t want the other side to benefit from what we knew thus the security measures.  We had plaintiff’s lawyers contact us from as far away as West Virginia and had an inquiry from Mississippi State Government on attending.  (The plaintiff’s lawyers was invited but MID was not.)

Along those lines we continue to be humbled by the quality of our readership from across this land.  Several months ago I contacted Rutgers Law Professor Jay Feinman, author of Delay, Deny and Defend and a friend to this blog to see if he come down here for book signing and possibly speak at another legal confab.  I just heard from Jay and he will be down here in Soggy Bottom at the tail end of March and he’d be delighted to stay over a day or so to participate in the first annual Slabbapalooza.  We’re targeting March 25th.

I’d like to invite the entire Slabbed Nation, even you guys on the insurance defense bar and at LDOI and MID to come hear Professor Feinman speak. We’d like to keep this a free event and I can do that over here in Soggy Bottom but we are not averse to holding it in NOLA, access to meeting space being the main concern.

We’re trying to gauge interest so we can hone the event.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post. I’ll update when we have a firm date, time and place.

As always we thank you for your support.


3 thoughts on “May I have your attention for an important annoucement”

    1. We held the last confab in Waveland, Telemachus. My preference would actually be NOLA as that is where Professor Feinman will be otherwise.

      In an email exchange we had this morning the dates could range from the 23rd to the 25th.

      Obviously any help with facilities in the city would be mucho appreciated.


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