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  1. About Rep. Girod Jackson II {Redux}:

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  2. So can anyone tell me how Chris Roberts is tied in other than his former boss Sisung donating land to Lee’s Foundation?
    Is this the same land that ended up with multiple grass cutting / debris liens from the Parish?
    Was the Foundation set up for a fall by Roberts and Sisung?
    Any Code Enforcement employees out there with knowledge of collusion by Roberts and his Gretna friends to target black property owners?
    Now is the time to step up.

  3. What ? No good government spin out of Butch Ward’s mini-me’s “BIGGGGGGGGG” mouth !

    Sissy Roberts where are you ? We want to ask you some questions, like:

    1) What was the reason that you and Sisung dumped ya’ll’s “Sheriff Sale” scheme over to Lee’s non-profit ? Did you and/or Sisung receive anything of value in return ?

    2) Why did you vote to fund these non-profits known to be associated with your fellow Council Clown, Lee ?

    3) How many times did you vote to fund these non-profits as referred to in 2 above ? Please supply the dates your vote was cast.

    4) Have you received any campaign contributions from any of these Lee associated non-profits, and/or from anyone associated with them ?

    5) If the answer to 4 above is yes, please give us the name, amount and date of said contribution.

    6) Do you or have you ever played golf with Byron Lee ?

    7) If the answer to 6 above is yes, could you tell us whether it was your campaign fund that paid for the expenses, or was it one of Byron Lee’s associated non-profits ?

    8) Could you tell us how much money was expended to play golf with your colleague Byron Lee, and where this game(s) took place ?

    9) Where there travel expenses incurred to play golf with Lee ?

    10) If the answer to 9 above is yes, please state the amount of expenses, the date these expenses were incurred, and where did the money come from to pay these expenses ?

    11) Where any bets placed per hole and/or on the outcome of strokes played based on the course’s stated par ?

    12) If the answer to 11 above is yes, you won monies , then how much ? If you lost any monies, then how much ?

    13) Did your campaign fund pay your gambling debt ?

    14) Did any of Lee’s associated non-profits pay his gambling debts to you ?

    And of course the questions can go on and on.

    Why is this type of information important ? Because we learned from the statement of fact entered into the record by Eddie Price to support his pea of guilty, that he was using campaign funds to pay his golf gambling debts. The same could be true of Byron Lee and his gofing buddies using non-profit monies to pay their gambling debts playing golf.

    The maize of abuse and deceit will be the cause of both anger and depression as we learn of the convoluted manner in which these corrupt individuals “lived the good life” on our taxpayer backs without any degree of shame.

    I can only assume Letten will pull the trigger on this disgrace because the principal player is both black and the missing link for his soon to be claimed success of ending corruption in Jefferson Parish, a JP Public Official, one elected to the Parish Council, Byron Lee!

  4. I bet Council chairman Capella prevents anyone at the next Council meeting from asking any questions of Lee concerning Diversified or of Chris Roberts if he played with Lee (golf that is). Chris did buy some expense executive golf carts with campaign funds so its possible he woulda, coulda and shoulda have played with Lee. Capella did an outstanding job of running interference at last meeting and preventing anyone from asking Council member Lee-Sheng about the $20,000 she received from Redman and Associates to vote in favor of the zoning variances for Redman Casino. The dirty COUNCIL SEVEN rides again– Hopefully, if Letten can find a faster horse he could ride them all out of town.

  5. GUess with young Capella running interference at the Council meetings, guess I won’t get to ask him about his brother owing back taxes on some property he owns in Jefferson Parish.

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