Slabbed visits skid row and gets the low down on this Meffert deal

I hate to admit it folks but I had the Meffert plea in my inbox early Sunday afternoon and took a pass since such tips are generally unreliable. When the news on the Greg Meffert guilty plea subsequently broke on Monday I immediately hopped in the car and headed for NOLA and my source, who reportedly hangs out around Lafayette Square with the Wino (when the Wino isn’t hanging out at Yenni).  So I park and start walking, first down St Charles past the LeDale Hotel and then back to the Park.  I then found a local watering hole and went in and there he was.

“You shudda listened to that tip I gave you about Meffert buddy. My sources are impeccable.”  My attempt to explain that such tips have been unreliable for us in the past was interrupted with a “you shudda asked!” and he then told me who he overheard while lying in the gutter.   So to make amends I bought the guy Colt 45 and made my way back to my vehicle wondering what to do with the info I had.

And I kept pondering until earlier this evening, when I saw this Frank Donze story which highlighted Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy’s take on Meffert’s plea.  I had to laugh because Mr Meffert is telling all and then some according to skid row bum.  Meffert is really fond of his wifey and is endeavoring to save her skin by spilling his guts.  The boogie man is coming for you Ray Ray.


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  1. Uuuhhhmmm….
    ain’t often you catch Editilla speechless, but getting tips from winos in Lafayette Square jus’bout does it. I’d call you a liar if I hadn’t sat there to listen at lunch break myself.
    Hey it worked for Serpico.

  2. Nagin must be living in the chocolate city where dreams do come true (the land of ompaa loompas) – and where there was no corruption in his administration! Keep dreaming Ray….

  3. The question one has to ask then is do the wino’s on the street link Nagin to the crime camera scandal or are they linking him to other activities (Home Depot, etc)

    1. Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy is feeling quite bullet proof per that radio interview.

      I think it is important everyone bear in mind that it seems every road and trail leads back to Jefferson Parish in some way.

      For example I believe the talk I’m heairng about Mamo and ONGO has basis in fact and in respects is kissing cousin to the Redflex contract, certain contracts with the RTA plus all the other crime and stop light camera programs across the state.

      But the word in the gutter is Mr Meffert is going to serve up some sort of surprise to go along with the rather sweet deal he and the Mrs received. Mrs was clearly in on the scam to be clear so her non prosecution via pre trial diversion is a biggie IMHO. I’m not casting stones at the deal, at least until we know what Meffert is serving Team Letten for brunch.

      Once Team USA gets you by the balls it is mighty tough not to squeal. We covered that topic very early on in the game.


  4. I just got in from D.C. and as usual, I am sitting with ‘Gate sipping on Rebel Yell with a branch waterback. I brought up the topic of this post, and we began to reminisce about Mamou: where he came from, who is he, how he manipulated his way within the bastion of the JP political elite and his grip on political power for some 24 years as DA of Jefferson Parish while amassing a fortune any and every way he could. I’m sure he would attribute his success as an example of the American Dream. As a native Jeffersonian, I would describe it as an oppressive nightmare for the citizen-taxpayers of Jefferson Parish; not unlike the present day nightmare of having Connick as DA today.

    Sop I lov’ ya, (and ‘Gate is like my brother) so I am going say this no matter what the wino at Lafayette square tells you and no matter how good his sources are across the the street both in government hallways and private law offices: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN TO THE PRESENT CAPPO DEI CAPPO… MAMOULIDES ! And Nothing Will Happen To The Present Chosen One, the Don…Paul Connick, Jr. The protection racket that had existed throughout Mamou’s tenure that now continues with Connick is what it is, an organized display of unmitigated power. These are men whose arrogance and greed are beyond the law, in fact not part of it.

    Not only are they both White Jefferson Parish Public Officials that Letten will not dare prosecute, this “THING of THEIRS” is a web of corruption woven for at least 60 plus years that has elicited and entrapped layers of the socially wealthy, the politically connected, and a hoard of lawyer politicians from generations of families in Jefferson, Orleans, and St. Bernard Parishes, and yes, all the way to Washington D.C. The very people that Letten depends upon for his remaining US Atty. are themselves within this web.

    I know people will point to this person or that person taking a hit from the government from time to time, but the fact still remains, this “THING of THEIRS” is still omnipresent throughout all levels of our society as I write.

    I’ll give you one name: Nofio J. Pecoraro Sr. (A/K/A Nofio Pecora, Joseph O. Pecoraro).

  5. I believe that my cousain, deBrief, was alluding to the very, very close personal relationship Frances Smith Pecora (wife of Nofia Sr. and mother of Nofio Jr.) maintained with Mamoulides during the her halcyon days when she was a top Asst. to the La. Insurance Commissioner and a major politico player within the inner circles of Louisiana politics, during both the McKeithen era and first two terms of Edwards; from the late 1960’s up to the time of her death in the early 2000’s. She maintained this aura of the poitical insider in spite of having been convicted on two seprate occasions (once with her son, Nofio, Jr) and having spent years in jail on both convictions.

  6. Does any one know or have heard of what happened to the greek maf that purchased certified lloyds from frances pecora that allowe the aaa building to be transferred back to mama???? where did those boys run off too????

  7. Mobsters Frank and Aristotle Maragas purchased Certified Lloyds from Frances and Nofio Jr. Pecora… This allowed the AAA building to be transfered back to Mamo..

  8. Hey Mary…where you been all this time baby ? So what did Mamo do with the the AAA building when he got it back, pray tell ?

  9. One more thing Mary…do the names Carl Eberts and his elusive side-kick, Armando, help you with this Mamo scam puzzle ?

  10. Well I can write a book about the whole deal but its just to much to put on the slab..

    get me aa good publisher

  11. Wheeler Dealer Yanni the Greek from Chicago was instrumental in brokering the sale of Certified Lloyds from Frances and Nofio Jr. to Mobsters Frank and Aristotle Maragas…

  12. Mamo tried to pledge the AAA building as collateral for a large loan after the release of it from Certified Lloyds but the transaction did not complete.

  13. Nofio Pecora Jr. Is my sons Godfather. My son’ s Grandfather is Santo which was Joe and Nofio’ s brother.Santo chose music.

    1. Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace Sharon. What kind of music did Santo play?


  14. Ray Ray yo’ can Run Run your Chocolate Chocolate big tall butt off, but you can’t Hide Hide from da’ FBI bro’. And free grass cuttings too boot from your fellow bros’- yo’ very arrogant bro’ for a boy graduatin’ from St.Augustine.
    Hey bro’ Whit it was da’ Santo, da’ Pinto and da’ Santo Maria which landed dem forst Mafia boys on da’ shores of America.Go eat a bowl of gettis’ and da’ history will come back to yo’.

  15. JUST ASS….Rain threatens the area, so does LETTEN & JUSTICE…Lurking in the reports & still nothing tangible IN SIGHT. SNAFU rules. Plea bargain, get NO TIME & GO BACK HOME TO COUNT YO MONEY. Disgusting & embarrassing.

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    H/T to da’ Swamps Peoples

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