Saturday Music: Free Willie!!!

I might as well come right out and say I favor de-criminalization of marijuana for many reasons, including the spectacular failure of the “War on Drugs”, a multi billion dollar boondoggle, especially in today’s day and age where teachers are being shown the door and state budgets are being cut to the bone. So with today’s news that Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession after his bus was stopped and searched by the border patrol for illegal aliens, I’d also like to remind our readers of the great price everyone pays when we give up our own liberties to satisfy a right wing lead effort to scapegoat Mexicans for all that ails this once great land (instead of the Wall Street executives that threw millions out of work due to greed and fraud and the demagogue politicians that enable them).

I have 3 posts and a link on this general topic from the archives:

  1. Just as with prohibition, our drug laws have actually created the monsters that profit from drug trade.  A growing number of folks in the know, including three former Central/South American Presidents, have called for legalization as the best way to curb the drug cartels.
  2. In what I consider my greatest post on Slabbed bar none I take the sack of shit also known as former Attorney General Ed Meese to the woodshed as we exposed his role in the 1980s drug trade down here in Soggy Bottom. Those of you that read the comments will also understand why I also wish I had never published it.
  3. I again tackle that Wall Street Journal article on the failure of the war on drugs that I linked in post #1 above and add former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde and his famous farewell letter in a post that gets regular traffic to this day from every major global investment bank and certain interesting locales in California.  (Maybe Andrew will drop us a line one day 🙂 )
  4. Finally in response to the law enforcement Chicken Littles that wax ignorant about the bad impacts of decriminalization of Marijuana, Portugal has already been there, done that and experienced great results.

Without further adieu lets hear from Willie himself:


Free Willie!


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  1. Looks as if we’re both “thankful” for Willie, Sop – while he wrote “Crazy”, he’s anything but!

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