In this edition of Magnum JD: Hubada hubada hubada, Stormy Daniels welcome back to Slabbed Part 1. The summons

Folks in the annals of our short history here at Slabbed never has there been official paperwork that has been this hard to cum by as the paperwork we are presenting in this post. The long and short of it is it appears Magnum has come to blows with his neighbors so to speak, over certain extracurricular activities that occurred late at night in his backyard on a hot and steamy late summer night.

I’ll add that one of our legal observers that has practiced in municipal court says this:

This record is out of the ordinary. If no arrest report is written (apparently here because Magnum was not arrested), the gist of the offense is usually written on the back of the affidavit.

Now certainly a guy who hosts political fundraisers virtually every night for luminaries like Billy Nungesser and Bobby Jindal would never receive preferential treatment from the authorities after being caught with his pants down huh? I thought so.

In part 2 we give the gory details but first the Municipal court paperwork: Continue reading “In this edition of Magnum JD: Hubada hubada hubada, Stormy Daniels welcome back to Slabbed Part 1. The summons”

Friday Music: Dedicated to Jon and Chereen. XOXO ~ SupaSleuth

Folks it is the comments to our posts which make us a daily cyber stop for people across this region and indeed across the world.  Nowdy and I remain humbled so many people place their trust in us posting comments and sending us information, especially those that have put themselves at personal risk in doing so.

So going back on an old post and seeing this comment made me smile big this morning, especially in light of the great work Mike Hoss is doing on the travel habits of the elected officials in Jefferson Parish so today’s music is courtesy of the Sleuth, who has left several high quality comments with us. Salut:



So Greg Meffert cuts this deal with Team Letten…..

So it is only natural for folks to then speculate who Mr Meffert is giving up in order to save his wife’s skin and insure the boys have a parent at home.  (Like Dambala we salute Mr Meffert for manning up)

So who did Meffert have the goods on to get his deal?  The answer comes courtesy of the Skid Row bum at Lafayette Square so everyone should consider the source (I wish I had last Sunday). I’ve embedded the picture of the perpetrator below the fold. Continue reading “So Greg Meffert cuts this deal with Team Letten…..”

And this little Gegenheimer went to San Francisco, this little Gegenheimer went to France and this little Gegenheimer went wee wee wee all the way home….

Folks after watching part 2 of Mike Hoss 4 Investigates on Jon and Chereen Gegenheimer’s official travel habits I have come to the conclusion that not only is Jon Gegenheimer a lying sack of shit but he is also quite the little bitch!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.974806&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Dane what has gotten into ya buddy? Good on you.