Rut Roh! Its double trouble Gretna style. An update from the pig pen.

Jarvis DeBerry and the Times Picayune editorial board have called out that dishonest piece of crap/school board member Mark Morgan today in separate articles and I noted that many members of local hog pack were mentioned such as Morgan and Judge Kurt Engelhardt whom along with Chris Roberts, Tom Capella and Arthur Lawson will form the basis for this post. First up is T-P columnist Jarvis DeBerry who takes Morgan out to the woodshed over his lack of honesty:

“I didn’t speak,” this paragon of honesty said. “I made comments.”

And now the Editorial Board of the T-P chips in on the same topic:

Mr. Morgan is waging an all-out campaign against the probe and administrators. That’s troubling, especially in light of Mr. Morgan’s role in Gretna No. 2’s admissions process on behalf of a family member.

As a sitting school board member, Mr. Morgan wrote a letter in 2009 urging that the Gretna school admit his stepdaughter, who was admitted and is now at another campus. He had first denied he’d written the letter and had to fess up when confronted by the evidence.

Of course Chris Roberts invited himself to this party as he too has kids at Gretna #2 Academy and I invited Capella and Lawson because you know they’d be lurking about the woodpile as well (Hat tip to a reader).


12 thoughts on “Rut Roh! Its double trouble Gretna style. An update from the pig pen.”

  1. You don’t really expect Engelhardt to follow the law now do you? He should have recused himself from this case at the Start.

    Two sections of Title 28 of the United States Code (the Judicial Code) provide standards for judicial disqualification or recusal. Section 455, captioned “Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge,” provides that a federal judge “shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” The same section also provides that a judge is disqualified “where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding”; when the judge has previously served as a lawyer or witness concerning the same case or has expressed an opinion concerning its outcome; or when the judge or a member of his or her immediate family has a financial interest in the outcome of the proceeding.

    28 U.S.C. sec. 144, captioned “Bias or prejudice of judge,” provides that under circumstances, when a party to a case in a United States District Court files a “timely and sufficient Motion that the judge before whom the matter is pending has a personal bias or prejudice either against him or in favor of an adverse party,” the case shall be transferred to another judge.

    The general rule is that to warrant recusal, a judge’s expression of an opinion about the merits of a case or familiarity with the facts or the parties must have originated in a source outside the case itself. This is referred to in the United States as the “extra-judicial source rule” and was recognized as a general presumption, although not an invariable one, in the 1994 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Liteky v. United States.

    Often justices or judges will recuse themselves sua sponte (on their own motion), recognizing that facts leading to their disqualification are present. However, where such facts exist, a party to the case may suggest recusal. Generally, each judge is the arbiter of a motion for the judge’s recusal, which is addressed to the judge’s conscience and discretion. However, where lower courts are concerned, an erroneous refusal to recuse in a clear case can be reviewed on appeal or, under extreme circumstances, by a petition for a writ of prohibition.

    Engelhardt is as Crooked as they come – He is tied to all of these crooks- his Father In law was Shirley Wimberly. Engelhardt and Company are all tied together at the hips – one whore all whores.

    When Shirley retired from the military, he went to work as an assistant district attorney — first in Orleans Parish under Jim Garrison, then in Jefferson Parish under John Mamoulides.

    Among the dozens of young lawyers he mentored in the 1970s was Paul Connick Jr., who was elected Jefferson Parish’s district attorney in 1996.

    Its just one big pile of sleazy corruption with Engelhardt – Vitters hooker procurer leading the pack!

  2. Oh, you meant my step-daughter when you asked is I had ever written any letters of recommendation for my children; well, clearly a step-child is not children. As Bill Clinton asked: “What is is?” Morgan, you are the lowest form of pond scum. Not only do you give the sleaze in Jefferson Parish a bad name, but you also sully the recently-maligned reputations of Louisiana lawyers, in general. Go back to the hole you came from!

  3. This is a toxic pit situation when you have a super pig like Morgan, who as a lawyer knows exactly what conflict of interest is(i.e. he has previously represented principal Wilty and additionally has written a letter, which he first denied, to get his child into Gretna #2 school ), yet he wants to interfere with an investigation that has gone federal. And he wants the Superintendant fired too boot who was only doing her job. A job which Morgan was trying to stop because it was going to reveal his influence peddling letter and irregularity in admission of his child and others. Morgan needs to be reported to the ODC so they can advise him to stay out of the Gretna #2 crap. He is the proto type GretnaMentality official citizens fear will spread to the JP Council to which all pigs head for once they get a little fat and political crap on their slimy bones. “Our business is political trash and its picking up”

  4. I cannot help but weep when I think of that little girl finding out that her mother allowed her stepfather to use her in his campaign ads and then disavow her when asked if he wrote a letter of reference on her behalf.

    Morgan! How could you? Not your child? Then why list her at all? Why use the term stepCHILD?

    I hope the biological father sues you for damages AND for full custody and goes after your wife , the child’s biological mother, for CHILD SUPPORT. Hope he remembers to sue for the counseling this child will need thanks to you and her mother. Emotional and mental abuse is as damaging as physical.

    I wouldn’t let you near my children ( step or other ) nor do I think you are morally fit to be sitting on a Board that makes life-changing decisions for children ( step or other). If the biological mother has any sense she will get herself and her daughter as far away from you as possible. And if she doesn’t I hope the biological father uses that failure on her part as more fodder for the CUSTODY BATTLE.

    Resign you LIAR!!!

  5. Mark Morgan always sounds like such a total idiot! He is totally part of the Jefferson mafia. Glad the TP finally stepped up to the plate in going after these lowlifes that are sucking JP dry. Hope Wilkerson and Whitmer have something to squeal on about Morgan, along with his blow buddy Chrissy Roberts.

  6. Isn’t Roussel tied in with some old West Bank hands, the Gretna Mentality krewe and the ilk?

    Isn’t she related to *somebody*?

    1. I’ve always operated on that assumption Telemachus, which was reinforced by DeBerry’s piece.

      This is why I quoted the Wino in am earlier post on this topic:

      Two dogs fighting over the same piece of meat.


  7. OMG!… how is this story going to effect mini-me Roberts’ 5 am potty training:

    Investigators hire New Orleans forensic firm to examine computers in Jefferson Parish magnet schools probe
    Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 3:23 PM Updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 3:28 PM
    Andre Shaw hmtl

    Do Sissy and POG Morgana share a lap-top ? I mean, people want to know…

    If ever a phrase was the perfect description of the recent conduct by these two politico buffoons it is surely this: “Watch out not to let your mouth overload your ass”

    Ces idiots sont putain de honte !

  8. I think you’re mistaken with the Roussel comment. I don’t believe that she is related to any of the Gretna mafia. Who is “somebody” telemachus?

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