Tom you ignorant slut……

From the Citizens for Good Government email blast:

Supporters of Good Government:

The subject of my last update was “Report on the illegal action of the council in amending the campaign finance disclosure ordinance.” I talked about the WWL-TV report last Friday by Angela Hill in which she stated:

“JP Council Chairman Tom Capella called us late this afternoon. He says he met with the Parish President to talk about the proposed disclosure ordinance. Capella said that measure won’t come up at the next meeting and will be tabled at least for now.”

And I complained that despite Ms. Hill’s report that Councilman Capella said the proposed disclosure ordinance would be “tabled at least for now,” the council nevertheless voted on it. And when questioned about Ms. Hill’s report on what he said, Councilman Capella implied that WWL-TV had misunderstood what he said.

Citizens for Good Government sent an email to Mr. Capella, asking him to clarify exactly what he said to WWL-TV, and we asked him to answer some questions about what Ms. Hill reported that he said. I even included a copy of our email to Councilman Capella in the UPDATE. We have not, however, had a response yet from Councilman Capella. Continue reading “Tom you ignorant slut……”

Silly wabbit, looting charities is just for kicks: A Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update.

Well folks, we might as well declare open season on this one for Byron Lee has his own charity looting gig in Jefferson Parish dating back to around the same time the Dollar Bill Jefferson Crime Family was looting earmarks from charities in Orleans Parish.  We included ol’ Ced in the post title because everytime he stopped short on the campaign trial Byron’s nose ended up parked in his hiney.

I mention  this because Jeremy Alford over at the Jefferson Report has uncovered more problems with Lee connected charities and those don’t count the problems we’ve been sitting on over here at Slabbed due to time constraints.

These reports on Richmond and Lee have legs and then some.