The understatement of the century

Yesterday evening Rich Rainey checked in with the latest from the Jefferson Parish revolving door and I had to laugh at this blurb in his story:

Jefferson’s political climate has remained acrid as Young switches from Parish Council chairman to parish president. Elected officials have been frequent targets of distrust from residents who appear at public meetings.

Last week’s bait and switch by Young and the Parish Council is certain to engender trust with the populace eh?

Forget about it!


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  1. 1. “”””Young couched the decisions to let go three experienced administrators as less a reflection on their performance than a need to “break from the past.” Before Broussard resigned in January, his administration became mired in scandal after news reports that his top aide, Tim Whitmer, owned an insurance agency that was doing private business with several parish contractors and government entities.””””

    – Sure. Young is bringing in his own people, ethics and performance probably DO have *nothing to do with this.

    – Plus, Sean Burke is put in Parish executive administration, as predicted. So the cousin, part of the clan, that crafted Lagniappe as part of an old family (Connick/Burke) tradition just gets shuffled in as one of their soldiers (Whitmer) goes out. Check.

    2. “””Young said he has promised to make his administration one of the most transparent to run the parish. He required all political appointees to submit their resignations, many of which he said he is still deliberating on whether to accept.”””

    – How does this Longistic gimmick relate to transparency again? Is a deduct box being instituted with this?

    3. “””Since taking the oath of office Oct. 13, Young said he has been working to put his new team in place. He would not identify who had applied for three of the top jobs — chief operating officer, deputy chief operating officer or parish attorney — citing negotiations with some people who were still employed elsewhere.

    “It’s a real touchy situation,” he said.”””

    – OK: Prior breath, it’s all about transparency. Next breath: you don’t get to know because it’s “touchy.” Hey, Johnny, I have a hint for you: that’s the point of transparency, it’s ALWAYS touchy and that’s why the people want to know.

    4. **********From the Comments: “””The Gegenheimers love to watch Triumph of the Will once a year. They also love to travel to Berchtesgaden, AH’s favorite getaway. Ask the Clerk of Court what he thinks of Leni.””””

    – Uhm, Holy Cow, is this person SERIOUS?????

    Final note: NOBODY shuffled into the president’s or council’s org charts have had anything to do with ethics – researching, enforcing, interpreting – so far.

    Diane Hollis: the old man (RIP) was promised the At Large seat as consolation for finishing No. 2 in the 7-person Presidential Popularity Poll, so the cute bubbly Wife No. 3 gets the nod. She is easily controlled, let’s bet.

  2. tele, thanks for the post. You hit the nail on the head on many points..

    What Young is doing is playing the ole musicial chairs game with us..some people are being shuffled around…(he uses that to assure us he is putting together a star team which will be the answer to reign in the distrust of Parish government by the J.P. citizens) but, at the end of the day..nothing is really going to change..same ole players..just new jobs for them..and nothing of any note that implies anything is really going to change for the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish.

    Will be interesting to see how quickly Young gets on the J.P. Inspector General train..haven’t heard anything about that lately since the Inspector General Advisory Committee presented the Council with their findings back in September.

    Young brings nothing new to the game. He, of course, has been part of the problem for the last nearly 7 years as a member of the Council. So, why should any of us feel now that he is big ole Parish prez anything should change.

    the more things change in Jefferson Parish..the more they stay the same…

  3. Walking past the Newseum this morning…there was the Times-Pic front page with the mugshots of the characters you’ve been talking about for so long…..

    For the first time….I was fascinated….what a mess….reminds me of the New York Mafia press coverage back in the 60s ….attacking entrenched corruption is how newspapers pay their bills…keep up the good work.

  4. Mr.Rainey’s description of the political climate as “acrid”(American College Dictionary – “caustic or bitter” ) is way off. The real climate in Jefferson parish, especially Gretna, is known nationwide as a garden of Eden paradise for political fish to grow to trophy size. They are usually birthed in shallow waters near school boards and by being bathed daily in warm ,slimy corrupt waters they flourish and roll in abundant campaign funds promoting rapid weight gains. When larger they migrate to deeper, darker waters of Yenni Bay and form schools to learn various eating techniques. In Yenni Bay they have no specie food chain enemies except bigger kingfishes to fear. They learn to network together in big schools and become good ole fish and vote unanimously to swim and eat together on everything. They are schooled in classic “bait and switch” swimming maneuvers.After many years though they get lazy and learn to bottom feed together on green seaweed which they find as a reward for their united swimming, and as a lifetime feeding source.When occasionally challenged on the ethics of their swimming network they dive to the bottom and sit with closed mouths except for some specie such as the Robertis chriassolis. This specie tends to get agitated, testy,insulting, patronizing and desires to eat the flesh of senior citizens who create an ethical water too clear and warm for them. That’s when the federal Wildlife and Fisheries are called out to locate, capture and make such aberrant specie extinct. Ostala vi sta Robertis chriassolis.

  5. Who’s left on Young’s executive staff from the Broussard-Whitmer team after the “resignations” of Broussard, Whitmer, Smith, Gonzales, Digeralamo and Gegenheimer?

    Finance Director Gwen Bolotte is one.

    Wasn’t Bolotte the Finance Director when all of the Lagniappe shenanigans were going on? Wasn’t she complicit in assisting Whitmer with the budget manipulations that were at the root of the River Birch scandal? She also enabled the payroll fraud of Karen Parker Broussard and the other “paralegals”.

    Who’s minding the kookie jar? Maybe Kenner will hire her along with other Parish castoffs.

  6. politiciansparidise, the Roberitis criasolis must be related to the Asian carp, a heavily bodied fish that is wreaking such havoc on many North American waters.

    It is however considered a popular food fish in China. Perhaps the Robertis chiasollis can migrate to a locale where it is more desired.

    How long will it take for the head of the Wildlife and Fisheries Jim Letten to relocate these pig fish?

  7. I Can’t Believe Dat:

    Oddly enough I heard a rumor the day of the cannings that Bolotte had been let go.

    Then that was not the case.

    Still the word was on the wind. Odd that you should mention it now.


    As for the legendary ever-growing Robertis Chriassolis…. I recall Le Napolean Petite Broussard had a very expensive fish tank in his official quarters, so metaphorical, all thsoe scum suckers swimming around in his tank, only to be fished out at the net of the fishermen one by one by one…. be they Val Bracy, CFGG, Letten or Slabbed. That Robertis Chriassolis is a nasty blighter t’ain’t he?

  8. Best I can figgure Rich Rainey is on retainer as “press agent” for the Jefferson Parish political “mob”. He spins a story like a weighted roulette-wheel; imho.

  9. telemachus, this is the same Finance Director that allowed the Parish to be on the hook for a Community Disaster Loan in excess of $50 million that was not forgiven by the Feds.

    The Performing Arts Center cost in excess of $40 million. We can call in Merryl Lynch to handle the JP finances. But right now I think this is handled by Sisung Investments.

    I think that Sisung swims in the same aquarium with the Robertis chiassolis. When will someone stop feeding the fish.

  10. What the fucking hell are you people talking about Broussard appointments? Bollette ?

    Broussard basically kept all the Coulon-Whitmer-Wilkinson brown nose retirement junkies, which has proven in hindsight, to be the beginning of the end for his unbalanced greedy-needy ass. And it looks like DA Cuntnick’s punk ‘johnnie boy’ Young is keeping the worse of that Coulon crowd still !

    What the fuck is Peggy Barton still doing in the Parish Attorney’s Office ? She like the rest of that troglodyte thug Wilkinson Asst PA posse should have been gone the way of his departure, in disgrace ! Barton, along with Wilkinson, needs to answer for the para-legal and non-resident Asst PA payroll fraud, and possibly her own; I mean really, what is Leighton Ciravolo (he handled the land swap that facilitated River Birch acquiring the property situated adjoining the Parish landfill and it’s property) still doing there? Looking for the paperwork of this very questionable covered-up deal I suppose. Maybe he should call Wikinson, the facilitator of this criminal conspiracy; David Fos was one of the incompetents along with Wilkinson and Alan Gandolfi who were the voting members of an illegally constituted committee who scored in favor of the River Birch scam bid review to enable a contract with the Parish; Jeremy Dwyer’s job is apparently what ? To play titty-winks with Barton during lunchtime. And he lives in Lakeview, ie New Orleans, hence he is not an elector of JP, a Charter requirement to have such a position; Gregory Giangrosso, who received an illegal $20,000 raise from Wilkinson in August 2009 is a waste. 5 other lawyers had to do his job in the Recovery Section because he said he couldn’t litigate, and all he does now in public records is mail out form letters telling people they are not entitled to anything; Allison HINYUB Langley ? Her middle name says it all; Tiffany Peperone is another person who has held the position of Asst Pa illegally. Why ? She too lives in New Orleans; and the two Nicoles, Amstutz and Tomba, are only there because of their last names, period !

    Now moving on from the Parish Attorney’s Office, let’s look at who’s still around as a C.A.A shall we ? Daryl WARD, the last name says it all. Why was he passed over during the Whitmer revelations ? Wasn’t everyone who working for the Parish in an executive capacity asked to fess up if Whitmer had hit on them to buy insurance ? Well I don’t remember this Ward volunteering that his LLC, GIG Investment Group had bought insurance from Whitmer, do you ? And of course, my main man, Yenni Yokel, Deano Bonano ! I have been told over and over again that Young didn’t think much of this peel-brain, and he, with Barton were going to be the first ones to go. Well somebody had a change of mind and I can only wonder why? Maybe those things johnnie boy had Deano ‘take care of” ended up in a little black book. What else could explain why this clueless politico thug is still hanging around !

    As I look at the organizational chart before me, I suggest there are others who need to go ASAP: Nick DiGerolamo, Fleet Mgt…Terry Talamo, Crime Prevention and Quality of Life Coordinator…Roy Juncker, Juvenile Services (a real sleezeball bar none)…the standout, Junior Mendoza, Human Resourc Management ( the premier retirement junkie whose retirement should be awarded to Mr. Simon of the infamous Nazi case dealing with the gross antics of Kerlec who is still employed by JP)…Bill Fortenberry, Risk Management…Wayne Ory, Senior Affairs…JoAnn Becnel, Telecomunications…and there are more.

    However, the truth is that even if Young were to act on my suggestions as mentioned above, we already have been and will continue to be be barraged with DA Cuntnick’s replacements, and the appointment of Sean Burke to an administrative position in Parish Government is the best evidence of my prediction of what is to come. And it’s not good, not good at all.

    And that truth above obviates this fact: Until Paul Connick, Jr. is removed from Office as District Attorney of Jefferson Parish either by resignation, or prosecution by the US Government or voted out of office by the taxpayer/citizens, his arrogance and greed will further dictate what will continue: absolute victimization of a populace by a Parish Government that is both rogue and corrupt !

  11. Kidd the problems you see in the T-P’s reporting has its roots in how the news cycle works. I’ve been told by other journalists that some of the T-P’s bureaus are salt mines and I suspect that puts pressure on reporters like Rainey, Rioux et al to get today’s story – any story. My own opinion is that pressure, especially with newspapers cut to the bone in today’s day and age, leads reporters to become too close to the subject they cover in government mainly because it is within the government’s themselves that most of the beat reports originate. This condition leaves huge openings for bloggers so I won’t complain too much about the demise of investigative reporting at the T-P. I’ll add it is a shame Fred Friendly is dead because he could probably devote an entire PBS series to this topic like he did back in the day circa 1990s.

    Regarding Gate’s hit list above and the rumors about Gwen Bolotte being the source of the Gegenheimer reports I’d preach caution based on my experiences. When it comes to leaks, the sources can no doubt be narrowed but as a vet of this kind of blogging I’ll add folks would be surprised about who talks. I am still meeting people from my last corrupt governmental subdivision soiree who could not believe I was not a high level employee of the agency in question.

    So while I do not know the names Gate mentioned save a few like Mendoza I’d caution against forming any kind of sweeping judgements here. For all any of us know one of them could be the skid row bum at Lafayette Square.


  12. Tele and I can’t believe that:By Job, I do believe that could be the bottom feeding, scum sucking Robertis chriassolis in the tank. Yes, by golly he has the rapid moving lips, oversized sucking mouth,the eyes and black pigments alright. He should do quite nicely in Wildlife Letten’s personal tank with all his other infamous kingfishes.However,in bloody captivity their egos, size of mouth and genitalia tend to shrink a bit without all those outside extra feedings to feast on in Yenni Bay.Also with their non-stop sucking of scum everywhere they tend to defecate in excess, some beginning as early as 5:00 in the morning.All considered, it is a worthy catch for the old chap’s Letten’s net.Good work old boy, cherio Robertis chriassolis.

  13. Does Young have his own Bernardo?

    I just looked over that list from TJR and I looked to see who had given $5,000.

    One guy. This guy: Samuel L. “Sammy” Steele, III.

    Who is this guy?

    Well he’s in “Tee-`Napolean” Troy Broussard’s newspaper, the West Bank Beacon of course – Page 6:

    He’s a hairdresser, friend to Chris Owens and Gennifer Flowers, and “He is also busy as the trustee for the Dr. Donald and J.J. Dooley Foundation.”

    The author of this article is Loren Marino, who is an attorney. She works at 230 Huey P Long Ave., which is where Mark Morgan of School Board infamy is an attorney.

  14. Sop, I feel confident that not one of the names I mentioned is the persona “skid row wino bum”…these are the people who as Young has cautioned, keep their heads down and stay in their own lane…it’s all about doing the retirement time and not one of these people would say or do anything to jepardize that ! And frankly, my comment was not about who that person may or may not be since I presumed he does his drinking around Lafayette square and not the Home Depot parking lot, but they’re being purged to make room for Cuntnick’s Crew.

    Sock Puppet, if you are hearing what I have been told then it is unlikely that any of the big named lawyer contributors will be appointed. Apparently the pay scale is not the $200,000 dollars that Wilkinson was getting while he also had a law practice on the side. However it will probably be some hack who works for any number of these law firms or individuals who did in fact contribute to Young. However I would think a review of Connick’s campaign contribution list would be a better gauge to identify which law firm or lawyer’s office the compliant appointment will be coming from.

    I can’t believe that, believe this: Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts is rooted in corruption. He not only worked for Sisung but was part of the Sheriff Tax Sales mess that was pawned off on Byron Lee. He was the front man for Sisung’s move to have Theriot down our throat. This “westbank thing” known as GretnaMentality is alive and flouishing now that the Connick Clan, who grew up on the westbank, have punked out an eastbank politician in the name of Young to be elected Parish President.

    Until DA Connick is removed from office, this corruption crap will continue to seed and grow exponentially.

  15. Uhm, about this “Dr. Donald and J.J. Dooley Foundation”, for which Sammy Steele is supposed to be a “Trustee”:

    – It does not show up in the LA SOS database.

    – And I see no other prior record of it.

    But Mr. Steele gives max contributions in its name as “Trustee?

  16. Man o man the google seach hits Steele and his Foundation return. I wonder if he was the driving force behind the new (non) performing arts center?

    Anyone else remember the Dom Delouise scene from Blazing Saddles?


  17. TheRiot’s hairdresser has been outed…what does this mean for Connick’s punk, Young…will ‘johnnie boy’s’ hair be coiffured to conform to a more”Presidential” style? …like the one that was forced upon us when Stevie blunder held court ?

    Chris Owens ?… Sammy ‘Steele’ ?… WTF…What is the purpose of this Foundation ?… Who owns ‘Mr. Binkie’s’ ?…Who are these people who have a Foundation in their name ?…a $5000 dollar campaign contribution…Is the party being staged at Gretna’s New Courthouse Building tonight a public affair ?…Why wasn’t I invited ?… It’s a public building right !…and who or what is this party about?…How many people had their hair done by Sammy in preparation for this entitlement bubble party ?…My curiosity is at an all-time high !…will mini-me and the POG now be having TheRiot look too ?…did the Council vote 7-0 to provide grooming services for contractors who contribute $5000 also ?…what about the mission position of Steele’s Foundation guys?

    I’ll bet someone stole my idea of doing a political reality show,GretnaMentality…they better remember and are on notice, I own the intellectual rights to this contradiction in terms voyeuristic soap opera… is such a pirate production possible so soon?…I should have consulted with Chereem prior to last Friday…and is this the taping of the first installment ?…who’s in charge of this movie stuff now, Duchy Connick ?…I knew it, there must be a Magnum J.D. connection…Oh no, not another Louisiana Senator too !…Is Bernardo Wade allowed to be in Gretna after dark ?…wait, what did you say… that Stormy and Steele are doing something with Jefferson’s statue…WOW ! I didn’t think that was possible…

    Trust me, this just-fried chicken shit election of Connick’s punk Young is going South as the wine is being poured while I write !

    Nous sommes baisee !

  18. who knows what this whole Steele and Donald and JJ Dooley foundation is about? it’s not listed anywhere for any purpose.

  19. Sammy donated the $5,000 to John Young out of his own pocket-personal finances. The Dooley foundation is for the arts and cannot be disbursed to political campaigns. The foundation is only for 501 (C) (3) organizations. Find out the true story before posting info you know nothing about.

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