BREAKING: We have a press release from Team Vandenweghe.

For immediate publication

Yesterday, newly-elected Jefferson Parish President John Young terminated longtime Assistant Parish Attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Despite being out on temporary leave for medical reasons, Ms. Vandenweghe was not afforded the opportunity of any hearing by Mr. Young or the Parish Attorney, Peggy Barton.

Ms. Vandenweghe had been the subject of unfounded allegations that she was “blogging” while at work, and past Interim Parish President Steve Theriot had suspended Ms. Vandenweghe, only to later re-instate her when the claims proved not to be true. No apology was ever offered to her, she was moved to a different job not involving public records release, and her name and reputation were damaged.

Since then, Ms. Vandenweghe has been the subject of harassment on the job and her job has been made much more difficult. Ms. Vandenweghe exposed many scandals in the Parish Attorney’s Office and was cooperating with the FBI in its request for documents. This recent job action against her is nothing more than a continuation of an effort by the Parish to silence Ms. Vandenweghe.

Ironically, Ms. Vandenweghe had applied for the open Parish Attorney position formerly occupied by disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson promising “independence and transparency.” It is clear that Mr. Young does not share these goals as a result of Ms. Vandenweghe’s termination.

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: We have a press release from Team Vandenweghe.”

  1. Question:

    Doesn’t this termination HELP AMV’s whistleblower suit?

    From afar this looks like a truly stupid legal move by President Young. Am I wrong in that assessment?

    This is reminding of the old saying: you will know a true genius when you see a confederacy of dunces alligned against her.

  2. I would tend to concur with your take Telemachus. Funny how when the Parish Council wants to get rid of someone money is not an object. When the subject was Tom Wilkinson the gang was singing a different tune behind closed doors.

    The Shadow knows all. ~ sop

  3. Talk about sloppy reporting on the Vandenweghe firing…no mention of Young’s criminal intimidation… sign the resignation or be fired…only mentions satement of having no outside work which Vandenweghe has not had nor has during the time of her employment in the Parish Attorney’s office…

    And why didn’t the reporter ask about Barton’s past and continuing participation in payroll fraud…is Young investigating this ?

    Young is Connick’s punk; he is a fraud period !

  4. John Young’s logic is non-sense. If it is at will employment, as he asserts, then why on earth do you need a letter of resignation? The only reason is to hold it over an employee’s head if he or she won’t play nice. John, as an attorney you should see the absurdity of your argument.

    Also, an employer doesn’t sit on a resignation and decide whether to “accept” it. Resignation is a unilateral act on the part of an employee, not like offer and acceptance!

  5. I think this was a poor decision by Young and staff.
    Easier ways to terminate one employee.
    I bet they spend a fortune fighting her in court. When the depositions begin it will be a feast of filth served up to Young Boy and crew.
    Everyone get your boots on! The shit is about to start rising.

  6. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I have a few questions I would like to submit for different defendants. Think I will start listing them shortly. Maybe Team Vandenweghe can use some suggestions from undercover Whistleblowers? Start sending them in folks, Attorney Truitt listed his information on the Press Release. What fun for the holidays.

    1. Channel 4 has picked up this latest development and Dominic Massa does a great job with this long unfolding story. Rich Rainey at the Times Pciayune has an indepth report on this topic that is also very good. Fox 8, which used to lead this story in the television media checks in with a half hearted rpeort. I thought this quote was too funny:

      Vandenweghe has been called a whistleblower by some during the now yearlong investigation into Jefferson Parish….

      Glad to see the gang over at Benson’s place is still checking in with us since Val was let go. 😉

      Also Anne Marie has contacted us and asked me to express her gratitude to the Slabbed Nation and the commenters on the Times Picayune story for their support.


  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeWhy would you fire a person who was a fearless whistleblower and whose past work ethic and dedication could help restore honesty and transparency of government?Especially, if in fact you allege you are trying to restore such morals to government? Was it Council pressure and/or the fear of peeling the onion too far down? The Citizens for Good government and the FBI/U.S. Attorney Office were impressed with her throughness and speed of her work product. Could she apply for a job or do volunteer work with the Feds? Will Ann Marie now not have more time outside of the Yenni Bldg. to expose more hidden stories of corruption through her legal suit alleging whistleblower persecution? Could Ann Marie become Jefferson’s Sarah Palin and lead a movement to help challenge the political establishment with true good government candidates in future elections? Read Romans 8:28 for answers.

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