6 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Music – Return to Sender”

  1. The Ramelli grass cutting contract is being “returned to sender”. The feds need to look at the changed contract evaluations by jefferson parish officials on this contract which was 1.2 million more than the next submitted contract.Parish officials say they are going to measure the entire proposed square footage of grass which was to be cut. Geez I thought that would have been a known figure before the contract was put out for BID.

  2. Why measure the grass when there is no relationship between contract cost and work to be done – on any JP contract, apparently – this just being the latest one to pop up from the depths of Parish government.

  3. Since today is the big online shopping day, what website do I go to order a new Jefferson Parish Councilman for my district..?

    And, anybody got any ideas on the value I could get on E-Bay for a re-cycled Jefferson Parish District Council person…? Or is there any demand for that sort of thing ?

  4. BUNHARE: Call Letten . There is a demand for them in Letten’s office. He ‘s looking to claim several of the Council real soon for their recent outstanding work. Byron Lee for his excellent foundation work, Lagasse for his smooth facial tics in extending contracts and more money for the performing arts masterpiece , Roberts for his highly selective $100,000 in personal purchases ffrom his campaign funds and finally, Lee-Sheng for being smarter than the JP planning department and efficient raking in of $20,000 in campaign funds for approving zoning variances for Redman’s Cascio, but even more desirable for her unbelievable arrogance in daring a Council meeting public speaker to report her to U.S. Attorney’s Office. These are all exceptional people but Letten can certainly find a related job to fit each individual expertise over at the local federal cannery.With Edwin coming out there are great demands for positions to be filled.

  5. PP, I hope you are right about Letten and that he calls all of those mentioned above soon…

    appartently, however, there must be limited room at Letten’s house right now..cause he sure is taking his sweet time in arranging to have additional guests at the local federal cannery..

  6. Thanx, Nowdy…a stupendous selection…a Mississippi double-entendre perhaps? …kudos to you dear…I love it !

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