From the pig pen: Chris Roberts brays about “taking responsibility” on Channel 4.

Two dogs fighting over the same piece of meat… ~ the Jefferson Parish Wino

OK folks here is Chris Roberts speaking authoritatively on the topic of public officials taking responsibility.


I feel as though I know Roberts and not just because I’ve counted more than one Yat as a friend through the years. Self absorbed jackassery is a common afflciation but I find it especially ironic Roberts fought so hard behind the scenes for Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer after their double dealing saw the light of day around a year ago, yet somehow failed to make them take responsibility for what everyone else could plainly see.

Chris you’ve officially been checked into the Warren Suite here at the Do Slabb Inn. Target letter anyone???  😉


11 thoughts on “From the pig pen: Chris Roberts brays about “taking responsibility” on Channel 4.”

  1. One more time, WHY is it that every single newsworthy issue that arises in JP is answered by Chris Roberts on the news or in Council?

  2. Appears to me that Chrissy wants to be the new Stupidintendent of the Jefferson Parish School System. Appears to me that Chrissy saw the handwriting on the wall about running for any at-large spot on the Council and wants the easy job switcheroo.

    Chrissy cannot go back to Sisung. Chrissy cannot get a real job out in the private sector due to his incompetence and total lack of credentials or credibility. So Chrissy, using his prior school board ‘experience’ will get Roussel fired and then ‘offer’ himself for her position .

    Saddle up school sheeple, Chrissy Roberts is headed your way. Consider yourselves warned.

  3. Or part deux: Chrissy gets Clerk of Court and Lagasse rides into Stupidintendent leaving clear sailing for Patrick Connick. Johnny Boy I’d watch my back if I was you.

  4. Taking responsibility… are you now…

    I can’t wait till Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts’ KKK GretnaMentality buddies finally realize that because of the favortism afforded him, his pig-clone Morgan, and others of their ilk, the Federal Government has moved back in town.

    The diarrhea of the mouth spewing out his opinionated lies about how and why his and his political friends’ kids got in this school is going to choke him unless those racists Gretnite friends of his don’t put a noose around his neck first !

    mini-me must have had an instant case of constipation as he was sitting on his toilet this morning around 5 am, with his lap-top logged on to Nola reading excerpts from this article:

    Jefferson schools’ goal of freedom from federal oversight in desegregation case may be in jeopardy
    Published: Sunday, November 07, 2010, 8:30 AM
    Andrea Shaw

    “I have seen substantial amount of materials that the superintendent relied upon to make her decision. They are substantial enough to warrant what has happened,” Patin told the School Board. “While the racial composition is not an issue, the fair treatment of students is clearly an issue in the consent decree. Whether the irregularities were done intentionally to block black students from getting in I don’t know. I do know that based on what I’ve seen that some black students should have gotten in that didn’t get in.”

    Carl Bankston, chairman of the sociology department at Tulane University, said he anticipates that the school district will move to take greater oversight of the admissions and testing process. Roussel is expected to recommend centralized testing in the next few weeks. “The School Board will be inclined to exercise greater oversight in the name of equalization of opportunity,” Bankston said.

    Zeno, the retired educator, said the admissions and testing problems can’t help but extend federal oversight. “I certainly see that the irregularities that have been found will certainly impact the progress of the school system to gain unitary status,” Zeno said. “Because it’s an issue of equity.”

    Such irony…your taking responsibility for this debacle will most probably mark the beginning of the end of your worthless and corrupt political career. As Ralph Kramden would say as he began to lift his foot upward realizing his most recent scheme had been exposed… “I have a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Mouth !…. I have a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Mouth ! You do mini-me, you really, really do.

  5. All hail, JP self-annointed King, Chris Roberts. Mr. Roberts, your arrogance will be the death of you and your cronies, like Mark Morgan. Public service is not to facilitate your own self-interests and greed. When, on God’s earth, will people like you realize this? We, as a Nation, State, and local community cannot rise above the corruption and cacophony of disagreement until public servants do just that! I am angry!

  6. I appreciate all the good humor posts like Bunhare’s “alligator mouth with a hummingbird ass”, unslabbed’s “Stupidintendent of Schools” and whit’s Ralph Kramden’s “I have a BIGGGGGGGG Mouth” descriptions of Chrissy Roberts but we in reality seriously dealing with the biggest pile of toxic crap this side of N.Y.’s Love Canal.You guys sit back and get all the laughs while I and my crew have to scrape up the gross physical mass, fumigate the air for 6 days, sanitize all surfaces with anti-bacterial solution which sets for 14 days, atomize the air with Mr.Clean’s lemon odor for 10 days and then post uninhabitable signs with crossed-bones for 180 days on all the offices these miscreants inhabit. I’ve refused to touch Chrissy’s office and turlit porn site instead referring it to and I mean it.Now can somebody kindly give me the name and contact address of that Tom guy of TV’s “Dirty Jobs” to handle Chrissy’s areas. “Our business is political trash but its picking up”.

  7. More fun:

    {FB Poster (no, not moi)} to Walt Bennetti ( “What about fictitious companies such as Diversified that got a$ 50k payment from the parish ‘on the fly’ post Katrina?” 3 hours ago

  8. From the 2/2/06 TP:

    “”””””””Call it serendipity or call it being in the right place at the right time, but Gary Froeba managed to find a business opportunity in those first delirious days after Hurricane Katrina.

    A former operations director for Wyndham hotels, Froeba secured one of almost three dozen contracts that Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard awarded during the state emergency declaration that gave him extraordinary authority to hand out public work without adhering to normal competitive bidding procedures.

    Froeba did not have to extend himself much to get on the public payroll. He and Broussard, both flushed out of their homes by the storm, were staying at the house of a mutual friend, lawyer and political fund-raiser David Sherman.

    After Broussard commandeered Meadowcrest Hospital in Gretna and converted it into a hotel for National Guard personnel pouring into the region for storm recovery, he tapped Froeba to maintain order and comfort at the complex, which was abuzz with doctors, police officers and 300 soldiers. Froeba, who was between jobs at the time, was paid $15, 000 for one month of Katrina work before moving to Atlanta to manage an Omni hotel.

    It was a small piece of the more than $38 million in work that Broussard initiated during the Katrina emergency, according to newly released parish records.

    When doling out the emergency work, Broussard turned to several companies that had existing contracts with the parish, such as Mosquito Control Inc. and Retif Oil and Fuel, according to the records. In other cases, his staff sought telephone bids from several companies to approximate competition. In still others, contracts went to friends, business associates or political supporters of Broussard and Parish Council members.

    Broussard sees Froeba’s contract, dated Sept. 30, as more than a stroke of luck for the unemployed hotelier. He says it was Jefferson Parish that profited from Froeba’s experience in the hospitality industry, not the other way around.

    “It was fortuitous that I saw Gary and he was available. I do not have anybody on my staff who has experience dealing with this type of situation, running a hospital as a hotel, and Gary had that hotel experience,” Broussard said. “He is a fine example of a very qualified man who happened to be in town, and I seized upon that opportunity to take advantage of his credentials.”

    Froeba, who did not return several calls for comment, is one of several individuals or companies whose access to elected leaders helped them profit during the Katrina emergency.

    Supply contract

    Hours after Katrina had passed, parish residents swamped Broussard’s staff with pleas for food, drinking water and medical care. Bereft of help from the federal government, he set up Operation Lifeline to deliver aid.

    Broussard says he tapped Councilman Byron Lee to find a contractor who could distribute food and other supplies alongside the Maryland National Guard. Because most of the calls were coming from Lee’s 3rd District, Broussard says he asked the councilman for a minority contractor to serve its relatively high concentration of black residents.

    The $1 million contract, signed Sept. 7 and modified in December, went to Diversified Ventures, a Marrero company that is not listed in the telephone directory and does not have a Web site.

    Its president, ****Girod Jackson III, is a former manager at Pioneer Resources Management Group, a cable installation company managed by Lee. Jackson also contributed $500 to the councilman during the 2003 election cycle, according to state corporation and campaign finance records.

    “I would not say I organized this contract. That is a mischaracterization,” Lee said. “Girod was calling the emergency operations center. He was available. He was in town. He said he had manpower, and we needed manpower. They did a great job, and I think everybody in the administration would echo that.

    “We were in the emergency operations center fighting, struggling and doing everything we could to restore parish government,” he said. “There were vendors around where no one asked who recommended them or how they got there. We needed to survive, and we drew from whomever was available.”

    Diversified Ventures’ emergency contract called for it to provide workers and medical professionals for the Operation Lifeline distribution centers, where residents could pick up food, water and ice and receive free health care. The contract did not include the cost of the food or other supplies.

    What it did include were wages of $29 an hour for workers to distribute meals. The program director made $95 an hour for a 56-hour work week, the equivalent of $277,000 a year. A subcontractor, Concerned Care Home Health, provided doctors and nurses who also were paid through the Diversified Ventures contract.”””””””””””””””””


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