Is Big Dawg trying to learn a new trick?

Scott McKay over at the Hayride is reporting none other than John Alario is thinking about swapping over to Team GOP. The stench that accompanies him is the smell of the River Birch Landfill, the subject of a federal investigation and recent FBI raid.  Slabbed readers know that Alario muscled his way into Team Ward’s wallets during the regulatory fight to permit the landfill.

Election time comes again next year and Alario is evidently trying to position himself at the trough for the next term. IMHO discriminating Republicans should join McKay and tell Alario to take his crap someplace else.


Jim Brown

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
New Orleans, Louisiana


Abraham Lincoln was elected President 150 years ago this week. Civil War buffs are looking back to these war years for lessons learned in the current debate over the stagnation of the American political process today. Historians have written over 26, 000 books on this time in history with the premise that there were two Americas-a house divided-back then. Do we find the same two Americas today?

The Tea Party movement has engulfed a Republican Party that now has an agenda of low expectations centered on whatever it takes to beat Obama in 2012. The Democrats, from the President on down, have lost control of the narrative with little vision of passion being offered to the American public. Forty percent of American voters think it’s time for a third party alternative. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Ties to Insurers Could Land Mortgage Servicers in More Trouble

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The insurance industry just seems to get demolished by the Wall Street Bankers.

In the American Banker, by Jeff Horwitz

Evidence of abuses and self-dealing in the force-placed insurance industry suggests that there may be far larger problems in how servicers are handling distressed loans than the sloppy document recording that has been the recent focus of industry woes.

Behind banks’ servicing insurance practices lie conflicts of interest that align servicers and their insurer partners against borrowers and investors. Bank of America Corp. owns a force-placed insurance subsidiary, and most other major servicers receive commissions or reinsurance fees on the very same policies they purchase on investors’ and borrowers’ behalf. Continue reading “Ties to Insurers Could Land Mortgage Servicers in More Trouble”