NEWS! Neilson case in jury’s hands & MSSC threw out “bad faith” awards in USA v Linsanby

Patsy Brumfield reports the closing arguments in NEMS360 story – Agent’s fate in jury’s hands

The Sun Herald is running the AP story on Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision in USA v Lisanby – Supreme court rejects some of Katrina case award

Back with more as information becomes available.

OK folks, no more horsing around: Here is an early Christmas treat for you Team Magnum freaks

After today’s federal indictments were released we received an email from the legal team directing us to this David Hammer story over at NOLA regarding the indictments of Sean Alfortish and Mona Romero over at the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association for looting it out for their personal benefit. Gee doesn’t that sound familiar.

There are some who say that back in the day Sean Alfortish liked to play.
And play he did taking trips to Aruba on the Benevolent dime
but here at Slabbed that’s not why Alfortish shines.
For some of his buds from back in the day
have been whispering “the who” Sean liked to play.
For it seemed Sean was quite the Casanova
Taking his conquests on the livingroom sofa!

So now we fast forward to today and the Alfortish name is again in play.
But for reasons why from back in the day.
It is not good to land on the Slabb
After hiding a salami with part of Team Mag.


Business a little slow at Butler Snow? Must be – considering the Notice filed by State Farm in Rigsby qui tam

With less than two weeks until the Status Conference in the Rigsby, I wasn’t expecting to find anything on the docket unless it was required by Judge Senter’s Order.  Of course, none of us should ever be surprised by anything State Farm does in litigation – particularly now that a lot of law firms are struggling in the post-Katrina economy.

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear a rumor about layoffs at a big or medium size firm, get a phone call about a lawyer looking for work or hear a story about a former law grad delivering pizzas.

Even then, I didn’t think things would be going slow for State Farm’s big guns – but, given the ” illusory authority” of the case cited as the “Authority”, I can’t help but believe this comment more than idle gossip.  After all, someone has to keep the lights on:

my neighbor who is a partner with Butler, Snow et. al. just wanders around wondering why he has soooo little to do.

It definitely took some wandering and wondering to come up with the money-hungry-looking-Notice of Intervening Authorities on “the Rigsbys’ Repeated and Calculated Violation of this Court’s Seal Order” as it really doesn’t intervene in anything at all except the Court’s time. Continue reading “Business a little slow at Butler Snow? Must be – considering the Notice filed by State Farm in Rigsby qui tam”

Let’s make a deal! MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown takes a plea.

MDOT Executive Director Larry 'Butch" Brown

I suspect there are some in the legal profession that bemoan the fact that the general public just doesn’t get it.  I would submit after reading the comments to the breaking story that MDOT Executive Director cut a deal on his public drunk charge that the public gets it and then some.

For our newer readers Brown is a notorious bully that has about as much finesse as a drunk elephant.  His latest bit of idiocy involved cursing US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood a few weeks back in Biloxi.  He exists in government thanks in part to the nutless wonders that populate our state senate who collectively lack the sack to stand up to a common bully. Continue reading “Let’s make a deal! MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown takes a plea.”

Slabbed News Miscellany: Real men don’t stuff!

While we continue researching the deleterious impacts of SPS on the local bar and work on a longer term project for the next series of posts that will kick up one of those patented Slabbed shit storms allow me to offer a few links for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.

First up is that we could have been a contender food blog.  I actually love to cook and have the waistline to prove it and actually have wondered of late how I would be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner without compromising Saintsgiving.  So while I decide whether or not we head to the Silver Slipper or cook at home next Thursday I know I’ll try the Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe in today’s Judy Walker’s food column regardless.

Next up is disgraced Judge Thomas pOrteous.  The trial summary has now been released and the next stop is the impeachment vote, probably by the middle of next month. I think our readers will get a kick out of Porteous lawyer / publicity hound Jonathan Turley, who has been doing the gentle pump of his crooked client on his blog.

Moving right along I saw the B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn Correction Center at Angie has a new chapel thanks to some big-hearted donors. Sixty’s name came up earlier this week while we were on assignment in NOLA.  I had the chance to spend a couple of days intermittently talking with Sixty over a decade ago and the part of his Wiki bio about him being “A raconteur, Rayburn entertained many with his lively reminiscences of the historic (Earl) Long era” is spot on.  Sixty had stories on Mississippi’s Governor Bilbo too as he was originally a Mississippi guy. They just don’t make politicians (crooked or otherwise) like Sixty Rayburn anymore.

Finally we have more wacky and wild adventures here in Mississippi, this time in central Mississippi.  It seems some folks at the Mendenhall High School have a hatred of Breast Cancer research to go along with the tails they sport. Continue reading “Slabbed News Miscellany: Real men don’t stuff!”

Jim Brown

Thursday, November 18, 2010
New Orleans, Louisiana


Last year, before the President’s State of the Union address, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was the fair haired boy of the national Republican Party. He had even been considered as a vice presidential candidate on the McCain ticket in 2008, and every pundit had him high up on the list of contenders for 2012. But like the old saying goes, “the south shall rise again.” Potential candidates for a Republican national ticket are emerging from all over the South. And while Jindal has to tend the home state brush fires with a huge budget crisis and a reelection ahead, a number of southern candidates are free to raise money and head for Iowa.

This, of course, presupposes that Jindal has any interest in being on a national ticket. He professes only a desire to be reelected so that he can have the honor and thrill of facing one budget crisis after another.

And who can doubt his word as he has, for months, been crisscrossing America raising campaign funds for a number of candidates in other states, raising money for his own purposes, and now conducting a national book tour, for no other reason than to run for re election in Louisiana. He’s sure convinced me. Continue reading “Jim Brown”