Let’s head back up Tulane, over Jefferson Davis Parkway past Genois and Telemachus back to the hive in Jefferson Parish

Anne Marie Vandenweghe is appealing Judge Ross LaDart’s curious public records decision to the court of appeals. A little birdie tells me Team AMV will go all the way to the Supremes if need be.

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16 thoughts on “Let’s head back up Tulane, over Jefferson Davis Parkway past Genois and Telemachus back to the hive in Jefferson Parish”

  1. She better win at th the 5th. The Supremes have been very, let’s say judicious, with their writ grants lately.

  2. By the way, with the naming of Deb Foshee as the new Parish Attorney for JP, I am happy to see that John Young is enforcing that BS line he gave about “if you want to work in the Parish, you must live in the Parish.” Uhh, John, she lives in COVINGTON and has multiple properties in St. Tammany; gee, she even filed for a homestead exemption there. Unless I missed something, St. Tammany is not Jefferson. The hypocrisy continues.

  3. Section 4.04. Legal Services.
    There shall be a department of law headed by a Parish Attorney who may appoint and remove his assistants. The Parish Attorney shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Council and shall serve at the will of the President. He shall devote his full time to the service of the parish and shall serve as legal counsel to the Council the President and all parish departments offices agencies and special districts and perform such other legal duties as may be assigned to him by administrative regulations adopted pursuant to this Charter. The assistant parish attorneys may be part-time employees and shall be electors of the parish.

    While only the assistants are obliged to be “electors of the parish,” I cannot envision why the same would not apply to the Parish Attorney, although the ordinance does not say so. John Young, as my memory serves, said so, though.

  4. @ ImaAngry:

    You know what – and I have no idea about this lady he hired – BUT I kind of like that he hired from outside the Parish.

    Hopefully she has no ties to anybody anywhere IN the Parish.


  5. The prior experience at the City of Covington is a plus though Jefferson Parish is many times larger the concepts remain the same.

    This very well could be a story of Young being at the right place at the right time with regards to Foshee’s hiring. I bet the gig at Yenni pays better than the City of Covington.

    I wonder what will become of her private law practice?


  6. Foshee is out in April in Covington anyway since the mayor is term-limited and she serves at the pleasure of the mayor. That said, she appears to be a competent attorney with requisite experience in governmental affairs. My only point about her, while being very qualified, is that she is not a resident of JP, which is what Young pronounced as being a qualification. Good luck Ms. Foshee.

  7. Bayou, I’m with you…there’s a C—–R in the JP woodshed’s barrel (or woodpile, depending on your asshole bias) on this one; and like all things these JP politico thugs do illegally, they know there will be no consequences that result from their criminal behavior. Appointing a former Connick DA + recent Letten US Atty to be the new gatekeeper, a la Whitmer, to direct the continuing cover-up of corruption, is both sinister and smart.

    How will Louis Gruntz convolute this dilemma concerning a non-resident and non-elector of Jefferson Parish being appointed his new boss ? Well, his tenuous legal theory of governing based upon “the doctrine of contemporaneous construction” that he advanced to defend the Council voting illegally over a long period of years relating to JP Code of Ordinances, Sec. 23-132.1 made their actions legal, is about to bite Young in the ass. Why ? It appears that all persons who have been appointed as the Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish have been ‘electors’ of JP, having their primary residential domicile in JP, so that they could qualify to register to vote in JP ! Added to this precedent, is the wording in Sec. 4.04 that the Parish Attorney can hire or fire an Asst PA who are themselves are required to be “electors” of Jefferson Parish. And now, pile on Young’s personal proclamation: You work for JP, You live in JP ! ( and that statement is on TV and in print).

    Almost daily, Connick’s punk ‘johnnie boy’ Young gives testament to my long held theory: The more you refine your hypocrisy, the more successful you will be ! God help us, please ?

    Jefferson Parish (for those who don’t live, but get a paycheck from here) is a wonderful place to live…Wee, wee, wee…

  8. A nola.com article by Reporter Richard Rainey at 5:51 P.M. yesterday (Wednesday, the 17th) quotes John Young as saying that Debbie Foshee will be moving to Jefferson Parish soon to become compliant with the residency “requirement”. So apparently Young and others think that the residency requirement applies to the Parish Attorney as well as to the Assistant Parish Attorneys. Ashton O’Dwyer, from the “cesspool”, the Parish of Orleans.

  9. I know that Connick, his punk Young and the rest of their ilk have to desperately believe that myself and fellow Slabbers are as stupid as they are, BUT WE’RE NOT !

    Now we are told by Young that Ms. Foshee will be moving to Jefferson Parish to become a resident after the fact of being appointed Parish Attorney.

    Residency is not the legal equivalent to having the status of an “ELECTOR” of Jefferson Parish. To be an “ELECTOR”, as mandated in the Jefferson Parish Charter, it is necessary to have one’s primary domicile in Jefferson Parish; an “ELECTOR” being a qualified or eligible voter who has given proof of age, residency and identity.

    I can therefore assume that Ms. Forshee will no longer have her homestead exemption filed in St. Tammany Parish, right ?

    Here’s a LEGAL FACT: If a citizen resides at more than one place in the state with an intention to reside there indefinitely, he/she may register and vote at one of the places at which he/she resides. HOWEVER, if a person claims a homestead exemption, pursuant to Article VII, Section 20 of the Constitution of Louisiana, on one of the residences, he/she SHALL register and vote in precinct in which that residence is located.

    I can’t wait to see how this scam plays out ! Louis Gruntz is probably besides himself of how to spin this travesty of political chicanery.

    So who is this Ms. Foshee ? My gut and memory tells me, and so do some of my most trusted allies, this appointment has a lot more “under the radar” traction than this T-P story:

    “Covington mayor mum on replacement for city attorney
    Published: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 6:05 PM Updated: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 6:08 PM
    Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune

    Foshee, who could not be reached for comment Thursday, would take over as parish attorney for Peggy Barton, who will return to her duties as a deputy parish attorney.

    Watkins named Foshee as Covington city attorney in February 2005. Watkins cannot seek re-election due to term limits, and a new mayor will take office July 1.

    Foshee has a law degree from Tulane University. Before becoming city attorney, her only experience in government was serving on the commission that wrote St. Tammany Parish’s home-rule charter in 1997 and 1998.”

    So let me digest this: she was on a nebulous 30 person plus commission that met a few times. (incidently I know about this stuff because I was on the JP Charter Commission years ago and so what) Then from 1998 to 2005, for a period of 7 years, what ? No governmental law experience was touted from what I read. Covington’s city attorney for 5 years and that trumps AMV. Please. This is beginning to feel like Wilkinson all over again, appointing some connected fringe hanger-on that can be controlled.

    The vitae of Anne Marie Vandenweghe is obviously superior to Ms. Foshee. But of course these thugs want to “kill the messenger” AMV. Why? For the same reason she refused to be bullied into signing the “extortion” resignation that is no less than illegal intimidation of a public employee: refusing to go along with the cover up of the continuing corruption !

    And now we learn from Mr. Young that AMV was the “only” at will employee that refused to be intimidated; refusing to sign a document that can be used to coerce a dependent employee to be servile to a political thug’s demands. It becomes quite certain now, that the rumor throughout Parish Government was true: everyone else was told that this resignation crap was only a ploy to get rid of AMV; ya’ll sign it, don’t worry about your job because I know she won’t sign it. Well it played out, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to be a good thing come court time.

    Question Ms. Foshee: What are you going to do about Peggy Barton ? Are you, like Young, going to become part of the conspiracy to cover up payroll fraud that she and her former boss Wilkinson facilitated ? And what about the rest of the incompetent Wilkinson posse of Asst PAs ? Are you being told by Connick’s punk Young to keep your head down and stay in your own lane ? That the Parish Attorney’s Office is still Wilkinson’s de facto club house and that’s just the way it is.

    I am on your ass Ms. Foshee, and I will not let up…

  10. Ms. Forshee can you explain to the media and public how you could secure and can maintain the job as chief legal counsel under the charter of the largest parish in La. by maintaining a homestead exemption in St.Tammany and having no record of ever voting in a Jefferson parish election.Both being absolute requirements of all “electors” to be employed under the charter of Jefferson and Constitution of Louisiana.

    After you explain the above I’m sure you will be attacking the long standing corruption in your Office and not conspiring to cover it up.

    You strike me as a very brave person of great public concern for governmental corruption by going into the devil’s personal den of corruption.You should have concern of the people you are going to be working with while some of them are waiting to be indicted.

    I’m confident you will be briefed on the 4-5 people who were illegally paid as para-legals but had no credentials , certification or diplomas from para-legal colleges and how this was Crystal Clear payroll fraud.

    Because media and investigators are checking you should ask to be briefed on the other people still employed and paid as para-legals having no credentials, certification or diplomas: Barbara Namer, S.Melancon, and S.Thomas. Failure to do so and to take proper action will instantly make you a co-conspirator in this ongoing payroll fraud.

    Finally, rumor has it that many FBI investigators read this site fairly often so you do diligent work and be very cautious.

  11. So why am I hearing the rumor that the newly elected and former Council Clown for 61/2 years, Jefferson Parish President, Connick’s punk Young, is advising Tiffany Peperone and Jeremy D. Dwyer to put a for sale sign on their NEW ORLEANS PRIMARY DOMICILE RESIDENCE where they live and have filed their homestead exemption on ?

    Is he so stupid as to believe that this act of deception will cure their complicity, and his, in this continuing act of payroll fraud ? Probably !..The fact that Dwyer and Peperone have been hired illegally as Asst Parish Attys contrary to the Jefferson Parish Charter that mandates that anyone hired as an Asst Parish Atty ‘SHALL” be an “ELECTOR” of Jefferson Parish CANNOT BE CURED by a for sale sign. This is just one more count in a criminal conspiracy to cover up for PEGGY BARTON, and her former boss and Parish Attorney who resigned in disgrace, TOM WILKINSON. And let’s not forget all the other past Asst Parish Attys, full time or part time, who themselves participated in this illegal payroll fraud while under the supervision of WILKINSON and BARTON. !

    Are we to expect that Ms. Foshee, herself not an “ELECTOR” of Jefferson Parish, will investigate this internal corruption of payroll fraud ? Really ?… what do you think ?

    Ms. Foshee…St. Tammany Charter Commission…Bruce Unangst of Slidell, La, elected 1st Parish president of St. Tammany…his daughter is Julie UNANGST Quinn, State Senator and Young’s SQUEEZE for the time being…and now time has run out on this retirement junkie’s gig as City Attorney for Covington…Julie whispers in ‘johnnie boy’s ear: OMG, what about Deb ? and the years she needs to get the big bucks to retire ?…ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …’ya like that baby ?… !… ?… !…

    And here’s a T-P blast from the past:

    Jeff officials contend with complicated lives
    Published: Saturday, July 28, 2007, 9:20 PM Updated: Sunday, July 29, 2007, 6:42 PM
    Bruce Eggler, The Times-Picayune

    “Young’s former boss, District Attorney Paul Connick Jr., said voters look to public officials to do the job they were entrusted to do. ”


  12. Patricia, is there a connection between Julie UNANGST Quinn and Magnum, J.D. a/k/a Mr. Houghtybeing that I may not be aware of ? Possibly a menage a trois that includes either preference, John Young or Deb Foshee ?

    Please, tell all ?

    Beauty contest ? Are you talking about down at Lafitte’s Retreat ?

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