Leaders as Liars

The Tamara Woodbury.  CEO of the Girl Scouts, when asked what was the largest obstacle to inspiring girls to future leadership positions:

“The majority of girls feel that in order to be a leader in today’s society, they have to become liars and they do not want to compromise the values they are learning as Girl Scouts in order to become leaders.”


Now why is that not a big surprise?

4 thoughts on “Leaders as Liars”

  1. IMHO because the truth hurts.

    If your wife is overweight and asks you how she looks in the pink polka dot cinched waist dress with the black patent belt and white shoes : what ARE you going to say?

    If your husband combs that last strand of hair around and around on his bald head and asks you if it ‘covers the bald spot’: what ARE you going to say?

    If your Pre-Teen glasses-wearing pimply-faced railroad-track braces daughter asks you if she is as pretty as the little blue-eyed blond-haired girl with perfect pearly teeth and baby-bottom complexion who beat your more talented cild to be the Sugar Plum Fairy : what ARE you going to say?

    If your 90 lb weakling fearless son asks if you think he should try out for the HS football team as a defensive end : what ARE you going to say?

    Sometimes truth is a commodity in short supply. Especially when it’s not their money they are spending; or their homes they are flooding; or their lives they are messing with POLITICIANS do not care about truth or consequences…they are arrogant, heavy-handed, rude basturds and basturdettes…spoiled brats raised in the Age of Entitlement. And the sheeple who once thought them cuddly adorable cuties now have ill-mannered, out-of-control teenagers in office…and all parents know what that means.

    No consequences , no responsibility. Know consequences, know responsibility.

    It really is that easy. Now where is that oak switch and yardstick?

  2. Unslabbed

    I would also say that if the general populace has spent zero time learning about the issues that effect their lives, they are very much at the mercy of the leaders they choose.

    Most of these leaders (as you essentially point out) are going to tell them what they want to hear. Which is O.K. when everything is going well, but turns very ugly when it turns south and the finger pointing starts.

    But oddly enough I would say that the rot started with Nixon for some, and maybe Clinton for others, and neither had much to do with lies about substance.

  3. Russell: I guess it is true that if you will lie about little things you will lie about big things. It is not so much the substance of the lie but lack thereof of the liar. So it is important to judge a candidate by not only their stand on the political issues but by their stand on truth, fidelity, loyalty, etc etc etc

    Claiming that their personal lives are not in play is ludicrous. IMHO.

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