Oops, did Silly Wabbit Bryon Lee get caught with hand in cookie jar – WDSU reports “Check records missing in Jefferson Parish”

From: LToups
Sent: Tuesday, October 19/ 2010 1:22 PM
Cc: Antoinette Scott; KSchrieffer; KGriffin; Maxcine Charles; LStockstiH; GBolotte
Subject: Missing Check Copies

This morning, l looked for check # 961200 made payable to Thompson Thibodeaux Community Development Organization for a $100,000 CEA and it is missing. This check copy was not missing when our summer workers accounted for all check copies two months ago. This is the third check copy that I have found missing since the summer workers completed this project. One check was to Jefferson Sports and Scholastic and the other to Visa. If you have any of these, please notify me immediately.

Fortunately, I had another copy of the check to Thompson Thibodeaux however; I am concerned that any documentation left in your work area may get misplaced.


WDSU reports Check Records Missing in Jefferson Parish.

Copies of checks paid to nonprofit organizations by Jefferson Parish are missing, despite an order from the U.S. Attorney’s office to preserve all documents for a federal investigation into parish finances, the WDSU I-Team has learned. Toups sounding the alarm, letting her supervisors know that something isn’t right when it comes to how sensitive documents are handled.

The e-mail says that the parish copy of a check made payable to Thompson/Thibodeaux Development Organization — a nonprofit on the Westbank — is missing. The check copies are the key method in which the parish monitors who gets public money.

“This check copy was not missing when our summer workers accounted for all check copies two months ago,” Toups wrote. “This is the third check copy that I have found missing since the summer workers completed this project.”

In addition to the copy of the $100,000 check to Thompson/Thibodeaux, a copy of a $60,000 check to the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation is also missing.

Both of these nonprofits were featured in an I-Team investigation earlier this week. Each is on the state legislative auditor’s delinquent list for failing to properly submit documents showing how they spend public money…

Toups’ e-mail, dated Oct. 19, has now been forwarded to the legislative auditor. Sources in Jefferson Parish told the I-Team that the auditor is expected to issue a report on missing check stubs next week.

In her e-mail, Toups said she knows the check stubs are missing because she kept duplicate copies for her own records. That means that if she didn’t keep her own personal record, it would be difficult to know how the money was used.

The matter of the disappearing documents comes months after federal investigators began taking a close look at parish financial dealings. Last January, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten sent a letter to then-Interim Parish President Steve Theriot, directing him to preserve all records pending the outcome of an ongoing federal grand jury investigation.

Sop was right: Silly wabbit, looting charities is just for kicks: A Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update.

11 thoughts on “Oops, did Silly Wabbit Bryon Lee get caught with hand in cookie jar – WDSU reports “Check records missing in Jefferson Parish””

  1. Honestly Mr. Letten, how much more of these unethical and illegal assaults to our political and societal sensibilities do you think we can endure ?

    Have the decency to either do something to help us or step aside with a recomendation that someone else should.

    This just isn’t right… I know it, and most people know it…and most importantly you know it too !

  2. Letten—– Hell, we don’t need Letten– we now have an honest administration and Mr. Young/Mr. Connick who verified that in the Lonnie Robinson whistleblower investigation no one tried to bury any documents as alleged by Mr.Robibson. It was Lonnie making everything up so he would get transferred across the river so he could enjoy all the traffic congestion and construction on the Huey P.Long bridge twice a day. Just need Mr.Young/Mr. Connick to investigate this one and I’m sure it will be either Toups’ bad record keeping or more probably the checks were innocently throwned away by the inefficient summer workers.See how simple— no problem, they will not tolerate corruption on their watch and have corruption undercover, no, no I meant under control.

  3. Pardon me, but there is something that just doesn’t “ring true” about the Toups’ allegation(s) or the WDSU story. Granted, it’s been a while since I had a checking account (who needs a checking account when he or she doesn’t have any money?), but when I did, if ever I lost a check register, or even cancelled checks and the monthly statement sent to me by my bank (Bank of New Orleans), the bank could ALWAYS reconstruct things for me, because every check was SCANNED. Is Jefferson Parish living in the “Dark Ages” or something. Even if a cancelled check is “lost forever”, for whatever “cockamamy” reason, Toups should still have a check register (ie. a “checkbook”) which recorded the number, date, amount, payee and purpose of each check written, and the Parish’s bank (assuming it’s a 21st Century institution) should be able to provide the Parish with copies of all of the Parish’s cancelled checks, which should have been scanned, copied or “whatever” for just such an eventuality as is being reported by Toups and WDSU. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Ashton, your good thinking points out “my bad” — “Subject: FW: Scanning Payable Files” appears above the message in the email linked in the news story and I only included the header in the message.

    The story, however, reports:

    “summer workers accounted for all check copies two months ago,

  5. Did she have to submit a letter of resignation? If so we may be having a farewell party for her soon!! The corruption in this country is so bad from the politicians they need to build a new jail just for them on some wasted piece of real estate just like they did for the indians andd call it a reservation!!!!

  6. Well, if Toups, the Parish’s bank, or both, have copies of cancelled checks, or scanned copies of checks that cleared the bank, available, then we are dealing with some REALLY stupid thieves. I hope they catch him/her/them. This should qualify as obstruction of justice. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooowwwweeee I wonder who the summer college monkeys were working in Toups’ office and if they are related to others in parish positions ? Could one of their monkey business assignments ( not assigned by Toups) have been to” search an destroy” records on orders by some political powers that are at risk of exposure and further investigation? I’ll peel a few and wait to see if anyone slips and falls on these peelings.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooowwweeeeeeee.

  8. Apparently, the TP did not feel that the information contained in the WDSU news report concerning missing check records relating to the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation relevant to this story about the Legislative Auditors report on the foundation.

    According to WDSU check records relating to a payment made to the Jefferson Sports and Scholatic Foundation were missing from Parish files, notwithstanding a Preservation of Records Notice from Jim Letten. The WDSU report was incomplete and did not address whether these records were found, who had access to the records, and what was contained in the records that someone wanted to keep from investigators.

    The fact that the funding for these payments came from a River Birch settlement is very telling. What about the land donations by Atlantic Investments to the foundation? Atlantic is a company owned by Larry Sisung that was started with his partner Councilman Chris Roberts. Sisung is the Parish investment manager.

    Didn’t the entire council vote on these payments? When will we see the RICO indictments?

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