NEWS! Neilson case in jury’s hands & MSSC threw out “bad faith” awards in USA v Linsanby

Patsy Brumfield reports the closing arguments in NEMS360 story – Agent’s fate in jury’s hands

The Sun Herald is running the AP story on Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision in USA v Lisanby – Supreme court rejects some of Katrina case award

Back with more as information becomes available.

6 thoughts on “NEWS! Neilson case in jury’s hands & MSSC threw out “bad faith” awards in USA v Linsanby”

  1. I have not read the Lisanby opinion yet, but the summary in this article indicates that this is an outrage.

  2. I haven’t read the Opinion either – can’t get through to the Supreme Court website to pull it down but will keep trying.

    I will say that I’ve reviewed documents in two other cases today where “the cause” was lost because certain documents failed to make needed points.

    One of the federal judges in the Jackson area wrote a law journal article that really impressed me. His big “tip” was for attorneys to remember that it’s likely their briefs will first be read by someone who just finished law school – in other words write at that level, not like you would write to someone with experience such as the judge.

  3. In addition to the Mississippi Supreme Court Opinion, I’d like to see the Jury Interrogatories, so we can tell whether the bad faith awards, which were not insubstantial, but were “WIPED OUT” by the Supreme Court, were awarded by the jury based on the evidence adduced at trial. I assume that there is some analysis of the testimony and documentary evidence adduced at trial in the Supreme Court opinion, as opposed to some BULLSHIT CONCLUSORY CRAP like “the plaintiff did not prove bad faith by USAA”. This has all of the earmarks of a “travesty of justice”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. I’ve continued to try and get to the Court’s website – still no luck. I’ll pull all that’s available but have no idea what that will be. This case was tried in State court and we’ve had to rely on Sun Herald for most information as the State’s electronic system is only available in four counties and none of the four are this county.

    If you put “USA v Lisanby” in the search box above the calendar, you may find some of what you’re looking for in posts we’ve published on SLABBED.

  5. This was wrongly ruled against Lisanby before! The judge threw out the jury awards or something terribly outrageous. Captain Lisanby should prevail!

  6. Jim Kitchens is extremely smart and very, very fair. Quite frankly, I am shocked he wrote the opinion tossing out the penalties award. I give the opinion a lot more deference because he wrote it.

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