BREAKING NEWS – Neilson NOT GUILTY on two counts, mistrial on three! UPDATED 2X

That’s all that’s Patsy Brumfield has up on NEMS360 at the moment.  More as soon as details are available.  Wonder if the two “substantial” counts were among the three?

A little more on today’s verdict is available now but, it appears it will be tomorrow before we know what was decided on each of the five counts.  If more becomes available between now and then, I’ll add another update.

Wouldn’t you know the minute I hit publish, this story on the Clarion Ledger caught my eye:

A federal jury acquits a veteran FBI agent on two of five counts against him, and the judge declares a mistrial on the other three.

Defense attorney Christi R. McCoy tells The Associated Press that Hal Neilson was acquitted on one count of lying to an FBI agent, and one of making official acts for personal gain.

U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock declared mistrials on the three other counts. The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports that prosecutors haven’t said whether they’ll retry Neilson on them.

McCoy says jurors hung on one count of acts affecting a personal interest, and two of making false statements.

She says conviction now would have cost the 21-year agent his pension. But she says at the end of December, he’ll turn 50 and be fully vested — meaning he cannot lose the pension.

I’m guessing the not guilty was to counts two and five – but that’s just a guess based on a guess at the meaning of each count.

NEMS360 reports Neilson jury still deadlocked on some counts and working thru lunch

Hal Neilson’s jury foreman said about noon that they may be able to decide on one more count, but they are hopelessly deadlocked on the others.

Obviously, I’m not surprised by the the discussion reported in Patsy Brumfield’s rolling account of today’s events:

11:24 Attorneys called to the courtroom.

11:49 – Judge Aycock says the jury has a question. (She’s shares question with the attorneys.)

(Aycock apologizes to the courtroom participants that the room is frigid. She says they’ve had a unit malfunction, and that the jury room would be very hot, if the courtroom temp weren’t so low.)

Salomon confers with a new guy from Baton Rouge about the jury question. They look at a statute.

Neilson friend, attorney Duke Goza, explains what he knows to the crowd on that side of the room.

OK, Aycock says. As to the first question, if we agree some charges but deadlocked on others, will the counts we agree on will be retried? Continue reading “NEMS360 reports Neilson jury still deadlocked on some counts and working thru lunch”

Neilson jury deadlocked – deliberation resumes Saturday in “The Case of the Misplaced Modifiers”!

Although the trial of Oxford FBI Agent Hal Neilson was expected to end today, Patsy Brumfield’s story on NEMS360 reports Deadlocked jury to return Saturday:

4:56 P.M. – Judge asks attorneys to come back… Jury wants to leave for the night, still deadlocked. I’m going to excuse them. They want to return at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Neilson’s case went to the jury around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and adjoured two hours later.  They returned at 9:00 this morning and, apparently deadlocked before breaking for lunch, according to Brumfield’s running account of the day.

It’s Friday, and Hal Neilson’s jury has a question for the court…

It’s 2:09, and the attorneys, plus Neilson’s family and several friends are back in the courtroom waiting to learn what the question is…Aycock says, the question: We have decided one count and we are deadlocked on four counts. Do we understand that we must decide on all five counts…Jury also asks for definition of “substantial.”

Since “substantial” appears in Count One and Count Two of the Indictment , logic suggests these are two of the four deadlocked counts – but this was just the first note the jury sent out and we’ll come back to a discussion of each of the five counts after we follow Brumfield’s narrative to the end of the day: Continue reading “Neilson jury deadlocked – deliberation resumes Saturday in “The Case of the Misplaced Modifiers”!”