You know Dale, maybe if you didn’t spend so much time doing a private law practice with Tom Capella someone would have taken a backup…..

Folks I’ve been following the Dale Atkins’ disaster from afar, duly noting the irate emails I’ve been receiving about the Clerk of Orleans Parish Civil District Court and the incompetent handling of her office, that experienced a computer crash last month and evidently did not maintain any useful backups.  There is a story behind the story that I will not be telling today beyond highlighting some interesting connections Ms Atkins’ maintains.

Over a decade ago I had the misfortune of taking  on the Single Audit of a so-called institution of higher learning the State Auditor’s office suddenly had lost interest in. The reason was the institution had suffered a catastrophic computer crash which they were still recovering from when I showed up on site to begin fieldwork.

Evaluating internal controls over the various computer systems is part and parcel of any audit and I quickly learned the director of the MIS department was evidently a bang-up band director before snagging the high level administrative position overseeing the institution’s computing systems, no doubt helped by the fact that his wife, a beautician by trade who was then the institution’s bookstore manager, reportedly was shagging a senior member of the administration.

The long and short of Sop going back to college is that I witnessed somewhere along the lines of $1MM taxpayer dollars flushed down the toilet because an incomp was too clueless so see that data backups were regularly made. The experience also cured me of doing further governmental auditing as I struggled in balancing the gross incompetence I witnessed that resulted in the loss of a large amount of much taxpayer money coupled with no accountability at the institution with the professional responsibilities I had to maintain.  Given the fact that the auditor’s office had become a joke by that time under the leadership of current Mississippi Lite Gov Phil (Phildo) Bryant the decision to stop doing single audits was easy to make.

All these years later enter Dale Atkins, Clerk of the NOLA CDC and her office’s October computer crash, which has ground real estate closings to a halt in Orleans Parish and I suspect our readers now understand why I’ve been following Ms. Atkins’ little mess from afar since the beginning.  I chose today to roll out this topic mainly because Bruce Eggler had another story on the topic at the Times Picayune today which helps us connect several pigs at the trough so it is there we stop next:

Despite criticism that her office should have been better prepared to prevent and then deal with such a critical loss of data, Atkins said: “My office immediately recognized the enormity and complexity of this project and began discussions with various clerk’s offices, title lawyers, abstracters and the court to seek assistance.”

She said Jefferson Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer’s offer of assistance “was immediately accepted.”

Atkins said her staff will begin working 10-hour shifts Monday to address the backlog, in addition to working on Saturdays and Sundays, and will continue to offer extended research hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“The energies of my staff and myself are completely focused on resolving this crisis,” she said.

“Completely focused” Dale? Even when your boss Larry Roedel calls? You see folks, like seemingly all area politicians, Atkins maintains a day job in a private law practice along with Tom Capella.  Maybe Dale was too busy feeding at the Superdome Commission trough to realize her staff at CDC wasn’t doing its job.  Maybe Dale simply hired politically connected incomps to staff her office.  Whatever the story behind the story is, I bet its a good one and that doesn’t count the rumors of an ongoing federal investigation at the CDC.

Rest assured folks we have more coming on Dale Atkins’ adventures in computing.


7 thoughts on “You know Dale, maybe if you didn’t spend so much time doing a private law practice with Tom Capella someone would have taken a backup…..”

  1. Look, face facts. New Orleans and its “government” (majority rules) has relegated us to “South Africa” or “Zimbabwe” status. New Orleans has become microcosyms of those countries, as well as others on the African Continent, East and West. What the hell did you expect of Dale Atkins, white New Orleanians? What the hell did you expect of Marcia St. Martin of the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board last weekend? This is the same “person” who left the City without water for 11 days, post-KATRINA, from 8/31/05 until 9/11/05, because she and her aboriginal workers failed to protect the threshold of the building holding the S & WBD emergency generating equipment, bordered by Claiborne Avenue, Leonidas Street, Hickory Street and Monticello Avenue, the last place in the City to flood, and then to the magnanimous depth of 1 foot. Coupled with the dramatic increase in my property taxes (And for what? So I can enrich the Bill and Mose Jeffersons, the Derrick Sheppards, the Rene Gill-Pratts, the Sherman Coplein’s and the Cleo Fields of the world?). I frankly had it with… Well, you know what I mean. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Whoops! I forgot Cedric Richmond. He surely NEEDS my money, too. Lets see if the Federal Bureau of Constipation gives him a “pass” after investigation. I am laying 8 to 5 odds that the Federal Bureau of Constipation and its “Special Agents” (what a fucking “joke”) has their noses so far up Cedric Richmond’s ass, because that’s where Obummer and Eric Holder (the Mark Rich pardon, among others) told them to put them. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. “…the director of the MIS department was evidently a bang-up band director before snagging the high level administrative position overseeing the institution

  4. When I first heard of Dale Atkins’ “computer glitch” issues, I thought: WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG?!

    Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel to Examine Foreclosure Lawyers

    “Although increasing numbers of courts are continuing to reject improper and fraudulent foreclosures, the Congressional Foreclosure Panel examination of mortgage services and foreclosure practices did not include foreclosure lawyers.

    Lawyers are officers of the court; knowledge of applicable laws and civil procedure is not required from mortgage lenders. In states that require judicial foreclosures, lawyers are the ones who file lawsuits to seize and sell property; and lawyers are responsible for filing and recording foreclosure property deeds.

    An investigation could prove helpful to sorting out whether improper and illegal foreclosure proceedings are linked to any self-dealing conduct disadvantaging lenders, investors, homeowners, and city governments. . .

  5. Sooner or later, those falsified property deeds that were recorded after FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES via DEFUNCT mortgage companies will come to light.

    Collusion regarding mortgage and foreclosure frauds involving entities such as these people: federal judges Kurt Englehardt, Lance Africk, Dougla$$ Dodd A.J McNamara, Civil District Court judges Lloyd Medley and Piper Griffin, Clerk of Court Dale Atkins, Sheriff Paul Valteau, Wells Fargo, and Freddie Mac, that is being engaged in by FORECLOSURE MILL LAW FIRMS is a longstanding Louisiana reality!

    Some realtors who think that New Orleans Clerk of Court Dale Atkins

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